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Down the Shore Everything's All Right - thehoyden - Hawaii Five-0 (2010. Make a Move ('Cause I Ain't Got All Night) - stillane - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) Main Content <p id="javascript-warning"> While we&#x27;ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! </p> Archive of Our Own beta Log In Site Navigation This work could have adult content. If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser). Footer Close. If You Were a Laser, You'd Be Set on 'Stunning' - shrift - Hawaii Five-0 (2010)

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Danny yelled, waving his hand in front of Steve's face while trying to keep at least one eye on the road. Steve stopped mid-sentence, his mouth hanging open. "Are you -- did you just -- do I need to send you on a sexual harassment training seminar, Boss? " "What? No! " "Then what was that? " "Look, I'm your partner, not your boss. "Reciprocity? "I haven't," Steve said, looking remarkably relaxed considering that Danny was wishing his car came with an ejector seat.

"Haven't what? " "Dated much in the last decade. Danny sighed. "Well, that was awkward. "We're not even close to done, Commander McFlirt. "You look at me," Steve said, as if that explained anything. "I look at you? Steve frowned. Danny braked for a stop light.

"What, you think I don't know all that? " The light turned, and Danny stomped on the brake when a pedestrian crossed the street against the signal. "Jesus Christ," Danny said. "Of course Hawai'i has hipsters. "I'm not trying to change the subject. "Why? " Future Sex / Love Sounds - Saucery - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) The third time Danny hears 'Sexy Eyes' on the way to HQ, he realizes that maybe it isn't a coincidence. No, it definitely isn't a coincidence.

That isn't the radio, anymore; it's a goddamn CD. The bastard went out and bought the very thing Danny had expressly told him - vehemently told him - never, ever to put on again. But here it is. For the third time running. In his car. "You know," Danny says, conversationally, in the mildly murderous tone that's become a habit around McGarrett, "if you play that fucking song one more fucking time, I'm going to start thinking you're seducing me. "Seducing you? " "What guy voluntarily listens to - to 'Sexy Eyes' while trapped in a confined space with another guy? " "Are you questioning my heteronormativity? " "I don't even want to know how many syllables that word has.

"Eight. " "Wonderful. "They're syllables, not inches. "Why... are you... still playing... that... song. " "Wow. "Answer my question! " "That was a question? Danny growls. Yeah, right. "Uh huh. Timing Is Everything - elandrialore - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) If it was going to happen, it probably would have happened by now. There’d been plenty of opportunities, like during the undercover op where they had to pretend to be newlyweds for a whole weekend. Kono was out with two broken ribs from their last case and Steve and Chin were arguing for like twenty minutes about who they could trust to replace her when Danny said off-handedly, "Why don't Steve and I just do it?

I mean, Hawaii's pretty liberal, right? " Steve had looked at him blankly for a long moment, but Chin had grinned widely and in less than an hour they had a plan. In the end, all it amounted to was that Steve and Danny made out about eight times, they rolled around semi-clothed on an obscenely wide bed, Danny drank a pineapple margarita, three murdering scumbags went away for about a hundred years and sometimes Danny jerked off to the feel of Steve's hands on his skin. "Why do they all looked dead? " "You have hypothermia," Steve said flatly, "I need to get you warm. " Say My Name - elandrialore - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) The problem is that Danny doesn't react well to drugs. Well, no, actually, the problem is that Danny's partner thinks he's Batman and he’s probably got the goddamn utility belt to prove it. But despite the utility belt – and Danny's not insignificant skills, thank you very much – Danny was still caught by the rat bastards who were playing at being The Joker this week and doped to high heaven.

And Danny, as previously stated, does not react well to drugs. "You're real pretty, you know that? 'Specially when you do the thing," he waves his hands at Steve's forehead, which promptly creases and Danny beams. "Danny," Steve says, and his voice is all tight and tense like when he's worried and Danny doesn't like that at all because that usually means bad things have happened. "You should smile more," Danny says, and Steve shuts his mouth with a snap like he'd been talking - had he been talking? "Danny," Steve says again, catching Danny's hands and pulling them away from his lips. "What? " "Fuck. " After the sky flashes, the sea yearns - elandrialore - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) It's late and the hallway is quiet except for the occasional squeak of shoes or the low beep of monitors.

Steve can hear Rachel easily before he ever gets to Stan's room and he automatically slows his step. "-don't want to leave him, but I should get her to bed. " Through the open doorway, Steve can see Grace curled on an oversized chair next to her mother; Rachel cards a hand through Grace's hair as it spills across her lap, her other hand gently rocking her son in his stroller. Danny's squatting next to them, one had on Gracie's foot, the other on Rachel's knee and he's looking up at her, but the circle falters there because Rachel's eyes are on Stan. Danny's voice is as soft as Rachel's when he says, "I can take her. " Rachel softens at whatever expression is on Danny's face and Steve swallows hard because he can imagine.

Her hand covers his and her voice is thick with emotion when she says his name. When he sees them like this it's hard to believe that they are apart. "K, Danno. " Someone to Hold On To - elandrialore - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) Steve is too wired for sleep. Danny can tell this because Danny is not, in fact, a moron, and it doesn't take some guy Danny's barely known a day to walk up to him and say, "He's going to need someone to take him down. " White's not even looking him in the eye when he says it. He's shoulder to shoulder with Danny, but he's facing away from Steve like Steve's paranoid enough to lip read his mentor from twenty feet away. Which, okay, this is Steve so Danny wouldn't put it past him, but Danny's tired of this cloak and dagger shit, so he faces White full on and says, "You know, I'm really curious, when in the last day did you come to the conclusion that I'm stupid?

