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What Are You Worth? Getting Past Status Anxiety. By Jason Gots What’s the Big Idea? We are surrounded by snobs, says Alain de Botton, author of Religion for Atheists and The Consolations of Philosophy. “What is a snob? A snob is someone who takes a small part of you and uses that to judge the whole of you.” And if we’re all surrounded by snobs, then it follows that most of us must be snobs. Alain de Botton is doing more than anyone in recent history to turn the self-help genre into something worthwhile and genuinely beneficial to people – something beyond a cynical, patronizing cash-grab. One of the main social/psychological ills de Botton is seeking to remedy is what he calls “status anxiety.” [VIDEO] Alain de Botton on status anxiety and how to overcome it. Typically, says de Botton, depending on the response to the job question, our interest in the other person rises or drops sharply off. What’s the Significance? De Botton says that status anxiety is more pernicious and destructive than most of us can imagine.


Facebook. Atlas magazine. Ana ularu interviu. Universities. Men project. Dangerous Liaisons | Institute Magazine. Vogue contest. Illustrator. Conde nast. RIVER ISLAND SURVEY. Photoshoot inspo. Inspo friday. Inspo fashion photoshoot. Verdict Iulia Albu | The Flapper Girl Chronicle. Flowers collage. Living in a shoebox | A blog dedicated to interesting design and small space living. Descriptive Words List of Adjectives Word Reference - DescriptiveWords.Org. Fashion tumblr. Le Fashion: March 2014. Photos via: Style At Home Why, hello there mid-century modern Canadian home with a glamour twist. You had me at Prada Marfa sign and metallic globe pendant lighting.

Click below to see more... Work - Graphic Design, Website Design, Website Development, Branding - The Drop. Linda Rodin | Grey Magazine. “Nowadays you have to go to school for this and that. I couldn’t have gone to school for one thing I’ve done. I just put one foot in front of the other and it worked out. I’ve worked very hard for it. I would never have thought I’d be sitting here today talking to you about my life.” Above, left: The ethereal tulle-and-silk gown comes in a nude shade and is designed by LUDOVICA AMATI. Above: The black silk shirt by LUDOVICA AMATI is paired with an asymmetric flounced skirt for a western attitude.  Maybe you’ve seen the elegant glass bottles of Olio Lusso floating around seductively at Barneys or Bergdorf’s. As I was getting ready this morning to interview you for Grey Magazine, I was struck by the word “grey.” It never even occurred to me to dye my hair. I’m so intrigued by the thought of a store curated by you.

I have to say it was exciting. You’ve made a lot of transitions in your life, from stylist, to store owner, to skincare guru, to founder of a beauty brand. Apple Announces iLens, The ‘Smart Contact Lenses’ Apple just announced the launch of the iLens, a smart contact lens that works like the Google Glass but “better” according to James Milton, an Apple rep. The iLens costs $299 for 64GB and $499 for 124GB, and Apple hopes it will compliment the iWatch and iPhone. The iLens comes with a clear earpiece and is activated by a series of the user’s blinks. “Sure, you may look like you’re having a stroke when you wear an iLens, but still look less dorky than wearing Google Glass,” said the designer, Parker Johnson. “It’s applied just like a contact lens, so a licensed optometrist will have to fit users for the iLens.

Eventually Genius Bar employees will be trained in optometry. That is if you can get an appointment,” explained Milton. The iLens works just like an iPhone. “Cellphones have become a huge social faux pas. A new series of apps specifically designed for the iLens will be released too. “Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to sleep with Kate Upton or Ryan Gosling is like?

