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Just One Kiss - Mineya_nyan - Vassalord. Faultlines - dai - Vassalord. Pietà - remuke - Vassalord. Sometimes, he dreams of rain.

Pietà - remuke - Vassalord

It’s usually on nights (days, technically) after Chris has come back from being away for just a little too long. A strange sort of comfort, the way he always announces his arrival in the same manner: a sword in the dark (or his back), traps set and obviously seen. Gambits that would work on any other vampire, were they not him. It’s their own sort of mating ritual, he supposes. But if it’s the excuse Chris needs to let himself feed, then Johnny doesn’t mind at all. Private Sabbath, a vassalord fanfic. +Private Sabbath+ A Vassalord Fanfiction Johnny Rayflo—as he was currently known—dynamically threw open the door to the penthouse hotel suite and burst through to look around.

Private Sabbath, a vassalord fanfic

His childish grin only grew to astronomical proportions once he took in the sight of the full living room, Jacuzzi, and fully-stocked bar. He spun around in the entranceway with both arms outstretched. Digital Love - Vassalord: One-Shot: Sentimental Kind of Mood. Title: A Sentimental Kind of MoodFandom: VassalordRating: PGSummary: Sometimes you have to dig to find the sentimental moments...Author's Note: Hi there!

Digital Love - Vassalord: One-Shot: Sentimental Kind of Mood

Hope you all enjoy my first little jump into the fandom! Forgive the purple prose. :D He keeps it pressed inside a book to allow it to wilt within. Story: Vile Temptation. The Definition of a Monster - thucyken - Vassalord. Rayflo looked at the bed.

The Definition of a Monster - thucyken - Vassalord

It was neatly made up—sheets tucked under, hospital corners, pillows perfectly parallel to the headboard. Minear had learnt that from Cherry, no doubt. You could take a boy out of the orphanage, but you couldn't take the orphanage out of the boy, even after a hundred and forty-five years. Probably you could bounce a quarter off the bed. But money wasn't what he wanted to be bouncing off the bed tonight.

He pulled the cover down and messed it up, piled the pillows into one giant messy stack and then arranged himself so he was leaning up against them. Rayflo smirked. Cherry didn't stand a chance. He heard a knock at the door and tried to control his grin. Cherry had his close-enough-for-horseshoes-and-hand-grenade's priest's outfit on, naturally. Rayflo had no problem with blasphemy. Cherry would cosplay a priest while he did the Vatican's dirty work, but that was all. "Hello, Cherry," he drawled, looking as inviting as possible.

"You haven't been by in a while. Sacrifices for Love - Rekall - Vassalord. The room was dark when Rayflo woke that night.

Sacrifices for Love - Rekall - Vassalord

The thick curtains that use to block out the sun in the daytime were shoved aside revealing city lights that lit up the black sky. Rayflo realized that Chris must have opened the curtains before leaving. The Elagabalus’s Wine - Cornerofmadness - Vassalord. Charley dragged home, tired to the bone.

The Elagabalus’s Wine - Cornerofmadness - Vassalord

The mission had been grueling, but it was done. He was tired. Worse, he was hungry. Restraint became difficult when he’d gone this long between meals. Sacre came up to him as he trudged through the living room and Charley gave the cybernetic hound a pat with an equally cybernetic hand. NoChick_Fics' Fanfiction Journal - Moment of Silence. NoChick_Fics' Fanfiction Journal - Eat and Run. Exceeded: gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Title: Happy Birthday, Mr PresidentWord Count: 1041Rating: PGSeries: VassalordNotes: Prompt was birthday~ It comes around every year, just like clockwork: the same old teasing about how he's getting older and older, sometimes a little cupcake with a candle on top the extent of their celebration.

exceeded: gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

He would prefer no celebration at all, to be honest, perfectly content with passing the day just like any other, but Master seems to be adamant on making something of it. Charley has given up on trying to understand it by now, just sighing and accepting the little gifts as he would anything else given to him by his Master: the briefest cursory glance before tucking it away somewhere. The customary squabble, then, over how he hadn't even looked at it, "Cherry doesn't appreciate anything I do for him", and what different upgrades he should get. If there's a better model for any of his parts, and whether they can afford it (which, with the Vatican's salary, they most certainly can). "Master. " Spring Kinkfest - Step in the Same River (Vassalord, Cherry/Rayflo, R) Title: Step in the Same RiverAuthor: devikunPrompt: Vassalord: onsen, in retrospect, it had been a bad ideaWords: 4000 approxRating: RWarnings: horror, triggering issues abortion/miscarriage imagery/associations Summary: When is a vampire hunt ever simple?

Spring Kinkfest - Step in the Same River (Vassalord, Cherry/Rayflo, R)

Massive thanks to smillaraaq for the very, very fine beta. Daichuus: drabble, vassalord. The Vinegar Murders - perch - Vassalord. The Vinegar Murders Prelude - The Vampire and the Reverend Charley's hands worked over the Rosary, his mouth forming the words of a Glory Be to the Father as he approached a decade and the contemplation of The Resurrection.

The beads were worn and brittle under his hands, a string he'd had for well over a hundred years. His thoughts focused on God, while his stomach twisted with the thirst. A Boy Called Chris - Rekall - Vassalord. "Hey, are you still alive?

A Boy Called Chris - Rekall - Vassalord

" Rayflo asked as he poked the small body of the boy who was fast asleep and curled up next to next to him. It was the first night after they met and Rayflo was surprised to discover that the boy was still around. He thought the child would have run away once it was light out, yet here he was, still around in his tattered clothes and long messy hair. "Stupid kid," Rayflo fondly murmured as he ruffled the child's head. "I really will eat you one of these days. " Moving slightly, the boy woke up, giving a yawn and a stretch before looking up at Rayflo with sad, silent eyes.