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iPayTotal has a vast amount of experience dealing with High Risk Merchant Accounts, High Risk ACH processing, and High Risk merchant services and lot more. We leverage the best tools and technologies to create impactful solutions.


iPayTotal : Merchant Account Services. The Future Of Payment Gateway. Paying for goods and services online seems slower and far more difficult than it ought to be.

The Future Of Payment Gateway

Even the most sophisticated applications have billing systems that are not user friendly in comparison to their other features. In today’s world, Payment gateways successfully provide end-to-end solutions for seamless customer experience. They are the key medium to help merchants receive card payments in both the situations, i.e., card present and card non-present transactions. For increasing the value added services, payment gateways have integrated front-end services of newly available banking platforms. Mobile commerce: If mobile wallets take off in the way the analysts expect, they could become the biggest shift in the fintech world. Restaurant owners don’t trail far behind the big players. Make EMV a priority: EMV chip cards use embedded chip card technology to add another layer of protection against theft and fraud.

Shoppers will be offered an increasing variety of experiences. Blockchain: Merchant Account Load Balancing. What is Merchant Account Load Balancing?

Merchant Account Load Balancing

Load balancing a merchant account allows for the dynamic division of transactions across multiple merchant accounts. With load balancing, a high volume merchant can manage several merchant accounts on a single dashboard. This ensures easy management of accounts, helps to minimize risk and boost processing volumes.This gives you the peace of mind to know that if you do run into challenges with a merchant account, it won’t be catastrophic. If one of your processor freezes your account, you will still have a live account with money coming in. The best part? MLM merchant account. AFFORDABLE AND SECURE TRAVEL MERCHANT ACCOUNT. Looking for Forex payment processing? Forex Trading. Payment Solution For Online Dating. What to look for in an CBD oil merchant processing & things to consider in choosing CBD OIL Merchant Services Provider. Best High Risk Merchant Account Provider – The principle factor you need to understand about high-risk businesses is that your processor will decide if you can be categorized as one of their high-risk categories when you apply for a merchant account.

What to look for in an CBD oil merchant processing & things to consider in choosing CBD OIL Merchant Services Provider

It is possible that you’re high-risk, or you’re not – there is no middle ground. Past that, it gets more complicated as each processor has their very own guidelines for deciding if you’re in the high-risk classification. While some business types, for example, pornography, Travel, and adult, many more will quite often be put in the high-risk group, others could possibly be, contingent upon your processor.

These are the businesses getting beat by friendly fraud, In online payment gateway services. The impact of the internet has made people nowadays be comfortable in shopping online and make e-commerce shopping experience a lot easier.

These are the businesses getting beat by friendly fraud, In online payment gateway services

More and more products and even services are made available for digital shoppers. And the presence of these e-businesses and online retailers uses online payment gateway services to be able to receive digital payments from the buying customers. Payment gateways as in-between services which process the information provided by the customers during checkout and facilitate the authorization and fulfillment of the payment from the customers’ cards to the online merchants. As these online businesses emerge, same goes with e-commerce problems such as chargebacks and fraudulent transactions. CBD Market Set for Huge Growth.

A significant growth is forecasted for the CBD market and many investors want to take part in the emerging industry.

CBD Market Set for Huge Growth

In 2017, the CBD market value is said to be at $202 million. As per the report of the Hemp Business Journal which is a market intelligence firm, a 700% growth is expected from the CBD market which totaled about $2.1 billion by 2020. Businessmen saw this opportunity to capitalize on CBD products. CBD or Cannabidiol which is one of more than the 85 cannabinoids that can be derived in cannabis plants which appears to have therapeutic benefits which includes antioxidant and neuroprotective properties that are said to cure pain, inflammation, epilepsy and even cancer.CBD is mostly used for health reasons and is the main focus of many product research that is set to target the general health and well-being of those who will use the said products.

Here’s What Your Pharmacy Requires you to Know About Processing Credit Cards Today. Pharmacy Merchant Account Inside: Most customers prefer to use credit cards above every other form of payment.

