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Hannibal (tv series) fanfiction

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The Strength of Will Graham: He Is Not Broken - Comodo IceDragon.


Will Graham by Amanda Tolleson Freehand digital... - Comodo IceDragon. Lecter's collection. Lecter's collection (Hannibal-# Sorbet This is my favorite scene in...) VERSTECKSPIEL — done 20130629. Vanishing - 9_of_Clubs - Hannibal (TV) It’s something, Will considers, to watch Hannibal come undone, to think, though he already knows, though the scars on his stomach will never allow him to forget, that it is for him and no one else that the other does so.

Vanishing - 9_of_Clubs - Hannibal (TV)

He touches Hannibal for the first time in years, as the waves crash behind them, lifts his hands to meet his face, and finds the eyes, the sometimes cold, sometimes alien, sometimes so achingly human, eyes that glisten back at him. He can hear the faint strums of melodies exploding behind Hannibal’s skin, a level beyond the physical, the vicious joy, the terrible sorrow, never anything half way, they flow through him as Hannibal crumples, as his arms, once so strong, now a shade faded, come up and pull him in, cup his cheek, stroke his hair. "I thought I could survive you. " The words murmur in his ear, carry away with the wind. "Tip my head back and find peace. " "But I have been lost without you. " The ocean washes away their footsteps, vanishes them from the world. VERSTECKSPIEL — done 20130629. And she dreams in the rain., role reversal?! Terrible life choices, Hannibal’s special brand of cruelty.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie I imagine this only could... A Painting of Dr Hannibal Lecter by *jht888 on deviantART. A Painting of Will Graham by *jht888 on deviantART. Nuage. by ~Czaritsa on deviantART. Hannibal - folie a deux by ~Moonlight-Mage-Shiro on deviantART. How did I get here? by ~amidarosa on deviantART. Hannibal NBC - Opposites by ~Eneada on deviantART. Terrible life choices, Sometimes drawing is like ripping a superglue... Will Graham by Amanda Tolleson Freehand digital... Hannibal Lecter by Amanda Tolleson Freehand... Hannibal — ERURI. As ambitious as a toaster, Meta: "Do You See Me Now?"; or, Hannibal's Cruelty and Will's Humanity.

Hannibal. Hannibal Postmortem: Creator Bryan Fuller Answers Our Burning Questions. LOGOSLES (to    honor  you…) Nekosmuse (~Whistle~ Hey! Hannigram peeps! Take a knee!) Devil's Adequate — As Donnie Darko said, THEY (@BryanFuller,... A marriage of true minds. Creative humblemumble, What if….. a sort of AU. First for those who do... Visit Caves of Every Beast - onawingandaswear - Hannibal.

Little fish, big fish, swimming in the water - Jamesina - Hannibal. The Normalisation Condition - emryslecter - Hannibal. Will feels worn and weathered, frayed to an end.

The Normalisation Condition - emryslecter - Hannibal

Sliding into the perspective of a murderer has never been an easy solution; he always retreats with grime still sticking to him, staining his mind and darkening his vision. Sometimes he feels like a small rock, warn smooth from a thick, roiling ocean, and that there is no choice but to hold his ground and ignore the rushing water eroding him. He can do what he likes; he knows that whatever happens the water will keep on roaring until he is whittled down to nothing, a spec of what used to be someone called William Graham, floating in a mire of twisted pleasure.

People disgust him, mainly, and so he keeps his distance. His dogs are so much easier to be with. His own company is less than desirable also. Every day he turns up to work with darker rings around his eyes, and he knows it is only a matter of time before someone takes notice. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo He might as well have been. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ‘Do you simply watch?

Off the Rack - plingo_kat - Hannibal. The card comes in the mail.

Off the Rack - plingo_kat - Hannibal

Given that Will doesn’t usually read his mail, it takes Jack asking before Will realizes anything is happening at all. “What?” He says. “The annual FBI ball,” Jack frowns. “Did you not get an invitation?” Will thinks of the stack of unopened letters sitting on his kitchen counter. Stop Coming To My House - th_esaurus - Hannibal. Will wakes up at 4.16am, pulls off his soaked tee and hangs it by the neck from his door handle.

Stop Coming To My House - th_esaurus - Hannibal

He goes into the bathroom, stares at the face in the mirror, and tries to decide if it's his or someone else's. That's how he can tell if he's dreaming or not, these days. He won't sleep again, now. He thinks about doing the dishes, to pass time. But the sink is empty; the tabletop too. He washes up the dogs' bowls instead. Patitas de gatita, “I don’t think he’s a psychopath. He’s much more... The Aftershave Dilemma - corda_cariora - Hannibal. Will once again stands before the statue of the stag, staring at it intently.

