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IP ALPHA experts and associates are made up of international IP practitioners, IP attorneys, analysts, qualified PMC-SBACC consultants, SCOPE (IP), and Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) designated experts. We’ve found that our clients truly appreciate the time and effort we put into every aspect of their IP related businesses.

Managing Intellectual Property (IP) Services for Your Business. Do you Know why IP Management and Rights are needed? Intellectual properties are susceptible to infringement and other violations. However, inventors and companies are not bereft with remedies. In this course, Intellectual Property Management and Rights comes into play.

These services help the business companies and private institutions manage their intellectual properties to better safeguard their rights over the same. Intellectual property management and rights are the foremost services among the wide range of services being provided by IP companies. Why Value Intellectual Property? While each company has their reasons for ensuring intellectual property, there are general reasons why IP services are a crucial asset. Economic Growth According to a comprehensive report by The United States Department of Commerce, IP-intensive industries have contributed a significant economic impact. Business Growth IP management promotes companies and businesses to design, write, and invent something original to avoid infringement issues.

Avoid Filing Cases. The Start-up Guide on IP Services. 10 Hacks to Improve Post-Workout Routine. IP Alpha Pte Ltd | Start-up Guide on IP Services. Business properties are not only limited to those that can be touched. In fact, entrepreneurial experts said that the most vital assets a business can have are usually intangible. Unfortunately, most businesses, especially the start-up ones, fail to secure the most important property of business- the Intellectual Property (IP). In this article, we will discuss the relevance of securing your business’ IP and the startup’s indispensable assets that need to be protected.

Why is IP relevant to business? Intellectual property is a vital necessity that every startup business must work on. What properties can you protect through IP business services? The following are what encompasses the Intellectual Property for startups: Company Name Once you incorporate your startup business as a corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC), your company name becomes your intellectual property. Trademark IP services will help you protect your company’s trademark. Patents Copyright Domain Name Final Thoughts.

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IP Alpha Pte Ltd | IP Legal and Business Services in Malaysia. IP Alpha Pte Ltd | IP Legal Services and Analysis. IP Alpha Pte Ltd | IP Legal and Business Services in Malaysia.