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How a 140-Character Twitter Resume Could Land Your Next Job. The 10 Best TED Talks of 2011. Watching videos online is usually considered fun, but generally a waste of time.

The 10 Best TED Talks of 2011

Not so with TED videos, which are uniformly interesting, educational, inspiring, and enjoyable. If you haven't spent much time (or any) checking out TED videos, you should – and to help with that, I've compiled what seem to be the very best 10 TED videos of 2011. It was a grueling task, combing through the cream of the crop on the TED site, but somebody had to do it. Some of the talks may have been filmed prior to 2011 but all of the talks here were posted in 2011.

Unless you were lucky enough to attend the TED event in question, it's still new to you. How I Became 100 Artists You don't need to be an artist to appreciate Shea Hembrey's "How I became 100 artists," but if you are it's even more amazing. A Modern Take on Piano, Violin, Cello If music is more your thing, then the "Modern Take on Piano, Violin, Cello" entry from the Ahn Trio is a must-watch (and listen). 3 Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed.

Facebook's Timeline Will Impact Your Career - Alexandra Samuel. By Alexandra Samuel | 5:08 PM September 29, 2011 The advent of Facebook’s new Timeline feature gives you, your colleagues, and your customers a whole new set of reasons to share your moment-by-moment news, photos, and reflections.

Facebook's Timeline Will Impact Your Career - Alexandra Samuel

Instead of a flat list of stories on your wall, and a glob of biographical data on your profile, the new Timeline creates a visually attractive story of your life dating all the way back to the date of your (reported) birth. If and when Timeline gets rolled out to Pages (as Facebook is already hinting), we will see brand presences change in much the same way: into dynamic, chronological, and visual stories. But the business impact of Timeline will be felt long before it arrives on brand pages. As Timeline rolls out on individual profiles, anyone who has both a professional career and a Facebook account will have to rethink the relationship between them. 1. You can take full advantage of Timeline without oversharing yourself. 2. 3. Facebook's Timeline Will Impact Your Career - Alexandra Samuel. A Brilliant Data-Viz Idea That Solves Twitter's Biggest Problem. Let's not mince words: Twitter, like any and every social network that becomes hugely successful, can be a giant pain in the ass to use sometimes. A Brilliant Data-Viz Idea That Solves Twitter's Biggest Problem

Now that some of us follow hundreds of people for work and play, it's all too easy to miss stuff in the firehose -- especially when a handful of the folks you follow tweet so often that they push other, more infrequent (but just as valuable) tweets out of sight. Alice Bartlett, the latest addition to BERG's team of design/tech innovators, created a fun solution called It analyzes your Twitter feed and visually re-formats it so that infrequent tweeters are displayed in huge type so you don't miss them, while the blabbermouths are shrunk down to near-invisibility. [With off] [With On] Why can't Twitter have "volume knobs" for Lists or individuals? The method isn't complicated: Bartlett's code simply assigns a "frequency value" to everyone you follow, from one to eleven. [Try at BERG]