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Kuroko no Basket fanfiction

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Into Place - Mishaa - Kuroko no Basuke. “Welcome back, Tetsuya,” Akashi says, holding out his arm.

Into Place - Mishaa - Kuroko no Basuke

After all, this was the the same captain that, despite leading them to victory and fame all those years ago, was too driven by his goals that he could not be bothered to notice the changes in his own team. (And even if he did, he thought nothing about it.) Kuroko does not know if this is the right choice, but then again, he’s never made the right choices anyway. So he lets Akashi take him by the shoulders and lead him to the group waiting expectantly behind their captain. The sixth player joins them, and the Generation of Miracles is complete once again. Murasakibara with his usual nonchalance, busies himself with the treat Akashi gave him, only looking up once during the whole encounter to meet Kuroko’s eyes as if to say “You actually think there’s any other choice?

It was the same face looking at him but the boy was different. Make a Difference - triste - Kuroko no Basuke. Title: Make a DifferenceAuthor: TristeFandom: Kuroko no BasukePairings: Generation of Miracles/KurokoRating: PG-13Warnings: AUStatus: CompleteDisclaimer: Not mine “There’s nothing wrong with it, you know,” Aomine says, arm protective around Kuroko’s shoulders.

Make a Difference - triste - Kuroko no Basuke

“And if anyone else tell you otherwise, I’ll beat them up.” “I appreciate your consideration,” Kuroko replies, “but there’s really no need. I may not be very strong, but I can still take care of myself.” Aomine is well aware of how much Kuroko pushes himself, like he’s trying to prove a point that, simply because his wings are so tiny and underdeveloped, it doesn’t make him weak, just different. Summer Days - sui - Kuroko no Basuke. Tetsuya could feel his shirt clinging to his back, his bare thighs sticking to the wood beneath them.

Summer Days - sui - Kuroko no Basuke

He’d moved to the floor on the assumption it’d be cooler but when even the air was hanging hot and heavy around him, it was no use. The idle buzzing of the electric fan in the corner intermingled with the chirping of bugs outside and lulled him into a mind-numbing daze, leaving him to stare at the bright blue patch of sky through the open door with no remorse. When he finally blinked, the sun had left black spots in his vision; when they cleared, Daiki had appeared, looming above him with a glass of water in each hand.

The ice cubes clinked as he set one down beside Tetsuya’s head. Condensation was already forming. Daiki consumed his own drink just as quickly. Eventually, Daiki spoke. The World Before Yesterday - Chapter 1 - half_sleeping - Kuroko no Basuke. Chapter Text Back in the days when we Aomine and Kuroko sat on the floor of the fourth gym and stretched out.

The World Before Yesterday - Chapter 1 - half_sleeping - Kuroko no Basuke

Well, Kuroko stretched out. Aomine watched in disgust with his elbows resting on the floor as Kuroko struggled to touch his toes. “You suck,” he said. Who're you calling Ahomine?! - Emz0 - Kuroko no Basuke. "Kuroko-sensei!

Who're you calling Ahomine?! - Emz0 - Kuroko no Basuke

The stupid guy is here now. " "Now, Mira-chan. That's not a very nice thing to say about someone. " Kuroko put away the last of the paints they used that day and turned around toward the pouting little girl behind him. "Treat others as you want to be treated, okay? " Mira smiled. "Now go and play with the other kids while you wait for your parents to come. " You're Welcome - Fayah - Kuroko no Basuke. Make It Better - Chapter 1 - triste - Kuroko no Basuke. Less than Subtle - rustandstardust - Kuroko no Basuke. It feels good to play together again.

Less than Subtle - rustandstardust - Kuroko no Basuke

Even if it’s only a casual 2-on-2 match, it’s nice to play with Aomine again. It’s not like the end of junior high, when they were on the same team but not together, and it’s not like the first few matches Seirin played against Touou, when everything Aomine said had cut him like a knife. He’s playing with him again, sending passes flying his way and catching the few rebounds there are when Kagami interrupts his shot. They’re on a team against Kagami and Kise, who’ve proven to be a pretty good pair, but if he’s been keeping score in his head correctly, he and Aomine are leading by two points.

