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The Locked Room in the Department of Mysteries: Snarry in Canon - drinkingcocoa - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling. Definition of Need by asnowyowl. Definition of Need Part 1 Severus closed the door on his last class of the day and sagged against it, massaging the back of his neck with one hand while flicking the door’s thumb lock with the other. Since no student ever sought him out for extra help, he felt not a twinge of guilt about locking his door during the after school Activity Period.

Teenagers avoided him like he was the overbearing aunt with chin stubble. Stepping away from the door, he wandered the room, picking up stray scraps of paper and pushing in chairs that were left haphazardly away from desks. When he opened them again, it was time he could leave. Severus stood and straightened to his full height. “Severus, I’m quite worried about a certain student.”

Severus sighed and returned to his chair. Al shrugged and swept idly at the floor. “Many teenagers are loners, at least for a while.” “Yes, that’s true enough, but this boy seems to have no friends. Finally, Severus asked the question he’d avoided moments ago. “What? Untitled. Ink Stained Fingers - Main Page. Intertexius. Pale green - torch - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling.

Harry nearly dropped his bottle of Butterbeer. He stared at his best friend. "You want me to say what? Have you gone completely mad? " Ron grinned. He seemed to think that he'd had a brilliant idea. "You said dare, I dared you. "Of course not! " "I could've asked you to wear my old purple dress robes while you do it," Ron pointed out, and Harry, who had tried to see if another swallow of Butterbeer would make sense of things, nearly snarfled it through his nose, avoiding disaster by a very narrow margin. "That was really funny, Ron," Hermione said, some of her laughter breaking free. "Neville. " Hermione spoke the last word of the charm wrong, and the tea stains on Neville's robes turned into embroidered roses. "Come on, Hermione! Hermione put on her sternest look, the one where she did something with her jaw that made her look almost like McGonagall. "All right!

" Neville stopped poking at the roses and looked up with a fascinated, terrified grin. "What, now? " "Yes, now. " Harry jumped. Every Time You Leave by Mia Ugly. Every Time You Leave The First I thought that I was like an island I was wrong, guess I was wrong I see your face and then it hits me I will miss you (oh) When you're gone. –Ronan Keating "I'm going away for a little while. " The boy had come, as Snape somehow knew he would. "I am well aware. " "Um. Snape did not move, and Harry did not break their gaze. "I am very busy at present. Harry sat down in the armchair across from Snape's desk. "Um. "Your apology would be better spent in getting to the point, so that I may return to my work.

" "Right. "Mr. "No. Snape rubbed the bridge of his nose, irritably. "To say – thank you. " Oh. "Thank you? " "And – goodbye. " Instantly, Snape's gaze flicked back to the essay on his desk. "I know – I know you hate me. "Is it? "I know," Harry rolled his eyes, "I know that. Snape circled random words in red ink, to give Potter the impression that his mind was elsewhere, that he was unmoved by this particular confession. Potter sighed softly, and rose from his chair. "Yes? " The Living Years. Title: The Living YearsAuthor: DementorDeltaTeam: Team PostwarGenre: RomancePrompt: SanctuaryRating: AdultWarnings: Atrocious French accents.

Word Count: 35,600 +/-A/N: Many thanks to rubyrosered and swtalmnd for discussions, corrections and encouragement, and to regan_v for preliminary suggestions. Muchas Smoochas to cruisedirector for beta help. Any remaining mistakes are my own. Summary: Severus Snape makes the ultimate sacrifice for Harry Potter. The Living Years "What's he doing here?

" "What? "That's Malfoy, isn't it? " "Oh," Ron said, sliding his arms into the presumably fireproof apron and fumbling with the long ties in back, finally drawing his wand and guiding them around into a knot. A woman, her long silvery-blonde hair swaying nearly around her waist had walked up to Draco Malfoy, kissing each cheek, her tiny fingers clenched on his robes. Ron, setting an outlandishly large chef's hat on his head, nodded. Harry was still looking at Gabrielle. They stared openly. "He saved--" Snarry World. En Ingles. 'Eudaimonia' by ZillahWhere do people go when they apparate? This is a very strange, spare and careful story that leaves one's heart aching at the end... Snape takes Harry to 'the space between' in order to protect him from Voldemort, i.e., to the region of space where people go when they apparate.

Severus and Harry spend a long time there, in hiding, and their relationship eventually changes. The story's rated PG, but the sensuality that pervades it is all-consuming. 'The Beast' by Sushi, RATED NC-17Sushi's remarkable plot weaves magic, elves, horses, Voldemort and split personalities together in an inescapably well-written novella. The beginning is one of the most gripping of all--only Sushi can make me want to jump Snape within five seconds of the story's beginning. 'Fool' by Kass, RATED NC-17Delightful, absolutely delightful--made my heart smile and ache simultaneously. 'Parseltongue-tied' by DementorDelta, RATED NC-17, SNAKE! 'Down, You Lie Down Too' by Resonant, RATED NC-17 Wow. Walking The Plank :: Port of the Snape/Harry Ship. The Soul Garden :: fanfiction by cluegirl. Snape/Harry Recs. The Mirror of Maybe. Nym's Fan Fiction Site: Home Page. Intertexius. Ssr :: recommendations :: severus/harry. The Phial Cabinet Home Page.

The Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest. The third wave ran from 13 June to 10 August 2003. Check out the responses to the third wave challenges. The first and second waves were held between March and September 2002 and produced 315 stories based on either a specific pairing or a scenario. Check out the complete lists of stories from the First Wave and the Second Wave.

