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Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view. - Gapminder.org. TweetSheet. GE Data Visualization. Many Eyes. Meet NodeBox. Data for dummies: 6 data-analysis tools anyone can use. If you care only about the cutting edge of machine learning and how to manage petabytes of big data, you might want to quit reading now and just come to our Structure:Data conference in March.

Data for dummies: 6 data-analysis tools anyone can use

But if you’re a normal person dealing with mere normal data, you’ll probably want to stick around. Although your data might not be that big or complex, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth looking at in a new light. The Miso Project. Infographics and charts - interactive data visualization. JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit. Hal.inria.fr/docs/00/69/02/86/PDF/Henry-InfoVis2007.pdf.