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The Best Teas on Earth. DAVIDsTEA - Buy Loose Leaf Tea Online. 101 Cookbooks - Healthy Recipe Journal. Welcome To RateBeer Mobile - The best place for wireless beer. How Sweet It Is. 5 Relaxing Teas to Help you Unwind - Steep Thoughts. Looking for a little rest and relaxation?

5 Relaxing Teas to Help you Unwind - Steep Thoughts

There’s nothing like a nice cup of tea to help you unwind. Particularly, one of these five relaxing blends. Now… put the kettle on, kick back and steep your troubles away. 1) Jessie’s Tea Let’s face it, we all get stressed out sometimes. What’s in it? Rooibos, honeybush, coconut bits, lavender, blue cornflowers. 2) Mother’s Little Helper (organic) Need a little relaxation? The Tea Lovers Guide to Mother’s Day - Steep Thoughts. Everyone knows that moms love tea.

The Tea Lovers Guide to Mother’s Day - Steep Thoughts

So in order to make her day extra special, we’ve come up with the ultimate Tea Lovers Guide to Mother’s Day. The best part? It all takes place in the comfort of home. Breakfast of Champions After letting her sleep in, wake mom up with breakfast in bed and a caffeinated cuppa. Pro Tip: If your mom isn’t a fan of pancakes, try infusing oatmeal with Forever Nuts. Spa Day Why bring mom to the spa when you can bring the spa to her? What a treat! Now that she’s nice and relaxed, it’s time to satisfy that sweet tooth. Bonus points: try incorporating the bars into your favourite chocolate cookie recipe. Lights, camera, action Forget bustling crowds and busy theatres. 22 Gifts for the Beer Lover on Your List. There’s got to be at least one beer lover on your gift list this year.

22 Gifts for the Beer Lover on Your List

Whether it’s ale or lager, people love their suds…. we mean really love them. So much so that they may even brew the stuff themselves. For the biggest brew-sers on your list, we’ve got 22 brew-tiful gifts they’re sure to raise a glass to. 1. Holiday Freaker ($20): These are the coziest koozies around. Impress at Happy Hour with These Whiskey + Champagne Cocktails. Ready to bring some DIY into your cocktail hour?

Impress at Happy Hour with These Whiskey + Champagne Cocktails

How about impressing the crowd with homemade cocktails *and* handmade etched glasses? Our latest round of Brit Kits includes two glass-etching kits to give your drinkware a major update – the Etched Whiskey Tumblers Kit and the Etched Champagne Flutes Kit. And since the best way to show off these glasses is to fill them with delicious cocktails, we’re bringing you our go-to champagne and whiskey cocktail recipes, each with an unexpected twist. Keep reading for some tasty libations! Pomegranate French 75 Ingredients: – 1 oz. gin – 1-2 splashes pomegranate grenadine (we used Liber & Co. Instructions: 1. The classic French 75 has gin, champagne, lemon and simple syrup, but we thought we’d add a berry spin to the cocktail. Start by pouring one shot (about one ounce) of gin into each etched champagne glass.

Pro Tip: Add the raspberries slowly! How simple was that? Check out those bubbles. Whiskey Ginger With Lemon. Very Berry Cosmopolitan. After making a few of these the other day I wondered why we don't make cosmopolitans more? Most cosmos are made from vodka, triple sec, juice and a little lime.

What's not to love? This particular recipe highlights pomegranate blueberry juice and a pretty garnish. Verry Berry Cosmopolitan, makes one 1 ounce vodka1/2 ounce Chambord liqueur1/2 ounce Triple Sec1 1/2 ounces Pomegranate Blueberry juice (or any berry juice you prefer)1 generous sqeeze of fresh lime juice Combine all ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker (or mason jar) and shake it up.

Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a few berries and/or an edible flower. Happy cocktail making! 10 Cocktails Inspired by Pop Culture. Have you ever wanted to drink just like your favorite book, TV, movie or video game character, or at least drink a cocktail inspired by them?

10 Cocktails Inspired by Pop Culture

Well, good news. Thanks to the creativity and goofiness of many amateur mixologists, now you can, and here are some of the best cocktails based exclusively on pop culture icons. Special thanks to The Drunken Moogle, which specializes in pop culture cocktails. 1. Harry Potter While the Harry Potter series might be written for kids and young adults, there are enough references to Butterbeer and Firewhiskey that plenty of adult fans were inspired to create their own versions of the drinks. Little Pink Blog has a whole series of Harry Potter cocktails, including drinks inspired by Hermione, Lord Voldemort, Sirius Black, and The Golden Snitch, but the most visually impressive by far is the Goblet of Fire, which contains vodka, blue Curacao, lemonade, Bacardi 151 and a pinch of cinnamon and is served flaming. 2.