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‎ Futuristic Fashion: 35 Out-of-this-World Designer Looks. Futuristic Fashion: 35 Out-of-this-World Designer Looks. Christmas Tree Installation by Gareth Pugh. A look at London's most fashionable Christmas trees | Buro 24/7. As it the season to be jolly, some of the world's most iconic brands and hotels have put their own spin on Christmas trees around London, each showcasing beautiful and unique decorations for the festive season As London fills with merriment, new and exotic Christmas trees have appeared around the city, from Victoria Beckham’s Dover Street store to Claridge’s hotel... This week, the Victoria and Albert Museum unveiled their Christmas tree – a collaboration with British designer Gareth Pugh, made from nine tiered gold pyramids built to replicate the shape of a tree. Which is not so far away from Claridge's hotel, where they asked Dolce & Gabbana to decorate their tree for the second year in a row, with the decedent tree holding a number of animatronic animals as well as 9,000 fairy lights.

The tree in Claridges designed by Dolce & Gabbana The tree in store at Christian Dior Ed Marler's Christmas Tree 'Our Lady Of Shoreditch in Hoi Polloi at Ace Hotel London. Designs for a new Beirut tower have been unveiled | Buro 24/7. Designs for a new tower in Beirut have been unveiled. The building is set to breathe new life into an old neighbourhood in the Lebanese capital. Join us as we take a look at the sleek plans... Beirut is about to get a revamp courtesy of New York-based architects SOMA. Plans have been unveiled for the latest development, called BOBO, for the Lebanese capital. The modern tower will take pride of place amongst a protected heritage structure from the 1920′s in Beirut’s Mar Mikhael district. The chosen location presented the design team with the complex challenge of preserving the character of the historical area and adhering to the planning restrictions.

At the same time producing a modern eye catching structure that will inject new life into the surrounding neighbourhood. A closer look at Anya Hindmarch’s 18-carat gold 'Crisp Packet' clutch | Buro 24/7. Made from 18-carat gold and with a price tag of £60,000, the British designer's limited-edition 'Crisp Packet' clutch is an object of pure desire... After her recent collection of leather bags featuring bright kitsch images of Kellogg's characters including Tony the Tiger and a 'Custard Cream' clutch, Anya Hindmarch has gone one step further this season, launching a limited-edition version in yellow, rose or white gold of her 'Crisp Packet' clutch. Coinciding with the luxury label's bespoke programme, each clutch is hallmarked and can be engraved with the owner's name or a personal message – making it a unique piece of stylish art. The opulent clutch features a push-clasp closure and suede lining, and is sized at a height of18.5cm and width of 13.5cm.

Odin debut its new 'white line' fragrance collection | Buro 24/7. New York's menswear masterminds Odin release 'White Line' fragrance as follow up to the award-winning 'Black Line'... New York based mens lifestyle brand Odin have produced a new line of fragrances titled ‘white line.’ The range is a follow up to the unisex ‘black line’ that was first released in 2009. Tending towards the more feminine side ‘white line’ is described as “clean” and “floral,” and is a new direction for the synonymously masculine brand.

The construction of the three fragrances from the line, Milieu Rosa, Efflora and Vert Reseda, employed careful consideration of every part of the flower, layering notes like overlapping petals. There are hints of Moroccan rose and raspberry that are tempered with the woody bottom notes of oak leaf and vetiver. The sleek new ThinBike by Schindelhauer | Buro 24/7. Sleek city wheels don't come much smarter than the ThinBike by Schindelhauer – making practicality a thing of beauty Inspired by the demands of inner city living, German bicycle designers Schindelhauer, present the ThinBike. The perfect response to the need for a tough riding urban bike with safe discreet storage. Unlike attempts before it that have achieved foldable easy to stow bikes, which compromise the performance quality, ThinBike manages to remain ‘a real bike.’

The bike comes in a smart shade of polar white and features specialised carbon drive combined with a two-gear hub to always ensure the right drive in city turmoil. The foldable peddles and handle bars and sleek thin frame make it easy to store in even the most compact living spaces. The ThinBike debuted at the Berliner Fahrradschau Bicycle Show earlier this year and its clever modern form has won it a coveted Red Dot Award for design innovation. Priced at €1,195 the ThinBike is available via Schindelhauer online.