Here’s What Your Pharmacy Requires you to Know About Processing Credit Cards Today

Find out how processing credit cards smoothly and securely for patients can develop your business. Cash? That’s the traditional way to pay. Online gaming merchant account and payment gateway from iPayTotal. 1.More sales opportunities Accepting credit cards gives your customers more options to pay for purchases and actually increases the likelihood that they will make a larger purchase.

Online gaming merchant account and payment gateway from iPayTotal

It’s been shown that customers are more comfortable making larger purchases using their credit card, likely due to bank cardholder protections and the physical detachment from cash. Accepting credit cards also allows your business to set up an online store where gambling merchant accounts customers from around the world can shop for your products and services 24/7, giving your business significantly more opportunities to make sales. 2.

Improve your cash flow Accepting credit cards affords you the ability to receive your deposits as quickly as a few hours or a few business days. 3. Authorizing a credit card takes only a few seconds, giving you more time to manage the rest of your business and help more customers. 4. Visa and Mastercard are international brands. These are the businesses getting beat by friendly fraud, In online payment gateway services. All Credit Card Processing Merchants Should Operate Under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Paying thru credit card is very common nowadays.

All Credit Card Processing Merchants Should Operate Under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

That is why it is necessary for merchants to get a credit card processing merchant account that will serve as the payment gateway to receive card payments. Data information is required to process each and every credit card transaction. There are different data levels of the credit card transaction. Level 1 transaction requires only the basic data such as the Merchant Doing Business As name, billing zip code and the transaction amount. Credit Card Merchant Account Industry A Frequent Target Of Hackers. The use of credit card to as a mode of payment has been widespread and is a common thing nowadays.

Credit Card Merchant Account Industry A Frequent Target Of Hackers

More and more customers prefer to pay by card than in cash. Paying in cash and in checks is continually becoming less and less common. Online payments together with credit and debit card payments have gained popularity. With these, merchant even small ones are obliged to get the best credit card merchant account services to allow them to accept card payments. Payment Processing Solution for Travel Agents.

Travel Agency Merchant Accounts According to Deloitte, a global survey company, the travel industry gross bookings reached $1.6 trillion in 2017, which makes it as one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the world that accounts for a whopping 10.2% of the gross domestic product worldwide.

Payment Processing Solution for Travel Agents

It can be expected that travel agencies will have no problem in securing Payment Processing Solution for Travel Agents but it is not easy for travel agencies to get travel agency payment processing because travel business is considered as high risk. It is surprising because most people associate “high risk” credit card processing with sinful industries like gambling, firearms, and tobacco. Owning a successful travel agency means providing ease of use across the board. Your clients trust you with planning a once in a lifetime vacation to far away destinations across the globe. One defamatory factor why The Feds refute to recognize The advantages Of Cannabidiol Oil. In a scene filled with fake adventures, repeat something in the “media” sufficient times today, and it alters into truth. There’s chronic confusion over the validity of cannabidiol oil and angst over potential crackdowns on the item.

Newly, however, it feels to me that there is more deception circulating in the mainstream. And I have a niggling gut that Big Pharma’s false synthetic CBD formula has something to do with it. Word in the pharmacy is that a “powerful medicine” from marijuana is on the cusp of being discharged to treat epilepsy. Sadly, there are two vastly different opinions on how the federal government has categorized cannabidiol oil (CBD). In the start of January 2018, about a year after the basic suit was filed, a bipartisan congressional coalition bumped back on the DEA’s assertion that cannabidiol and extracts excerpts from hemp are Schedule I substances, according to an address by Alicia Wallace of The Cannabist. International Offshore CBD Payment Processing Solution - iPayTotal. Monthly FEES $99.99/month Maintenance Fee$100 Annual Maintenance fee.$100 Possible G2 Super-Persistent Monitoring may be needed for certain accounts Then we have our “per occurrence” Fees: Authorization Fee (transactions, declines, refunds, pre-auths, etc)= $0.30 Chargeback Fee = $35.00 Retrieval Request Fee = $15.00 If a transaction is being questioned by a customer, the Merchant have to provide more information about this transaction.

