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An online hobby learning for students and teachers. It offers 1-on-1 music lessons, language lessons, academic tutoring lessons, and more.

Suparno Bhowmick : Hindustani Classical Singer. Ayesha Mukherjee : Indian Classical Vocalist - ipassio. Narasimha Joshi : Hindustani Classical Music Vocalist - ipassio. Indian Classical Vocalist. Do what feeds the soul...Its never too late.

Indian Classical Vocalist

I have always had a desire to be able to sing well but for one reason or another I could not commit time to it. However with the pandemic I mustered enough courage to make the commitment and give it a shot. The platform: I learned about Ipassio and found the site very helpful. Atri Kotal : Bollywood Singer. Classes with Atri ma’am are sooooo good!

Atri Kotal : Bollywood Singer

I’ve been learning Hindustani Classical music (vocals) from Atriji for over a year now. I look forward to the classes on a regular basis because it is some of the best time I spend during the week. Sonal Shah : Hindustani Classical Vocalist. An excellent online platform for vocal lessons!

Sonal Shah : Hindustani Classical Vocalist

I have been learning with Ms Sonal Shah ji since July 2020. In the course of a few months, I have already noticed a huge improvement in my singing. Hindustani Classical Vocalist - ipassio. Indian Playback Singer - ipassio. Semi Classical Music – The Heart of Indian Music. From the rich and deep classical music lineage, one offshoot that comes out is the Light Classical Music or Semi classical Music.

Semi Classical Music – The Heart of Indian Music

Semi-classical music uses the basic structure of classical music but takes the leverage to blend the different ragas. It even deviates from the rigid path to beautify the melody and make it more appealing to the mass. Banking on vocal prowess and shifting the emphasis from the raga to the lyrics that harped on emotion (bhav), light classical music found quick acceptance among performers and admirers alike. In many regions of India, semi-classical is also called bhav sangeet. Benefits of Yoga with Music : ipassio. Life on this continent, even today, is a triple down from the ancient old society, with the unspoken goal of achieving the ultimate level of success.

Benefits of Yoga with Music : ipassio

Unconsciously, every activity we carry out during the day is executed in the pursuit of perfection and achievement. But where have we pursued inner peace and calmness? Benefits of Music for Pregnant Women. Hearing music or singing songs is a convenient way to promote the expression of one’s emotions or to reduce one’s anxiety.

Benefits of Music for Pregnant Women

It could make us dance if it’s catchy enough or gets us cheered up on a bad day. Singing your favorite songs or listening to your list of liked music can soothe you. The body is affected by music in a wide range of positive ways - enhanced states of one’s blood pressure, heartbeat, respiration, and even body temperature. Especially in pregnant women, it triggers positive reactions from the fetus.

Foundation of Gharanas in Hindustani Music. Khayal Gayan can be rightfully acclaimed as the face of Hindustani classical music.

Foundation of Gharanas in Hindustani Music

It is a fascinating story of how the ancient musical tradition of India embraced Arabic influences only to become more euphonious. Through the crest and fall of empires in India, and all the external influences that the country’s art and culture have gone through, Khayal Gayan has been the most blissful outcome. Come, let’s map the journey of Khayal music and the Khayal Gharanas of India. The Khayal Gharana lead to eminent musical ideologies that include: Flute Teacher - ipassio. Online classes work and Suchi ji is a wonderful teacher!

Flute Teacher - ipassio

Excellent portal to get your long wished music training by good qualified teachers who are master in their own fields. I was skeptic going for online Flute Classes but I am happy that my fears are allayed. Online classes are god send for people like me who are far away from good teachers. Frankly, there are no Bansuri teachers anywhere near where I live. Online Ukulele Lessons. Best Online Salsa Classes, Lessons. How to learn salsa at home?

Best Online Salsa Classes, Lessons

Learning to dance salsa in the lead role involves building a repertoire of moves. The most important element when it comes to learning salsa at home is to practice with your partner. This will take you to the point where you can pick your moves based on the music. Having a teacher to coach you can help your non-verbal communication significantly. Exploring the flute as the world's oldest expressive instrument. How did a hollow pipe become the world’s oldest expressive instrument and subsequently let out the most soul-stirring melodies?

Exploring the flute as the world's oldest expressive instrument

To find out, read this article till the end. The journey of a flute might be intriguing for students who taking up or planning to take up online flute classes. There are a few sounds that are eternal and universal. The sound of a flute is one of them. It is the world’s oldest expressive instrument and the ancient most in the musical realm. Top 10 Hobby Learning Platforms You Must Checkout. Education Published on August 23rd, 2021 | by Bibhuranjan Each one of us has some reason to drop out of our hobby classes. The same applies to the kids as well. Top 10 Famous Saxophone Players You Must Add to Your Playlist. How To Get The Most Out Of Online Classes In Our 'New Normal'

The forced lockdown across the world as a response to the Covid 19 pandemic brought on-premises businesses and educational activities to a sudden halt. But thanks to technology, businesses did not cease to operate and though the on-campus camaraderie was missing, learning never stopped. Rather, the new normal in education brought the world closer. Virtual learning opportunities democratized the learning process like never before. Violin Beginner's Guide for First-Timers. There are so many things to consider when you’re starting a new musical instrument! One does have to calculate how much time would they be able to dedicate to the chosen musical instrument.

What level will they wish to achieve with their learning - is it for leisure or for professional purposes. The Seven Musical Notes In Indian Music - Swaras. When was the first time, you came across any song that belonged to a genre of Indian music? Was it an old film song? A keertan that your mother or grandmother sang at home? Have you seen someone practicing Indian classical music and wondered why do they begin their practice with the musical notes?

8 Tips You Need to Remember while Playing the Flute as a Beginner. 5 Things to Keep in Mind While Taking Online Singing Classes. Singing is always liberating, don’t you think? From helping us relax to being a vocal expression of one’s emotions and feelings, singing is a melodious experience From humming casually to singing lullabies for newborns, our vocals always match our favorite songs, and why not? While some individuals take singing lessons when they are young, some have always wished to, but have never really come around to taking it up until now. A Saxophone Beginner’s Guide - Everything You Need To Know. Best Online Cello Lessons, Classes. Learn Bassoon Online : ipassio. Suma Sudhindra. Best Online Kathak Classes & Lessons : ipassio. Learn Flute Online from Rajkamal Nagaraj on ipassio. Learn How to Play Flute Online from Rajkamal Nagaraj on ipassio. Learn How to Play Classical Guitar from Amy Hite on ipassio.

Begin learning Carnatic Violin under acclaimed violinist, Mathur Srinidhi. Online Flute Classes by Robert Cart on ipassio. Online Yoga Lessons. Pursue Intermediate Playback Singing under Bollywood Singer Shriram Iyer on ipassio. Learn Basics of Playback Singing from Bollywood Singer Shriram Iyer on ipassio. □□□□□□ □□□□□ learning Indian Classical Vocals on ipassio from Ayesha Mukherjee. Bollywood Playback Singing Lessons Online for Beginners By Shriram Iyer. 5 things to keep in mind while taking online singing classes - A Beginner’s Guide.

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Best Online Veena Classes, Lessons: Learn Veena Online at ipassio. Madan Learning How to Play Tabla Online from Sourabh Goho on ipassio. Learn Hindustani Vocal Music Online at ipassio by Aditya Khandwe. 8 Best Online Piano Lessons, Courses: Learn Piano Online at ipassio. 10 Best Online Violin Lessons, Classes: Learn Violin Online at ipassio. 21 Best Online Guitar Lessons, Courses: Learn Guitar Online at ipassio.