The Aftershave Dilemma - corda_cariora - Hannibal

He sighs, and rubs his palms into his eyes, as if to remove the headache that has been bothering him for the past few hours. Hannibal sits in his arm chair patiently, watching Will. Will turns around suddenly, crosses his arms, eyes flashing down on Hannibal’s shoes. “Did you really smell me because of my aftershave?” Hannibal’s jaw almost drops, but he manages to keep his blank and calm facial expression unchanged. Darkness I Became - Azha - Hannibal. In the Dust and Darkness - Azha - Hannibal. Even in sleep, his talent is a curse that follows at his heels, ferreting out images his consciousness has missed and making connections it never considered.

In the Dust and Darkness - Azha - Hannibal

It’s like a hunting dog that leads him by the noose around his neck, rather than the other way around, and Will often finds himself shaken awake with revelations that leave his bed soaked in sweat-- and sometimes more, to his utter mortification. As of late, though, he’s been more tolerant of his body’s inconvenient demand for rest-- eight whole hours, down the drain -- almost looking forward to it, even. All because of a single recurring dream that started months before. Well, at least he thinks it's recurring. It's a different room or hallway each time, but always the same colorful, frescoed walls that he trails respectful hands over, following the texture of the paint with his fingertips. He has yet to tell Dr. Something inside pulls him to the left, and for once he follows his instincts willingly. Pyrexia - Chapter 1 - solitary_thrush - Hannibal.

Pull - artificer - Hannibal. As he sits in Will’s poorly lit excuse for a kitchen, the table split in shadows it would be too easy to imbue with symbolism, watching Will feast on his secret, Hannibal wonders if some part of him doesn’t want to be caught.

Pull - artificer - Hannibal

If he truly cared for self-preservation, he wouldn’t be here, making a project of Will—good Will, clever Will—who will inevitably find him out sooner or later. There’s only one way this can end; Will can only keep up this cognitive dissonance so long, no matter what trust they build. And with these risks Hannibal is taking—by being here, by trying to siege the forts Will builds around himself—he’s feeding Will the pieces of this puzzle (literally) and pieces of himself (figuratively). My underworld is your liberty - TriffidsandCuckoos - Hannibal (TV), Hannibal Lecter Series - All Media Types.

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my underworld is your liberty - TriffidsandCuckoos - Hannibal (TV), Hannibal Lecter Series - All Media Types

Please consider turning it on! </p> Archive of Our Own beta. Horror and Terror - LuckyDiceKirby - Hannibal. Killing Hobbs felt good.

Horror and Terror - LuckyDiceKirby - Hannibal

Horrifying, terrifying—both from the Latin, horrere and terrere, to fear and to cause fear, respectively—but also undeniably good. After his talk with Hannibal that night, Will goes home and sticks his head in the sink until it feels as though his lungs are going to burst. He thinks, there is a woman impaled on antlers in a field whose lungs have been removed, whose lungs have been eaten, and he sees her, in that moment, through the water stinging his eyes. He sees her, and he thinks: there are some people in this world who deserve to die. The next morning, Hannibal shows up on his doorstep with a slice of ham and cheese quiche, and Will is grateful.

They do not talk about Hobbs. Shooting Stamitz did not feel as good as killing Hobbs did. That is what Will tells himself, because it must be the truth. Just a Little Southern Love Child : Anonymous asked you: OMG I'm totally in love with your Hannigram ficlets (that's how it's called right?) especially the one with possessive!Han. Can you do some more plz? Or with creepy!Han because Hannibal is the defin.

Just a Little Southern Love Child : yumikire asked you: Here to leave you a prompt if that's ok. If not then just delete this I guess lol. Ummm either will sleepwalking to hannibal's office or even just falling asleep on the couch during a session, seeing. The Garden At Midnight - j_gabrielle - Hannibal. It isn’t as if she isn’t aware of what her schoolmates call her; Freaky Reddie Freddie.

The Garden At Midnight - j_gabrielle - Hannibal

Juvenile, immature, yes. If popular culture were to be believed, if those sympathetic celebrities endorsed PSAs were to be taken as gospel, high school will be a lifetime away once she was in college kicking ass and taking names. God, it couldn’t come too soon. Jumping the last two steps of the stairs, she slips into the shadow of the courtyard and into the garden. Tying her mess of red curls back, she keeps to the shade of the trees before ducking behind the statue of an eagle. Fuck if she knew what possessed her to come on this trip. Flicking her lighter, she lit the last of her cigarettes. Freddie couldn’t deny that there was something infinitely beautiful and so very sad about Vienna. . “...old this.” A hushed voice said from a few feet away. Tilting her head, she squinted in the dim lighting and has to bite down on her cheek to stop her making a sound. Hannibalkink: PROMPT POST 1 [TV SHOW] We're all the death you need - epistolic - Hannibal.

