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SwitchReference/CiscoSystems - The Wireshark Wiki. Cisco calls their port analyzer/monitor feature SPAN (Switched Port ANalyzer).

SwitchReference/CiscoSystems - The Wireshark Wiki

The document Configuring the Catalyst Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) Feature describes which models support SPAN, its configuration, and performance impact. Also included is a FAQ. If you are planning on buying one of these switches, make sure that the product that you are buying supports 100Mbits, because some of the products listed below (e.g.


NBAR2:FAQ. From DocWiki Last updated: June 2013 This document contains common questions and answers regarding Cisco® NBAR2 or Next Generation Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR).


Q. AVC:Home. Feature Navigator. Steps to Search by Software Step 1: Users can now search by Release,Platform,Image name or Product code using a single screen.The default search mechanism is by Release.

Feature Navigator

Step 2 : Software Type will be loaded at the time of page loading. Step 3: On selecting the software type, If Release radio is selected,only major release drop down is enabled. Useful Links Platform Info Package Info. How to Become a CCIE Wireless … Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 User Guide - Designing Device Configurations [Cisco Prime Infrastructure] Creating Feature-Level Configuration Templates Prime Infrastructure provides the following types of feature-level configuration templates: Features and technologies templates—Configurations that are specific to a feature or technology in a device’s configuration.

Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 User Guide - Designing Device Configurations [Cisco Prime Infrastructure]

See Creating Features and Technologies Templates. CLI templates—User-defined templates that are created based on your own parameters. CLI templates allow you to choose the elements in the configurations. Note All templates must bepublished before they can be deployed to devices. Creating and Deploying Feature-Level Configuration Templates.

Cisco ISE

CCIE Training - CCIE Routing and Switching, CCIE Voice, CCIE Security. IOS MIB Locator. Cisco IOS MIB Tools A MIB (Management Information Base) is a database of the objects that can be managed on a device.

IOS MIB Locator

The managed objects, or variables, can be set or read to provide information on the network devices and interfaces. SNMP Object Navigator. GHOST: glibc vulnerability (CVE-2015-0235) Red Hat Product Security has been made aware of a critical vulnerability in the glibc library, which has been assigned CVE-2015-0235 and is commonly referred to as 'GHOST'.

GHOST: glibc vulnerability (CVE-2015-0235)

All versions of glibc shipped with all variants of Red Hat Enterprise Linux are affected. Background Information GHOST is a 'buffer overflow' bug affecting the gethostbyname() and gethostbyname2() function calls in the glibc library. This vulnerability allows a remote attacker that is able to make an application call to either of these functions to execute arbitrary code with the permissions of the user running the application. Impact The gethostbyname() function calls are used for DNS resolving, which is a very common event. How to Choose a Cisco IOS Software Release. Introduction This document provides guidelines to help you choose the most appropriate Cisco IOS® Software release to meet your needs, and provides suggestions and tools to aid you in your choice.

How to Choose a Cisco IOS Software Release

Note: In order to use the troubleshooting tools described in this document, you must be a registered customer and you must be logged in. Prerequisites Requirements There are no specific requirements for this document. Components Used. Cisco now 45% off. The best prices only at Senetic. Tools:ipv4_looking_glasses [] IPv4 Looking Glass Sites, listed by ASN.

tools:ipv4_looking_glasses []

(An IPv6 Looking Glasses page is also available.) If you know of a working IPv4 Looking Glass site that isn't listed below, feel free to add it. Products & Services - Visio Stencils. Easy dB Math in 5 Minutes - WLAN Pros. I’ve seen grown men get quite nervous and trigger their anxiety attack reflexes whenever the Decibel Math slide comes up on the screen during training courses.

Easy dB Math in 5 Minutes - WLAN Pros

This makes perfect sense, most of use haven’t needed to use “higher math” functions since college, those with English degrees maybe as far back as college.* To lower your anxiety a bit, just think of the “dB” as a set of words. Instead of reading it as “decibel” – just replace the dB with the words, “Compared To”. Sniff WiFi. (R)?ex - A simple framework to simplify systemadministration and datacenter automation. Just enough Perl for Rex - A small howto. Download iOS firmwares, jailbreak tools and more. Welcome to the download section of iDownloadBlog.

Download iOS firmwares, jailbreak tools and more

This page is the ultimate resource for every iOS firmware available, download links for jailbreak tools such as, Evasi0n, Absinthe, RedSn0w, etc, as well as links to some of our favorite softwares. We do our best to keep this page up to date and we try to make it as comprehensive as possible. If something is missing, let us know and we’ll update the page accordingly. Jabber Developer - Troubleshooting - Cisco Developer Community. Welcome to the Jabber developer site! We've packaged together the tools you need to rapidly and easily build voice, video, IM, Presence, voice messaging, and conferencing capabilities into web applications. Take a look and get started!

The new Cisco Jabber Guest. Trial the SDKs ... If you'd like anyone (a "guest") to communicate with you via voice and video at the click of a button from inside your web or native mobile app, then you'll be interested in the new Jabber Guest. Dynamic VLAN Assignment with RADIUS Server ACS 5.2 and WLC Configuration Example. Introduction This document introduces the concept of dynamic VLAN assignment. It also describes how to configure the wireless LAN controller (WLC) and a RADIUS server - Access Control Server (ACS) that runs version 5.2 - in order to assign wireless LAN (WLAN) clients to a specific VLAN dynamically.

Prerequisites Requirements. dCloud : The Cisco Demo Cloud. Route Reflector. End-User SNMP Software. Top Network Security Tools. SecTools.Org: Top 125 Network Security Tools For more than a decade, the Nmap Project has been cataloguing the network security community's favorite tools. In 2011 this site became much more dynamic, offering ratings, reviews, searching, sorting, and a new tool suggestion form. This site allows open source and commercial tools on any platform, except those tools that we maintain (such as the Nmap Security Scanner, Ncat network connector, and Nping packet manipulator). S selection and suggestion list of - Open Source Network Troubleshooting tools. S selection and suggestion list of - Open Source Network Troubleshooting tools.