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Toilet Paper Roll SANTA. We do love those paper rolls… and have long stopped throwing them away.

Toilet Paper Roll SANTA

Sometimes we start making one thing but get another… just as easy and amusing. Those little toys will surely be part of the Christmas bazaar at little Krokotak’s school. . You need a toilet paper roll, some red paper, some glue, a pair of scissors and a black marker. An A4 sheet of red paper will be enough for one roll. Fold one end of the paper roll as shown in picture 3. Fold out the two lower ends to make the boots. Now you have to glue on the face and the beard. Rolled Paper Ornaments. I’ve been on a roll with rolling paper since I made the paper chess set for O.T. last month.

Rolled Paper Ornaments

As meticulous an undertaking that was, I really enjoyed myself and couldn’t wait to apply the technique to Christmas ornaments. These bright rolled paper ornaments are substantially simpler and make for a whimsical handmade addition to your tree. You will need construction paper in various colors, matching ribbons, foam adhesive tape (mounting tape), double sided tape, and a bit of white glue. Check your local dollar store instead of a hardware store for the mounting tape. Tin Can Christmas Tree Activity - Babble Dabble Do. Recycled crafts are always a winner around my house and this easy Tin Can Christmas Tree Activity for kids was the perfect way to upcycle some cans and provide the kiddos with a design challenge!

Tin Can Christmas Tree Activity - Babble Dabble Do

I have to admit this is my favorite Christmas DIY post yet. Not only did I have fun creating it but my daughter actually loved doing the activity! This idea was inspired by the tin can robot idea that floated around the craft circuit a few years ago, originally published in Parents Magazine I believe….only this involves a Christmas twist! The fun part about this is that tree decorations are removable/repositionable. Have the kids decorate them, take the decorations down and start all over again.

Note: This post was originally published in December of 2012. Materials 3 empty, clean tin cans, small, medium, and large. Instructions Step One Spray paint your cans. Step Four Cut your magnetic sheets into pieces. Step Six Make a star for the top. You’re done! Shared on Made By You Mondays! DIY Christmas Star Ornament. Christmas is only a month away and people are getting anxious.

DIY Christmas Star Ornament

Shops around the world are getting filled with all kind of toys and decorations. People also start to buy food to prepare the most delicious dinner in the whole year. Let’s put away hunger for now, and focus our attention on the Christmas decorations, because you can save a lot of money if you make them at home; and you will have fun as well, in the meantime. Tree Shaped Christmas Ornament Display. I am putting together one of my Christmas mantles and I was looking for a centerpiece for the mantle that would also showcase some of my favorite ornaments.

Tree Shaped Christmas Ornament Display

I was inspired by this one from BHG and so I decided to make my own version. I wanted to make mine a little more modern to go with the theme for my mantle. Déco de Noël Home Made. DIY Christmas Trees Ideas. 1- Snow Cone Christmas Tree (Link) 2- DIY Pretty Paper Christmas Tree.

DIY Christmas Trees Ideas

Today's crafts, paper tree - Craft of the Day, paper Christmas tree. Décoration & DIY de Noël #1. CD Mania. Image taken from Flickr Does this look like your house.

CD Mania

It sure looks like part of the huge CD collection we've got in our house! In the age of the IPod and other music players is the CD becoming extinct?. Déco de Noël à faire soi même. Sequined baubles. It’s Christmas Eve! I feel like it’s Christmas morning, however, since I’ve been awake since 3:30 am. There’s a slight issue with the kids taking over our bed lately, and the couch just wasn’t a comfortable enough spot to fall back asleep.

Had Santa Claus been making his rounds today, I could have said hello. I don’t get many quiet mornings alone, since I rarely am up before the kids. 23 Crafty Christmas Stocking Ideas. By craftyamy | I’ve recently been focusing on crafts that take awhile to make.

23 Crafty Christmas Stocking Ideas

Not all Christmas stockings take a long time to assemble, but if you have a big family like I did growing up (seven of us) then it might take awhile to get them all done! I absolutely loved my Christmas stocking when I was young because it was handmade by my grandmother. I tried to stretch the end because I thought making it bigger would get me more stuffers. That doesn’t work, by the way. Wreaths. Pinterest. Alex Donald's Multiverse. I think my step-father is the one to blame for my Christmas decoration addiction.

Alex Donald's Multiverse

He was Christmas personified and would decorate the house at the beginning of December with not one but two Christmas trees and holly adorning anything that stood still long enough! I love his appreciation and enthusiasm for the holiday season. I always try to add a few new decorations to my collection every year.

This year I have been contemplating buying one of these gorgeous wreaths handmade from vintage paper from Simple Joys Paperie on etsy. I also love their Angel Wings decorations. Pinterest. DIY & Ideas with Buttons.