The energy on the sun-baked pavement is incredible and he’s smiling wider than he has in months, watching Kise copy Kagami’s jumps and Aomine’s shots, laughing when Kagami and Aomine cut each other off in ways that would get them fouled out of a game. If Kagami is on fire, Aomine is a star. “Tied up!” “The game is over, Kagamicchi...” Midorima & Kuroko - CeallachRion - Kuroko no Basuke. "Will you still kiss me today?

Midorima & Kuroko - CeallachRion - Kuroko no Basuke

" Midorima swore he heard it wrong. Of course, this was purely driven by utter denial because the case was the exact opposite. And yet, he could have pretended that it was true and just brushed off the topic if he had reacted more inconspicuously about the matter. Instead, he stood dumbfounded in front of one of many bookshelves, an obvious pause midway sliding a book to its proper place, thus making it hover over the ledge. He carefully processed the words which he wished he ignored, and grimaced.

Midorima & Kuroko - CeallachRion - Kuroko no Basuke. To Become One Chapter 1, a kuroko no basuke/黒子のバスケ fanfic. A/N: This takes place VERY LOOSELY Loveless universe.

To Become One Chapter 1, a kuroko no basuke/黒子のバスケ fanfic

If you know nothing about it, that's okay! Just know... virgins have animal ears that fall off when they have sex, people have magic and are either classified as a "fighter" (who fights by chanting magic words) or a "sacrifice" (who takes all the damage a "fighter" would take in battle). Fighters and Sacrifices are predetermined by fate, they have a matching tattoo that appears on their body. And they all go to a training academy where Akashi is headmaster. Under the Sea - Kaelin - Kuroko no Basuke. Into the Forest - Kaelin - Kuroko no Basuke. “Never venture up into that mountain, Ryouta,” Ryouta’s grandmother would often tell him.

Into the Forest - Kaelin - Kuroko no Basuke

“Humans have been forbidden to go there since long ago. It is now a place where only spirits and the supernatural reside.” “Why are humans forbidden there?” He would ask, his eyes taking in the visage of the tall lonely mountain that seemed to be forever encircled with a mysterious fog, as if the curtain of cloud was jealously guarding a secret. “Because we have forgotten,” his grandmother answered with a remorseful smile as she cupped her hands over his ears. “Why?” Here, his grandmother turned her eyes to the mountain as if recalling a time when humankind was still young and foolish, needing the guidance of gods and spirits to live in the vast world around them. “It is because we stopped believing in them, stopped looking to them for help and believed in our own power instead.” That had been the only conversation they had ever held regarding the mountain that loomed over their small village.

KnB part 2

Breaking It Up - fulminata - Kuroko no Basuke. Aomine's sitting in his squad car on his break when the call comes in over the radio.

Breaking It Up - fulminata - Kuroko no Basuke

Seventeenth ward near the middle school. Street fight. Seems to be escalating based on eyewitness reports. Look But Not Touch - triste - Kuroko no Basuke. Title: Look But Not Touch Author: Triste Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke Pairing: Akashi/Kuroko Rating: PG Status: Complete Disclaimer: Not mine Reeeeally belated fic for AkaKuro day, and also for the lovely Sei who wanted to see more of this pairing. <3 The crowd of girls surrounding Kuroko and Akashi are watching them with bated breath and sparkling eyes, which Kise can sort of understand because, well, he looks at Kuroko like that a lot, too, but what he doesn’t appreciate about the performance before him (and it really is an act, or at least he hopes it is, because he’d cry if it wasn’t) is that he, along with the audience, has been forced to play the role of spectator when, in all honestly, he’d much rather be a participant. “I won’t let you sleep tonight, Tetsuya,” says Akashi, lips scandalously close to Kuroko’s.