The archive proudly holds the collected works of Fest authors. The third wave, like the first two waves of the Fest, produced a large collection of stories which vary greatly in genre, theme and length, by authors ranging from well-known, prolific writers to those trying their hand at writing slash in this fandom for the first time. The Art Gallery was added to the site on 11 July 2002. It holds artworks inspired by stories written for the Fest. Anyone who submits three or more stories in the course of the third wave will be presented with a personalised Severus Snape Seal of Approval award for dedication to Severus Snape Slash fiction. Our Host Like the graphics? Danielle's slash recommendations. Undefined Last updated April 19, 2005 = hard R/NC-17. Be warned. ** = most recent additions. harry/severus A Final Battle by poetic licence.

A Study in Solitude by Hallucination. All Just Photos by Mosh. Change by Nym. Correspondence by Snaples and Cybele. Down, You Lie Down Too and Bruise by Resonant. The Epilogue of Severus Snape by Sinistral. If That Mockingbird Won't Sing by Aspen. The If You Are Prepared Trilogy by Cybele. ** In the Still of Night by McKay. Like a Stone by Isolde. The Mirror of Maybe by Midnight Blue. Something to Live For by AccioSnape. The Tea Series by Telanu. Three Uses of the Knife by Prosperina. Harry/draco Absence by Amalin. A Fag a Day by Holographis. A Fate Worse Than Death by Ari Munami.

Afterglow by Aja. A Pair of Ragged Claws by Haikofu. Assurance and Admission by Aja. Blue Vase by Ivy Blossom. Draco in Darkness by Plumeria. 9 chapters.Following an accident in his seventh year, Draco loses his eyesight. Eclipse by PhoenixSong. Every Second by Aja. :: For all your Snarry needs. My Harry Potter Fan Fiction Rec I like HP, I read fanfics.… | ILoveMocha on Xanga. The SS/HP Prophet. 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded. Growing Pains. Author's Note: Sequel to A Nick in Time Disclaimer: All characters owned by JK Rowling. No profit made on use of characters. The Great Hall sounded as though it were full to bursting. There were the usual childish laughter and shouts, the unceasing susurration of dozens of subdued conversations, the background clatter of utensils and plates being moved, all contained in what amounted to an echoing stone box.

It was way too much noise for anyone to have to deal with first thing on a Monday morning. Severus Snape paused outside the hall entrance, ready to bolt. Two days simply wasn't enough time to reclaim one's life, let alone one's equilibrium. Friday at this very time, he'd been a child, chasing his roommate around the bedroom playing tag instead of getting dressed for school. Now it was back to normal: no more tag, or quidditch, or even Exploding Snap. That was really what should be troubling him, Severus thought as he stood paused outside the hall's towering doors. It made no sense.

Between The Lines. In November by Telanu. In November, under a surprisingly gentle Scottish snowfall, Harry Potter died. He fell in battle. He had been seventeen and still in school. There had been a miscalculation in the plan, a mistake, and now he was dead. Two nights later, after Harry’s funeral, Severus Snape prostrated himself before Lord Voldemort. Voldemort looked in bemusement at the creature lying cruciform before him. Snape had not followed the call of the Dark Mark in years, and Voldemort had always known he would die for treason; but tonight, a night of victory -- Harry Potter was dead and Voldemort surmised Hogsmeade would fall within the month -- Snape answered the summons with his former fellows and had thrown himself at the Dark Lord’s feet without a word.

Voldemort’s curiosity was piqued just enough that he waved Macnair’s axe away and told Snape to raise his face. The eyes that met his were not those of the Severus Snape he remembered. “And what is that?” “Give me the power to kill Dumbledore,” Snape said. Love. IYAP Cover. Time and Time Again Chapter 11: Over and Over, a Harry Potter fanfic. Time and Time AgainBy Mottlemoth Chapter Eleven – Over and Over It was the fifteenth morning. A dawn breeze skittered along the shore of the Dead Sea, coaxing breaths of sand across the hotel fronts. Over night, a cool had come in from the sea. Harry woke nearly naked beneath crumpled white cotton. In the wicker chair beside the glass doors, Severus was applying ointment to the fresh scars on his neck.

Severus knew he was awake. As he approached, Severus said quietly: "Good morning. " Harry took the bottle from him, oiled his fingers, and Severus tilted his head back. It was a gift from his mother; the gift of a second chance. He would always love the stars on Severus's throat. He worked the ointment gently into the skin, leaning close. Severus's mouth sought upwards towards his ear, warm breath tickling and gentle, the Roman nose nuzzling into his hair.

"Harry. " It was a question. The hand slowly cupped his erection. "Kiss me," came the breath against his mouth. He did. "No, no... " "What? " Into the Storm by Spirit. Into The Storm The announcement had been made in the Great Hall at midday. There was a thunderstorm setting and all outdoor classes were to be kept inside the castle.

No student was to venture outside as there was no telling what the lightning was bound to hit. And so the students were made prisoners in their common rooms, left to entertain themselves in front of the fires or to visit the library, or if all else failed to venture into the Great Hall and experience the storm from the safety of a magically charmed ceiling. As long as they did not get in the way of the house elves, or Hagrid and his 'pets' for that matter. By the time it was nearing midnight, Harry was climbing the walls in his boredom. He spent so many days of his life locked behind closed doors and baricaded windows that the idea of a thunderstorm in progress, called to him like a fish to a bait. "Oh for the love of sanity Harry, go if you're going! The grunt he got was answer enough. "Enjoying the rain, professor. "Yes. "