The world's largest roller coaster-themed restaurant opens in Abu Dhabi | Buro 24/7. The new roller coaster restaurant Rogo's in Abu Dhabi is the latest adventure in dining that leaves diners shaken but not stirred... Thrill seeking diners have a new dinner destination to enjoy in the form of Rogo's – Abu Dhabi’s latest concept restaurant. The roller coaster themed diner is the new novelty concept to open in Yas Island Mall, conveniently located close to the abundant other theme-park fun venues in the area including Ferrarri world. Rogo's is more than just a theme, the 14,000 square foot restaurant seats diners amongst a complex network of more than 30 individually laid tracks.

The tracks serve as a unique food and drink delivery system, distributing orders made via interactive menu tablets, directly to diners. The central feature of the restaurant is the swirling tornado spiral, which could dizzy even the sturdiest of stomachs. But worry not, all food and drink orders are secure in sealed pods and arrive in perfect condition despite the journey from kitchen to table.

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Apartamente londra. Modern En-suite Room @ London Eye in Greater London. The Space I have a LARGE EN-SUITE DOUBLE BEDROOM available to rent. I also live in the flat however I have my own bathroom. The apartment is large, bright, modern, fully furnished with high standard. Your room is a large size (18m2). It comprises: Italia brand SUPER BIG CALIFORNIA KING BED (78in×78in or 2M×2M), with TEMPUR MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS which guarantees a comfortable night’s sleep; Italia brand bedside drawers and large chest of drawers; Built-in wardrobe; Goose down super king size duvet and pillows. Your en-suite private bathroom is a fully fitted deluxe bath& shower room, with a heated towel rail. Since the photos were taken, there is also a desk& chair, a 40 inches flat screen HD TV in the room. Egyptian cotton Bed lines and towels are provided. And also, free and unlimited high-speed wireless internet for your mobile phone, laptop and tablet devices. The apartment (in se1) is directly behind london eye.

Guest Access your en suite room, living room, kitchen The Neighbourhood. London Holiday Rentals. Fashion Films. Archive - LOVE. Fashion, Beauty and Retail News - TRENDLAND | Design & Culture Online Magazine. Architecture. Culture | i-D. Pantone color forecasts: Are they accurate? Courtesy Pantone.

In an airy studio on a high floor of the London College of Fashion, featuring a long conference table, white walls, and a view to an adjoining patio—where, a sign warns, bees are being kept—the hues you will see in two years are being divined by a pan-European group of colorists. “What do we say about blue?” Asks David Shah, a British-born, Amsterdam-based designer who heads the meeting on behalf of Pantone, the quietly ubiquitous American company that maintains color standards for publishers, designers, and the fashion world. “Blue took so long to come back. It came back last year in a watery story, it’s here this summer in an indigo story—what are we doing about blue?”

“A good navy,” says a French woman with short blonde hair, “is going to fulfill the role that black used to fill, because black is now launching into another dimension.” “How do we see black now?” So the new black is … black? Color forecasting is almost as old as the fashion industry itself. Torero on Behance. Mede Store: Libreria della moda e del design. Searching for Louis XVI | Institute Magazine. Full Metal | Institute Magazine. NEBULOUS | Institute Magazine. Alchemy of Beauty | Institute Magazine. Color Affair | Institute Magazine. London Fashion Week: Matthew Williamson at the Tate Modern.

Vogue: A day in the life. Working at Vogue (Part 1) - H&M Life. INSIDE VOGUE: EYES ON THE FUTURE. The Colors - Inside CHANEL. JAMES LONG - yuvalitheis. Satirical Illustrations By John Holcrof. Picasso and Spring/Summer 2015. Picasso and Spring/Summer 2015 The Palazzo Strozzi exhibition meets European Fashion Weeks 10/31/2014 | Art Kick­ing off at the same time as the Fash­ion Weeks, the Pi­casso and Span­ish Moder­nity ex­hi­bi­tion has al­ready drawn droves of vis­i­tors. The se­lec­tion of works by the great artist, jux­ta­posed with those by major Span­ish artists, in­clud­ing Joan Miró, Sal­vador Dalí and Juan Gris, un­der­scores Pi­casso's huge in­flu­ence on all 20th-cen­tury art.