“Oh, Seijuurou.” It’s obviously staged, but the girls start squealing regardless when Kuroko swoons into Akashi’s embrace. Five times kuroko and aomine didn't bump fists - jarofclay - Kuroko no Basuke. At the end of their extra basketball practice they sit together on the low wall outside the gym and as Kuroko ties his shoelaces, he realizes that his existence has gradually fallen into a clear, mostly constant pattern whose daily repetitiveness—even considering the devastating training and the occasionally snarky teammates, since the accomplished goals and the victories and Aomine fully compensate for those—is far from feeling like a dull monotony and that, unexpectedly, this has turned into one of the most fulfilling periods of his life. “Kise didn’t stop babbling about the match for one freaking moment,” Aomine groans as he adjusts the strap of the gym bag on his shoulder. “I swear to god he looked high on meth.

What did you do to impress him this much?” [Doujin] The King's Story - AoKuro. About Rings - atsueshi - Kuroko no Basuke. “Let’s get married, Tetsu.” Tetsu spat out his coffee at Daiki, whose shirt immediately got soaked. "What the fu—! Oh, real fucking charming, Tetsu," Daiki mumbled as he tried to clean up his shirt. “I propose to you and you spit on me? " Seeing the futility of his efforts, he opted to take the damn thing off and he didn’t miss the way Tetsu’s eyes opened just a fraction of an inch wider than they already were.

Well… to be fair, he did just propose. Shirt - serenemelodies - Kuroko no Basuke. There were only two people in the world that knew the code to open Aomine’s door, which was surprising since most people called him “Ahomine” for a reason. For someone constantly belittled in terms of intelligence, it was rather a complex code and, even if one knew it, the door still wouldn’t open without the key. His coach had been adamant about keeping him safe, now that he was a professional basketball player for the NBA. Four seasons - kirinokisu - Kuroko no Basuke. I. summer. The first summer in middle school is sweltering hot. On one of those humid days, he meets this funny, strange and slightly creepy boy in the darkness of the rarely used fourth gym when he escapes the stuffed one he normally uses and the ever growing crowds of players who stay for extra training in hopes of becoming like them, like the infamous first-years that made it to the first string, the unarguable basketball geniuses of Teikou middle school.

Daiki doesn't much care about those people. Most of them are decent enough and as long as they play him with all they've got, everything's fine. But this boy, this short strange boy with impossibly huge eyes blinking owlishly in the dim light of the gym, is different. He doesn't know the meaning of giving up. Daiki doesn't care at the moment, because out there, there are hundreds of players waiting to be beaten by the great Aomine Daiki, the invincible ace of Teikou.

Tetsu pinches his ribs painfully whenever he says that. Spirit AU drabbles - duckiesandlemons - Kuroko no Basuke. Chapter Text Followed. Aokuro fucking hurts. 時々. Monochrome Butterflies. Challenge no 29 - More Lovely and Temperate (MidoKuro) Further Pleasantries - Chapter 1 - triste - Kuroko no Basuke. Midnight hour - lalonnde - Kuroko no Basuke. “Aomine, you’re hogging the entire bed.” With his left foot, Kuroko nudged at the great, blanketed protuberance beside him.

The protuberance let out a very irritated groan, but otherwise did not react all that much. From his position on the outermost edge of his bed, Kuroko’s eyes narrowed to slits. A glance at the alarm clock on his nightstand confirmed that it was getting close to midnight, and this was no way to sleep. “Aomine, if you don’t move, I will push you off.”

This earned him two dark, heavy-lidded eyes peeking out from beneath the covers. “Do you really think so, Aomine? Five Times Aomine Regretted Being a Girl's Best Friend - SpiritWave - Kuroko no Basuke. Partnership - Fayah - Kuroko no Basuke. On the first day of the new school year, Cancer is ranked 6th on the horoscope - just one position short of being on the lower half of the rankings but tenuous nonetheless. The lucky item for the day is a tire, an easy enough item to obtain. That morning, Midorima mourns his bicycle and walks to school. ‘It couldn’t be helped,’ Midorima tells himself as he approaches Teikou’s entrance with a bicycle tire in hand. He adjusts his glasses, ignoring all the odd stares from his fellow students.

