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Iris Management Consultant

Iris Management Consultant provides business coaching and consulting services to clients in the areas of HR, Management and Organizational Development.

Approach Organization Design Consulting Services to Boost Your Performance. These days, the organizations face numerous challenges such as evolving technologies, changing trade norms and continued globalization.

Approach Organization Design Consulting Services to Boost Your Performance

As a result, it has becomenecessary for every business to quickly adapt to the change or else they have to lose their strong position in the market. Most importantly, an immediate adaptation often necessitates organizational redesign. However, constructing a successful design requires expertise and skills, and hence you can opt for organization design consulting services. Such expert consultants use innovative techniques to develop a well-tailored design that is adaptable, less complex and remains effective, even while you grow. 4 Benefits of Working with Performance Management Consultants by Ankita Chaturvedi. By Ankita Chaturvedi Business Coaching and Consulting Services At the end of the day, an organization’s biggest asset and differentiator is its talent.

4 Benefits of Working with Performance Management Consultants by Ankita Chaturvedi

Just as you take care of your other physical assets, you must also take care of your human resources. 7 Steps for Businesses to Survive the Coronavirus. Date : Jun 10, 2020 To rise above tough situations is what makes mankind so special.

7 Steps for Businesses to Survive the Coronavirus

And the COVID-19 pandemic is indeed an unprecedented situation that has forced businesses to re-think their marketing and profitability strategies, so that they can deal with the sudden decline in demand in a positive manner. Owing to lockdowns, an uncertain employment scenario and several safety measures in place, it is time to stay calm and evaluate your business and its possibilities in a whole new light. Analyse your finances and take necessary action – The big question is, for how long can business owners pay bills and wages on time?

Well, pragmatism is the need of the hour—while anxiety is understandable, the senior management of any company must make financial decisions with wisdom and empathy. Blog. Date : Oct 05, 2020 There are quite a few skills he or she needs to strategize, communicate and manage their responsibilities better.


And dedicated training courses can help upgrade HR manager skills easily and quickly, irrespective of the type or size of your organization. Tips to Implement a New Performance Management Plan. Date : Aug 18, 2020 Take a look at your present process of performance management – Figure out why your current performance management plan needs to change and how it is falling short of meeting the company objectives.

Tips to Implement a New Performance Management Plan

Decide what you want to accomplish next, be it reaching a new sales target or upgrading your teams’ skills. Smart Tips for Managing Remote Employees without Affecting Productivity. Date : May 26, 2020 The remote working landscape : In the U.S alone, around 4.3 million people work remotely. 72% of HR professionals agree that work flexibility will emerge as an important factor in hiring and retention, in the coming years.

Smart Tips for Managing Remote Employees without Affecting Productivity

With more and more companies allowing remote working as part of their policies, one thing is for certain- this isn’t a trend that is going away any time soon. Having said that, remote working has its own challenges for both employees as well as managers. Managing a team remotely is far from easy. Blog. Date : Sep 14, 2020 The most powerful asset any company can have is its workforce.


Hence, hiring the right candidates, optimizing their performance in a strategic manner, and retaining the best performers are some of the things that determine the success of a business as a whole. And this is the reason why many forward-thinking companies avail human resource consulting services, to get an expert’s viewpoint and guidance. Blog. Date : Sep 17, 2020 Why you need organizational design training With time, a company just doesn’t grow, but also starts facing newer, more complex challenges.


So, old structures and procedures don’t work as well as before and lead to inefficiency, low profits, poor customer service, employee disengagement and a lackluster work culture. Some other problems include: Sudden breakdowns in the workflow and steps that add no value Employees exhibiting a lack of ownership Blame game instead of efforts to resolve issues Inadequate knowledge and poor focus on customer satisfaction Decisions are reached after unnecessary delays Employees and senior managers lack mutual trust The workforce lacks the authority or knowhow to handle problems. Resources Short Courses. Performance management training program, human resources & talent management training. The BESPOKE SESSIONS on ‘Human Resource’ focus and revolve around the concepts that directly impact the revenue and profitability targets of business aka organization, it’s entire pool of talent referred to as “HUMAN RESOURCE” : Bespoke Sessions on ‘HR’ cover the following concepts: Performance Management Setting up of HR dept.

Performance management training program, human resources & talent management training

HR Policies – Strategy & Design HR Transformation Change Management Aligning the HR dept with the Business Objectives and objectives of other departments. Performance management training program, human resources & talent management training. Top ways to build a positive company culture with a remote team. Date : Aug 22, 2020 There was a time when professionals were used to working from offices and anything different was unthinkable.

Top ways to build a positive company culture with a remote team

However, over time, thanks to technological advances and openness towards flexibility, many companies started allowing employees to work remotely. In the light of the pandemic especially, companies have realized that remote working might be the future and they are gradually adapting to it. Now, while working from home or a co-working space can boost employee productivity, satisfaction, and save the employer a lot of overhead expenses, it can negatively affect communication and the company culture. Dos and Don’ts of a flexible work schedule. Date : Aug 22, 2020 Even before the COVID pandemic revolutionized the way people work and communicate, quite a few companies were warming up to flexible working ideas. This is because both employers and employees had much to benefit from this. For instance, if employees find better work-life balance through flexible scheduling, they will take less leaves.