CBD Merchant Accounts : Therapeutic CBD - iPayTotal’s blog. CBD oil merchant accounts have been rated as a high-risk merchant account and are likely to be shut down by either your payment gateway or bank or merchant account provider. If in past your previous account has been closed, your possibility of opening up a new account declines. That’s why it is vital to keep a close eye to who you hire to help you grow and bolster your business.

The social hindrance that has been the roadblock previously before cannabidiol (CBD) research is the consumption of THC (Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol), another cannabinoid, the one puts “high”; although our body contains completely different cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2 among others), the inherent psychoactive features of THC gives unwanted side effects by their action on the centrally located CB1 receptors. Hitherto, only Allyn Howlett and William Devane had used radioimmunoassay since 1988 when testing with rat brains has science known of the organ’s cannabinoid receptors. Parkinson’s Quality Of Life. Internet Merchant Account Processors Could See Changes in Pharma, Nutra Industries. In June, the FDA has issued warnings to eight on-line networks that run 53 pharmaceutical websites for advertising unapproved opioid drugs, threatening police action and worse, perhaps imposing embargoes.

For online pharmacy and nutraceutical retailers, along with internet merchant account chips that supply the payment solutions for this, the warnings issued to these 53 pharmacies must be heeded. According to a webinar titled, Pharma & Drugs at 2018: An Update in G2 and the NABP, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Agency are said to start paying closer attention to the sale of certain types of drugs and remedies. The web seminar was presented by G2 Web Services, a hazard intelligence solution provider, and was presented by Lianne Sanders, Customer Services Manager in G2, and Marty Allain in the National Association of Boards of Pharmacies. CBD Merchant Accounts: Impact Of Farm Bill On CBD Merchants. There are numerous ways the Farm Bill, set forth in 2014, will affect our country. From a high-risk merchant servicesperspective, it will make CBD merchant accounts significantly more feasible.

By far, the most merchant account queries we hear are from CBD merchants looking for payment solutions. CBD is a blossoming industry, and the public has seen just a small amount of its potential. CBD is a significant supplement, demonstrated compelling with relief from discomfort, PTSD and anxiety, and as an anti-inflammatory agent. Payment Processors Purge All Ancillary Marijuana Startups After Trump. Travel Agency Merchant Accounts : The good, the bad and the ugly truth about payments for tourism businesses.

Is it worth all community pharmacies having an online presence? How PCI Security Requirements Protect You. How PCI Security Requirements Protect You. The Difference between Payment Processor, Payment Gateway & Merchant Account. Online Gaming Merchant Accounts. Online gaming is a general term that is used to describe any form of an electronic game that is played over the internet. It is one of the fastest-growing industries nowadays and has become a worldwide trend. There are millions of players around the world who fight, buy, craft and sell in the different world of online games.

The Merchant Services(Merchant account for e-cigarettes) Consequences of the FDA E-Cigarette Flavor Ban. Merchant accounts for e-cigarettes could likely get a big surge if the US Food and Drug Administration gets its chance (and it usually does).In an exercise to stop vaping prevalent among minors, the FDA is readying to ban sales of most flavored e-cigarettes in brick and mortar stores and fueling stations in the United States. WHAT IS A ROLLING RESERVE AND HOW DOES IT AFFECT YOU? Rolling reserves limit the merchant’s fund especially the profit. For new business, it gets difficult to generate revenue without being able to access the profit from the previous investment.

Online Gaming MCCs: How Sports Betting is Changing Payments. The judgment on Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association by the Supreme Court in May of 2018 changed the sports betting landscape forever. 3 Ways To Understand Customers With Payments Data. We practice various strategies to build business one of them is using customer data, and this is one of the oldest ways of business developments. But it is hard to break down the amount of information that is available and useful to your business, like understanding your customer better.Safe, reliable online payments are fundamental.

