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Tarun Khurana

Formed in the year 2007, Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys is a full-service Intellectual Property and Commercial Law firm that focuses on providing end-to-end IP Prosecution/Litigation and Commercial Law services. After having established a household name in the industry and offering corporate centric solutions that surpass quality standards, K&K along with its sister concern IIPRD launched IP and Legal Filings (IPLF), a platform to assist people in protecting their intellectual property in a hassle-free manner, without compromising on the expertise and acumen.

Contemporary Art and its Relationship with IPR. Distinctiveness in a 3D Shape Mark. A case of Olympic and Retrolympic. Taking Earlier IP right for invalidity? - Legodesk. In an invalidity proceeding, what about an assertion of the mark which expires until the end of the proceedings?

Taking Earlier IP right for invalidity? - Legodesk

While in the invalidity proceeding, the mark that is asserted needs to be valid till the end of the proceedings but what happens when the mark expires within the invalidity proceedings. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) rules the same for the first time answering the question about the validity of an asserted mark, which was a design that expired within the invalidity proceedings. As per the principle is concerned, an IP right that was registered/filed earlier will have a priority over the subsequently registered trademark.

As per Article 52(2) (d) of Regulation (EC) No 40/94 (now Art. 60(2)(d) of Regulation [EU] 2017/1001): an EU trademark is declared invalid if there is an earlier designation of origin (another trademark or also another design/flavor) or geographical indication. Facts of the case. Commercial Practice in Trademark Similarity. Delhi High Court Decision on Fixation of Royalty Rates. Medicinal Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights. Sole Proprietorship Company Registration - IPLF. According to the Indian Companies Act, 2013 or the previous Companies Act, a Private Limited Company is defined as a privately held entity, which is registered under the Act.

Sole Proprietorship Company Registration - IPLF

The usage of the term “Limited” is clearly suggestive of the fact that the liability of the members of the company i.e. owner and other members is limited to a certain extent. Moreover, there are certain restrictions in this form of a company, along with some privileges offered. Shareholders: The minimum number of shareholders that are required to initiate a Private Limited Company is two while the maximum number of the shareholders can not exceed two hundred, in consonance with the Companies Act, 2013. The number of directors: A Private Limited Company needs a minimum of two directors. Out of those two directors, it is necessary that at least one director has stayed in India for a total period more than or equal to 182 days in the previous calendar year.

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