Plus, the lack of stringent hours and micromanaging will encourage them to be more productive and make them more satisfied. However, many organizations are still skeptic about moving away from the conventional 9 to 5 work model, as they feel that not enough will get done. Remote Team Training. Date : Jun 10, 2020 You must have often heard the saying that change is the only constant! This is the reason why it is important to think positively to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and keep your company running as smoothly as possible, despite some dramatic changes it has brought about. Organizational Design & Development Training Online in UAE, Oman. The BESPOKE SESSIONS on ‘Organization’ focus and revolve around the concepts that the business entity encounters the challenges of competitive world as ONE UNIT Bespoke Sessions on ‘Organization’ cover the following concepts: Human Resources Transformation & Performance Management Training Program.

Steps For Successful Strategic Workforce Planning. Date : Aug 18, 2020 Hire based on your long and short term business strategies – Whether you are planning to expand your current office, set up a new factory or launch a new product, who you need to hire and when should be aligned with your strategies. For this, assessing the present workforce and identifying any skill or knowledge gap is important, so that you know what you need in the new recruits. Also consider if the existing employees can be trained to achieve the results you have in mind. Identify essential roles and consider the hiring timeline – Strategic workforce planning requires you to decide which roles are absolutely essential and need you to hire relevant candidates in the near future.

Tips to Implement a New Performance Management Plan. 6 effective ways to make your company’s risk management better. Date : Aug 18, 2020 So, follow these 6 tips to make that happen: Make sure everyone understands rules and responsibilities – In any business, it is important to know who is responsible for which activities. It becomes easier to measure accountability then. To ensure thorough corporate compliance at all levels, you need to clearly decide who will develop policies or regulations.

Business managers should be asked how they exactly plan to achieve company goals and why their risk assessment is accurate. All in all, the above tips can be very useful to improve your organization’s risk management structure and enhancing the bottom-line. 5 TIPS for Designing Organization KRAs. Date : Aug 18, 2020. Top ways to build a positive company culture with a remote team. Dos and Don’ts of a flexible work schedule. How to make remote employees feel part of the team . Date : Aug 26, 2020 The current pandemic has made it abundantly clear to many companies that remote working might be the norm for quite some time to come.

And this actually has many positive sides. Top tips to manage your business budget despite COVID-19. Date : Aug 29, 2020 The idea of what is normal and what is not has dramatically changed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Help to Manage your business budget. Flexible working ideas with Know About How to make remote employees feel part of the team. Discover The Numerous Advantages Of Hiring People Management Consulting Firms. People are undoubtedly the most important asset of every organization. Just like financial assets, employees also require an effective management system to operate properly and to contribute towards the overall growth of the organization. Also, they constantly need training to align with the new technologies and evolving trends of the business world.

As the business owners and the leaders already have a lot on their hands, this job can be executed with the help of a people management consulting firm. Such experts focus on talent acquisition, talent optimization, and talent retention while offering constant support to the business. Hire Performance Management Consulting Firms To Take Your Business To Greater Heights. The increasingly competitive market compels allbusinesses to search for ways to stand out. Many of the organizations find it difficult to maintain their footing amidst all the global competition and hence, seek the help of performance management consulting firms.These consultants not only manage the current situation, but they come up with people-friendly strategies to align the vision of the organization with the business operations to further create a positive impact on the revenue and profits.

Turn Around Your Business With Highly Beneficial Management Consulting Services. Running a business has become quite challenging, especially in today’s increasingly competitive market. It needs a lot of time, effort, and the right strategies to cope with the changing technology, evolving requirements of the consumers, employee conflicts, and new policies. The Growth Of Your Organization With A Business Management Consultant. Equip Yourself With Business Coaching Services To Ensure Your Growth.

Organizational Development Training – A Beneficial Tool For Every Organization. 1. Continuous developmentOrganizations that participate in the process of organizational development experience a constant pattern of improvement. In this process, innovative strategies are developed, evaluated, and implemented for increasing overall productivity and efficiency. Most importantly, this well-designed process creates a favorable environment in which the organization and its employees embrace change internally as well as externally. 2.

Employee growth Organizational development majorly emphasizes on the factor of effective communication, which is used to motivate the employees to welcome the necessary changes. Discover the Countless Benefits of Investing in a Bespoke Management Training Program. Explore the Numerous Benefits Associated with Talent Management Training. Boost Your Business With A Performance Management Training Program. Know About Top Reasons Why Companies Should Invest in Talent Management Training. Why Employee Assessment & Development Is Important? Know About Roles And Responsibilities Of An Employee Engagement Consultant. Best Practices for Resuming Work in a Post-COVID Time. Know About How HR can prepare Employees for a More Comfortable Post Lockdown Transition. Different Services Offered By Top Management Consulting Firms in UAE.

Know About Good Management Consultant in Dubai. Best Bespoke Management Training in UAE. Facilitate Improved Coordination with Organizational Development Consultants. How to Build a Great Team with Team Management Consulting Services. Smart Tips to Hire the Best Management Consultant Firm in Dubai. A Comprehensive Guide About Management Short Courses. Main Benefits of Hiring Business Coaching Companies in UAE.

Know About How Capability Building Training Can Boost Your Company’s Performance. Help Employees Realize their Maximum Potential with Online Human Resources Training. Importance of Tailor Made Training Solutions for Your Business. Know About Key Roles of Performance Management Consultants.