Because let me disabuse you of that notion right the hell now. " "No need," White says easily, and he's not smiling, but there's something in his eyes that makes Danny think he wants to. "Hey, we've got to-" "Head home," Danny finishes for him. "Danny, I don't need-" "A shower? "Hey, Max did a good job," Steve protests. "I wouldn't-" Tactile - elandrialore - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) Danny touches him a lot. Steve's kept a mental scatter plot starting from their first touch. Not the punch, but Danny's hand on his back - heat and pressure through layers of cotton and Kevlar - guiding him forward.

He doesn't even realize he's doing it until he starts to notice the correlations. Danny touches him most when one of them has been hurt, but since Steve's not keen on increasing the frequency of that, he starts to experiment, just a little. He introduces variables one at a time. Mornings get him scowls and demands for coffee, his fingertips brushing against Steve's when he reaches for the cup. The number of people around doesn't effect the frequency, but it does effect the duration and intimacy. The second strongest correlation is when Steve's angry (or afraid, but he often expresses them the same). He stops the experiments then, cold turkey, because he's the last person who can afford to lose control.

But Danny doesn't stop touching him. "Nothing. " "Steve? " Stay Close - sheafrotherdon - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) Grace sighs into Danny's shoulder when he picks her up, yawns as he walks toward the stairs at Steve's place, cradling her in his arms. It's a good night for a sleepover, good to have people close, he thinks; good to be at Steve's instead of his own apartment.

His place feels small on the best of days; on days like this it feels like it's closing in. Grace stirs in his arms. "I liked when we – what's it called, Danno? " she asks sleepily "Danced? " "Nooo. " "Salsa? " "Yeah, salsa. Danny smiles, kisses the top of her head. "I knew," she says, swaying slightly from tiredness. Danny smiles as best he can. Grace pats her skirt and sighs. "You bet you can. Grace laughs. Danny laughs a little.

"Pancakes! " "Blueberry, and you'll like it," Danny says. It's half an hour later when Danny closes Grace's door, eases out into the upstairs hallway then back downstairs. "Hey," he says gently, snapping the lid back on the tub. Steve turns around, and the look on his face takes the wind out of Danny's sails. Freckles and Fingertips - imaginary_iby - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) Each Moment - thegrrrl2002 - Hawaii Five-0 (2010. "Thank you," Danny says as the waiter arranges the plates on the table--scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage, buttered toast. "Thank you. There are no words for how happy this all makes me.

No words at all. " "Sure. " The waiter gives Danny a confused smile, and slides a plate of french toast over to Steve. "More coffee? " "No, no, I'm good. " Steve snorts. He's not sure what to make of this, of Danny's seeming equanimity. Danny pauses, forkful of pancake halfway to his mouth. "Not as good as you," Steve can't help saying. "That goes without saying. Steve frowns. Danny dips a forkful of sausage into the syrup, then waves his hand at Steve dismissively, dripping syrup onto the table.

Vaguely annoyed, Steve keeps on looking at Danny, deliberate and pointed as he eats his own breakfast. At last, Danny pushes his plates away, leans back and groans. "Are you done? " "Believe me, I would like to, being that you are actually picking up the tab. "Yes, Steve, I am. " Steve shakes his head. "What? " "Comfy? " Hug Ninja - Chapter 1 - esteefee - Hawaii Five-0 (2010.

Chapter Text "What was that? What? " Steve gave him a way too innocent look. "You think I wouldn't notice that? "Well...what can I say? " "I needed a—so explain to me, please, because I'm wondering here—this is what my government spent millions on? Steve's eyes went wide. "Yeah, you think, after—I'm not saying—just, it was a very tough seeing Grace off to the airport, and yes, maybe, maybe I needed a hug, but not some, quick-snatched, super-sly-fast stealth-Ninja hug, thank you very mu—umph. " How did Steve smell so good? "Now that's a hug," Danny mumbled. Steve laughed softly against his hair, and didn't let go.

End. Scared Silly - stellarmeadow - Hawaii Five-0 (2010. Painkillers made it clear - kshvoon - Hawaii Five-0 (2010. Danny hobbled back to his office. He sat down, flexing his arm. He got shot. Again. It was Steve’s fault. Again. He didn’t wait for back-up, even though Danny stated once and again that his knee was not at its best and would rather not attempt to gallop after Steve I-Have-A-Death-Wish McGarrett. Danny shouldn’t even be surprised anymore. So Danny got shot; not to mention the kick to the knee he took before he slammed the perp down and cuffed him. To put it nicely, Danny was fuming. Popping a couple of Advil, he tried settling down to begin the reams of paperwork for the bust. 'Hey Danny, I'm heading to the Governor's office now, she wants a debrief of the case.

Since Danny has been spending nights at Steve’s semi-regularly, they have started coming into work in one car. Five thirty came and went; still no sign of Steve. Steve and Danny fell into bed one drunken night; and had become regular fuck buddies. The next time Danny looked up, it was completely dark outside. “That hurt. Cath. I wanna do right (but not right now) - dogeared - Hawaii Five-0 (2010. Steve's not home. He should be, but he's not—Danny makes a circuit of the first floor, pokes his head upstairs, calls out and knocks on the wall halfheartedly with his knuckles on his way back down when he doesn't find Steve, just in case the goof is hiding somewhere and trying to prove a point, but there's no movement and no answer, and everything stays quiet. He's about to give up—he jingles his keys in his pocket and glances out the back door, scanning the water and not seeing anything there, either, and then Danny nearly has a heart attack when he spots Steve, flat on his back in the grass behind the house.

He's in motion before he's even conscious of it, every single worst-case scenario elbowing for room in his thoughts—maybe Steve had a heart attack, or a stroke, or maybe he got shot, god, did he get shot, is Danny going to get shot? "Did you slice off a digit, Steven? " They do, and it's only a little bit weird, and Danny finally wills his body to calm the fuck down.