Pressing - kmmerc - Hannibal. Proserpina - SharpestRose - Hannibal Lecter Series - All Media Types, Hannibal (TV), Hannibal Rising (2007. It is always winter, where Hannibal lives. The snow is never black, not even at night, because out in the woods the stars and moon are bright, so bright. The snow is never black but the woods are, the branches are. The trees are black and they loom, and smell like the cold. It was the smell of the desolate snowy winter that gave Chanel Number Five its particular piquant edge. One of her lovers was Russian nobility, cast out into the world by genocide and war, and he remembered that smell. The simple machinations of boat motors - scarecrowes - Hannibal (TV), Hannibal Lecter Series - All Media Types. “Tell me what you want, please.”

Hannibal’s question is an urgent one, tucked inside his quiet voice and oddly curled words. Will is shaking under the hands pressed neatly to his waist. But that’s normal. It takes concentrated effort to keep himself from trembling in how he’s overwhelmed - and he isn’t concentrating. Not on that. Will opens his mouth to answer the question, chokes. “I’d r-rather know what you want.” Distractions - Beguile (edgetheow) - Hannibal (TV), Hannibal Lecter Series - All Media Types. Will pats down the pockets of his jacket. “Lost something?” Hannibal asks. “Do you have any aspirin?” “You don’t have any?” Hannibalkink: PROMPT POST 1 [TV SHOW] Hannibal by ~aelur on deviantART.

Hannibal by ~Moonlight-Mage-Shiro on deviantART. The Devil and the Teacup by *KaytlynES on deviantART. Ohfreckle, Yeah, who thinks that Hannibal really is asleep? I... ORB01. I ship therefore I am. Dine with Mads Mikkelsen, TV's New 'Hannibal' // where clouds of napalm shimmer // MADMATICS. Gunmetal & gunpowder. Hannibalkink: PROMPT POST 1 [TV SHOW] Hannibalkink: PROMPT POST 1 [TV SHOW] Hands Off My Mongoose - j_gabrielle - Hannibal. The first time, (not that he knew it) happens when a neighbour claims to have seen something through the closed blinds of her windows.

Although Will honestly doubts that, a pointed look from Jack has him going over to her. “Well, hello there sugar.” She says. Her breath is tinged with evidence of prolonged alcohol abuse, and her perfume is cloying and sharp. Her countenance tells him three things – bored housewife, having a string of affairs, two of her children are not her husband’s. It is as he thought; she knows nothing and no DA worth their salt would even think of making her a witness. “You look worn out, sugar.” Curio - tisonlyaname - Hannibal (TV), Hannibal Lecter Series - All Media Types.

Hannibalkink: PROMPT POST 1 [TV SHOW] Hannibalkink: PROMPT POST 1 [TV SHOW] Cthonical. Hannibalkink: PROMPT POST 1 [TV SHOW] That boy is a monster - Randstad - Hannibal. I don't dream of sleeping - Gnilnim27 - Hannibal. A little death around the eyes - stelladown - Hannibal. Southwood Plantation Road - without_a_license - Hannibal. For such a large space, Hannibal's office seems to get smaller every time Will enters it.

The walls act like an extension of the man, gentling turning around Will, getting closer and closer with each rotation. Hannibal is wearing a sky-blue tie and shirt today, reinforcing the association. Will runs his hand along a shelf, rubbing the little collection of dust between his fingers. "What brings you here today, Will. " Hannibal is behind him at the moment, but Will can picture his carved cheekbones, the way he turns his head as he fails to end the sentence with a question mark. "It happened again. Will presses his fingers to his brow bones now and drops into a chair, bracing himself on his knees. "The things you expect of yourself, and the things Jack expects of you, are beyond what either of you would expect from another person.

"I…I don't know. "And your sanity is the cost? " "Maybe. Hannibal slaps his hand down on a book and looks up. "Then you shall sleep with me! " "Will. Bon Appetit Dr.Hannibal Lecter & Will Graham ©... Syncope - eigengrau - Hannibal. Will is swaying on his feet, reeling like a drunk as he paces the room. The office at FBI headquarters that is serving as the base of operations for their current investigation is sweltering hot, windowless and un-airconditioned. It is night, but the summer heat has leaked into everything and it is stifling.

Hannibal has even removed the jacket of his pale linen suit, shirtsleeves rolled up to elbows as he watches Will wear a hole in the floor. The cork board wall stretches up and looks endless, tacked with photos and notes and strings. It's a terrible cliche, the map of murder victims, clues sloppily speared through with thumbtacks. Will's in a t-shirt, his button down thrown haphazardly over the back of a chair. The danger is i'm dangerous - postcardmystery - Hannibal. Shivers (through your soul) - lincesque - Hannibal. Sacrament - Saucery - Hannibal.

Red Dragon Slash Fiction. There's beauty in your venom - postcardmystery - Hannibal Lecter Series - All Media Types, Hannibal (TV Series. Warrior - becks - Hannibal (TV), Red Dragon - Thomas Harris. You'll only see my reflection - ohfreckle - Hannibal.