Harry Potter fanfiction

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Containing primarily Severitus and Snarry stories.

The_Severus_Snape_Fan_Club from fanfiction.net. The Severus Snape Fan CLub Harry glared at the tall, silky raven-haired potions master for the umteenth time.

The_Severus_Snape_Fan_Club from fanfiction.net

As things at Hogwarts had hit an all time low, the dour potions master wasn't helping matters by his venomous behavior toward him. Still reeling from the sneering comments about his fame from earlier, he stabbed his kidney pie viciously. "Maybe he wouldn't be so glib if he knew what it felt like," Harry muttered. Ducking his head to avoid his narcissistic DADA teacher Gilderoy Lockhart, Harry decided that, for once, he wasn't going to let this pass. A Severus Snape archive.

Interactive - Docs/GoodSnape2. 'Good Snape' is not a 'Square Circle'By H.M.


Ketcham This is an effort toward a defense of the proposition that Severus Snape, Potions Master of Hogwarts, has kept faith with Albus Dumbledore. I am not going to tackle the vexed question of why Professor Snape killed the Headmaster—the theories are many, but the facts will have to wait until Book Seven-- but I will say that if the rest of Snape’s conduct can be shown to be consistently congruent with Dumbledore’s values, principles and goals, perhaps we may infer that even such a shocking death, though a tragedy, may still not be a betrayal.

Ink Stained Fingers - Main Page. Conceivable Visions Chapter 1: Prologue, a Harry Potter fanfic. Conceivable Visions, by Damsel-Most-Horrid.

Conceivable Visions Chapter 1: Prologue, a Harry Potter fanfic

Summary: A drunken one-night-stand leaves Snape pregnant with Lupin's child. Matters are complicated by talk of prediction, prophecy and wizarding saviours, throwing the two old enemies into a mutually despised situation. FictionAlley - Creativity is Magic!