Important Parameters to Consider When Switching Merchant Account Providers. iPayTotal Exhibit London. iPayTotal Ltd – High Risk Merchant Account. How Cannabis Can Improve Your Immunity. WHY A HIGH-RISK BUSINESS NEEDS A SPECIAL MERCHANT ACCOUNT? CREDIT CARD PROCESSING FEES YOU SHOULD BE AWARE OF. 3 Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid. 10 Golden Rules for Stock Trading Success. Payment Processing for Legit Pharmacy Wholesalers. CBD Payment Processing Solution. What Is A Third Party Payment Processor? HOW TO ENSURE YOU HAVE A Secure Payment System?

Multilevel Marketing Merchant Accounts. High Risk Merchant Account by iPayTotal iPayTotal Ltd. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DOMESTIC AND OFFSHORE HIGH RISK MERCHANT ACCOUNT. Best online payment solutions for SaaS and E-commerce. Best Practices in Merchant Onboarding and Monitoring. CONTACTLESS PAYMENTS. The Role of IoT in Payments. HIGH RISK Merchant Accounts - A GUIDE TO PAYMENT PROCESSING SOLUTIONS. What Online CBD Merchants Need to Know. CHARGEBACKS – WHAT IS A CREDIT CARD CHARGEBACK AND HOW CAN WE AVOID THEM? CHARGEBACKS – WHAT IS A CREDIT CARD CHARGEBACK AND HOW CAN WE AVOID THEM? B2B Payment Processing - How Do B2B Payments Work? Are Bitcoin Payment Services Similar to Credit Cards? E-Commerce Merchant Accounts for Cannabis. Misconceptions in Credit Card Processing. What new MCCs mean for Online Gaming Business. What are chargebacks and how can we control them? Soon These 4 Nations Could have Cannabis Merchant Services.

Accepting Mobile Payments Can Help Your Business succeed In Today’s Digital Age. Should I Apply For A Credit Card And How? When Luck Matters During a Gambling Business. 6 Benefits Of Trading Forex. How to Prevent Identity Theft Online - iPayTotal. CHARGEBACKS – WHAT IS A CREDIT CARD CHARGEBACK AND HOW CAN WE AVOID THEM? - iPayTotal’s blog. The Latest Forms of Online Payments Fraud. Important Parameters to Consider When Switching Merchant Account Providers. 3 Ways To Understand Customers With Payments Data.

What Is A Third Party Payment Processor? 3 Ways To Understand Customers With Payments Data. Omnichannel Retail: What Merchants Need to Know About Customer Experience. Reasons to Take Your Business Offshore. Merchant Credit Card Processing Services - Bringing Business to Next Level. These are the businesses getting beat by friendly fraud, In online payment gateway services. Which Is The Best And Least Expensive Way To Buy Merchant Services? How to start an e-commerce business. How Does E-commerce Payment Gateway Help In Your Business? Secure Payment Processing - A Great Way to Transfer Money Online. Restaurant Payment Processing.

Ugly Truth: Your Online Beauty Business is High Risk. Why Your Best Customer Service Can Beat Chargebacks. Online Gaming Merchant Account: How to Streamline Online Gaming Payments & In-App Purchases. CBD Merchant Accounts : 5 Ways To Identify High Quality CBD. Important Guidelines of a Pharmacy Merchant Account. Credit Card Merchant Account Industry A Frequent Target Of Hackers. Payment Processing Solution for Travel Agents. THE RAPIDLY EVOLVING LEGAL STATUS OF CBD. The Gaming Industry: An Economic Review. Payment Processing for Antiques and Collectibles Businesses. Bitcoin Merchant Accounts: The Advantages Of Digital Currencies. How To Prepare for a Credit Card Data Breach. The Problems that Merchants Deal With Their Credit Card Processing Company Article. Best Merchant Services for Construction & General Contractors. High Risk Merchant Services Solutions for Sports Betting. Domestic CBD Processing Solution. How To Get A CBD Merchant Account Easily.