‘At least with this, my luck will be guaranteed.’ Just once more . . . - Comodo IceDragon. Aokuro fucking hurts - Comodo IceDragon. Minatunamix☆ - Comodo IceDragon. AoKuro Weekly. 휴◡휴. Just once more . . . Between lines. The hikikomori life. The hikikomori life. The hikikomori life. The hikikomori life. Kuroko no basuke, ficbit - oh, the humidity! If you're listening, sing it back, halcyon days [AoKuro&MiraGen+Kagami // PG]

Five times aomine didn't apologize (and one he did) - andreaphobia - Kuroko no Basuke. I. the one he saw for but a moment In his defense, he’d been training all day, it was dinnertime, and he was hungry. (Besides, Tetsu was waiting for him. A man didn’t keep Tetsu waiting for long, not if he valued his life.) “Awww, not again!” Kise whined, as Daiki dunked on him for the dozenth time that evening. “Nah, I’m done,” Daiki said, scooping the ball up from where it’d rolled off and tossing it back to Kise. “But Aominecchiii—” You're Welcome - Fayah - Kuroko no Basuke. Touching Darkness, Finding Light - bexara - Kuroko no Basuke. This work could have adult content. If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content.

Endless Loop - triste - Kuroko no Basuke. Cold Morning - fulminata - Kuroko no Basuke. When Aomine wakes up at the god awful early time of 5am, it's fucking cold in their apartment. Saturday - andreaphobia - Kuroko no Basuke. Daiki opens his eyes to find milky sunlight peeking in through the cracks in the blinds, and birds kicking up a racket right outside his window. The clock on the dresser blinks 07:38AM in neon letters.

Things you thought you left behind - highboys - Kuroko no Basket. Takao's in his first year of uni when he realizes a few things. First, is that it's easy to miss conversations with people he used to see every day. In Need of Tutoring - fulminata - Kuroko no Basuke. Midorima is used to being asked for tutoring. Even though his former teammates are at a multitude of other schools, it doesn't stop them from texting or calling at all hours with a question. Vacation - highboys - Kuroko no Basket. Breaking out the L word - Chesra - Kuroko no Basuke. Aomine never really knows what Kuroko is thinking. Suddenly calling him out in the middle of the night to ask him to teach Kuroko how to shoot?

Enough For Now - skyfireflies - Kuroko no Basuke. With strings so fragile - seondoks - Kuroko no Basuke. The Evolution of Kasamatsu "Tiger" Yukio - blackheron - Kuroko no Basuke. Chrysanthemum Tea - Branch - Kuroko no Basuke. An extra set of hands - softintelligence - Kuroko no Basuke. Possession - fulminata - Kuroko no Basuke. Reconnecting - sterlynsilverrose - Kuroko no Basuke. Progression - fulminata - Kuroko no Basuke. How We Got By - Blossom - Kuroko no Basuke. Under the bridge, across the river - highboys - Kuroko no Basket. The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows - skyfireflies - Kuroko no Basuke. It's Kind Of A Fetish - andreaphobia - Kuroko no Basuke. Zero delicacy, and then some - highboys - Kuroko no Basket. Stolen - fulminata - Kuroko no Basuke. Odd Fortune - fulminata - Kuroko no Basuke.

The x number of days I have felt the nearness of you - highboys - Kuroko no Basket. Your waking wet dream from a nightmare - highboys - Kuroko no Basket. Just Ask - Chapter 1 - kaleidoscope_dream - Kuroko no Basuke. Heartbeat - highboys - Kuroko no Basket. Schrödinger's Kuroko - Qem - Kuroko no Basuke. Kuroko's Thoughts - reifurin - Kuroko no Basuke.

But if you said yes - highboys - Kuroko no Basket. Kurokosexual - Danish - Kuroko no Basuke.