Ever rel­e­vant, the in­ex­haustible moder­nity of Pi­casso's art and that of his con­tem­po­raries can be com­pared with the moder­nity found on fash­ion cat­walks to give a fresh in­ter­pre­ta­tion of its cuts, tex­tures, col­ors and pat­terns. Pi­casso e la Moder­nità spag­nola. Beauty Beyond Colours | Horizon | Feature. Beauty is a conflictingly complex concept. What generally has been considered 'beautiful' is somehow a distorted reflection based on the influence of global and social media. i-D magazine has didicated their Autumn/Winter issue to beauty, exploring our altering perceptions, and featuring models of all nationalities, sizes, makeup free, and presenting their natural essence in beauty.

Beauty, by scientific definition, is anything that fits the golden ratio of phi =1.1618. This theory not only applies to nature, the animal kingdom, architecture and design, but also the human face and body. It is the balance that creates comfort for the human eye. Profound research surrounding the subject, namely the Marquardt Beauty Analysis into societal notions of the ‘perfect face’, conducted by Dr Stephen Marquardt. Marquardt discovered that ‘beauty is not only related to phi, but can be defined for both genders and for all races, cultures and eras. " Bucuresteanca | Le Projet D'Amour. Anti-Flirt Club. | Le Projet D'Amour. Spring 2015 Trend Report - Gallery - Women underrepresented, sexualized in weekend sports reporting -- ScienceDaily. Realsociology » Blog Archive » Object – challenging the sexualisation of women in popular culture. Tracey Emin: The Last Great Adventure is You. Transmitting Andy Warhol.

Can Post-Crisis Dubai Become the World’s Largest Consumer Fashion Hub? - The Business of Fashion. The visionary/ Jean-Paul Goude did not break the internet | Luisa World. Jean-Paul Goude. The icon/ Hubert De Givenchy hates vulgarity | Luisa World. Suzy Menkes Rome Fashion And Costume Design Academy celebrates 50 years. Tamara Mellon Calls For A Quota For Women In Business. Social media, sexualisation and the selfie generation - The Drum. Body Image – Objectification and Sexualisation. The Sexualization of Women and Girls. Body image and sexualization in representations of women | The Sexualization Report. Future of Feminism: No More Media Sexualization of Women.

The visionary/ Jean-Paul Goude did not break the internet | Luisa World Blog. TIG Talk with Olivia Palermo - The TIG. Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain – 30th Anniversary. IMG_5026_1.jpg (JPEG Image, 4096 × 4798 pixels) - Scaled (20%) NYFW AW14: Interview with Alexandre Herchcovitz | Papercut Magazine. ALL THE RAGE: Celebrities are battling for the right to be seen nude | Daily Mail Online. Vera Knoot makes leather from unwanted goose skin. 'Vogue' Features Plus-Size Models, Lara Stone Poses Nude Post-Baby.

Vivienne Westwood Wants People to 'Eat Less,' Models Discuss Size In The Industry. From Prada to Céline, the fashion world joins the feminism movement in 2014 - Features - Fashion. Chanel: Feminism in Fashion? | Sentinel. Excerpt: Fashion x Intersectional Feminism in Elle Canada May 2014 | The Closet Feminist. Kim Kardashian Goes Full Frontal In 'Paper' Italian fashion houses: Thinking outside the box. Prada Marfa vandal pleads guilty. The Changing Space of Retail | Industry | Feature | NOT JUST A LABEL. The Future is Now | Industry | Feature | NOT JUST A LABEL.