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INVIYA® - Indorama Industries Limited

INVIYA® - The new freedom fibre™, is all about Freedom of Movement. INVIYA® spandex is the most technologically advanced, hi-tech polymer fibre which is redefining the fashion world. INVIYA® spandex fibre is new age spandex polymer with applications expanding across Stretch Denim, Sportswear, Active Wear, Bottom Wear, Intimate Garments, Innerwear, Socks, Hygiene and Surgical & Medical Applications.

What are the medical uses of Spandex yarn? Undoubtedly, Spandex Fabric has turned out to be a major trendsetter in the garment industry across the world with its unique features and qualities.

What are the medical uses of Spandex yarn?

Even though it is an artificial fiber, the applications and uses of the same have crossed all expectations and is also considered as an important aspect in the apparel markets. The applicability of the Spandex Fabric across different ranges of the apparel types like sports, casual wear, and most importantly, even the medical field. Inviya Spandex for Cotton Knit Fabric. What makes a quality pair of Denim? Quality pairs of denim shouldn’t just look luxurious but feel luxurious too.

What makes a quality pair of Denim?

We can’t deny the fact that there is no specific element, which upgrades the quality of the denim, but the composition of quality denim relies upon the components used and the quality of components. As a consumer, it’s always better to invest in premium denim wear. It not merely offers a deluxe denim experience but will be long-lasting too. Wondering what makes a quality pair of denim? The Stretch Factor If you are seeking a form-fitting comfort with utmost mobility, then bank on the stretch denim. Inviya Spandex Fabric for Versatile Uses. Why is Spandex so expensive? Elastane must debase over the long run and at a higher rate than the filaments that house it, for example, polyester or nylon, so it pays to care for it.

Why is Spandex so expensive?

Elastane debases over the long haul and at a higher rate than the filaments that house it, for example, polyester or nylon, so it pays to take care of it. The actual reason is a blend of different points: Above all else, the old adventure of the organic market. Four-way stretch metallic spandex isn’t what worldwide mass business sectors are after, neither RTW makers nor home sewing industry. At that point the expenses of merchandise and work. Furthermore, you have different generally scenes in foreign nations that hinder some or another reflected in the value: Import tariffs, VAT, mass buying power, a market size that is as much material to texture concerning virtually all the other things.

Spandex Fibre for Activewear. Inviya Spandex for Shapewear. Inviya Core Spun Yarn Manufacturer. Inviya Polyester Stretch yarn. Stretch Denim Fabric for Perfect Fit. Do athletic spandex socks make a difference to performance? Surprising though it may seem, athletic spandex socks can pose the same difference as a rightly selected pair of shoes can.

Do athletic spandex socks make a difference to performance?

Let’s try to understand this way; an athlete running with blisters caused by wrongly selected socks, will he be able to perform his best? Certainly not! We generally ignore socks without even contemplating how much difference they can make to our performance. Unusual Ways to use Spandex Fabric. The use of artificial fibers for making all types of garments is increasing at an alarming rate with every passing day.

Unusual Ways to use Spandex Fabric

The upgrades which are made to these kinds of artificial fibers make them appear more evolved and molded into a shape that suits every aspect and occasion. Such fabrics come with many advantages for the user, which are obviously the better versions than the previous ones. Spandex fabrics are one of the best examples of this, which has evolved as a major fabric to be used in almost all kinds of garments and suitable for different occasions.

Is spandex the same as neoprene? Spandex and neoprene have a link from historical times.

Is spandex the same as neoprene?

The invention of spandex (Lycra) dates back to 1959 in Virginia. Neoprene is a form of synthetic rubber. Spandex in swimwear fabrics. We know that swimming is a competitive sport and a calming hobby.

Spandex in swimwear fabrics

Swimwear should be comfortable as well as functional to retain the competitive and calming nature of swimming. It is rightly so because it is the quality of costume of any sport that largely influences the experience. Inviya Spandex: The Best spandex for Socks and stockings manufacturing. Socks Socks have changed from being just a clothing to keep us warm to a new fashion trend in this era.

Inviya Spandex: The Best spandex for Socks and stockings manufacturing.

You can find socks be worn as an accessory to compliment a dress/suit worn or to grab all the attention directly. No matter how you perceive their use to be or actually wear them, you always want them to be really comfortable and to fit you properly because you literally live in them the whole day. Socks having INVIYA® hosiery yarn in them not only stretches to give you a perfect fit but also that soft feel and comfort, so you can feel the freedom of movement all day. Also INVIYA® makes your socks more durable and helps to retain its original shape, so you don’t have to part with your favorite pair too soon. The 10 Most Comfortable Denim that Offers Overarching Confidence & Energy. It is a common picture of the present time that consumers favor informal,comfortable yet stylish clothing.

The 10 Most Comfortable Denim that Offers Overarching Confidence & Energy

Denim offers simply solaces and magnificence to endure a rigorous lifestyle. Owing to the associated comfort and diversity, it is the most considered piece of clothing today. Denim spandex has also been in trend for the past decade. Various spandex manufacturers are producing and adding spandex material to various renowned brands across the states. Why is there a trend towards adding Spandex material to so many clothing brands in the US? The US is one of the biggest apparel markets at a global level and the home for many popular fashion and apparel brands.

Why is there a trend towards adding Spandex material to so many clothing brands in the US?

The evolution of a material like Spandex has overturned the industry, which soon became a trendsetter in the US market. The popular brands started using Spandex Fabric in different ways to produce new and updated designs. There were so many reasons behind the popularity of Spandex in the US market, which made it crucial for the other brands to adapt to the Spandex range of clothing and garments serving different occasions. Less or No Piling. Spandex in Shapewear Fabrics. In recent times, shapewear has gained a lot of popularity. As a garment, it works like magic when it comes to giving your body a toned look. Shapewear generally contains Nylon and Spandex as the primary fabrics, with Nylon at a higher percentage owing to its strength and stretchability. Both these fabrics are synthetic and hold some overlapping and unique properties. Inviya Spandex : The Consummate Spandex for Knit Fabric. Cotton Spandex Denim - The Demand Of Changing Fashion Era.

Freedom Fiber Manufacturer. Popular Winter Fashion Trends of 2020. Towards the end, every year brings a fresh collection of designs and shapewear for the aspiring folks to flaunt in the chilling winters. So it did this year. From the neutral color combination to numerous bright shades, spandex fiber wear has been popular among fashion lovers for a perfect fit. Let me walk you through the most popular winter fashion trends: PU Leather Coats Affordability is a major benefit of wearing PU leather coats. PU leather coats are lightweight which are easier to pack for travel or wear as everyday attire. 2. The last couple of seasons have been a shred of evidence for a change, even if it means a little extra tugging and arranging.

If you wish to have a fresh look at the western trend, consider tucking relaxed denim into cowboy boots and try to finish off the appearance with a jean jacket and printed neckerchief. 3. Inviya Fibre. Spandex in Denim Fabric. INVIYA® Premium Spandex Fibre Manufacturer. Spandex: The Best Workout Material for Active Wear Performances – Inviya Fibre.

The right activewear can work wonders for your training and performance. It is an essential tool for efficient training and reaching your goals faster. With so many technicalities involved it is often tricky and confusing to choose right training apparel. It’s not just about fashion or looking good — it’s also about fit and performance. Spandex or elastane, a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity is stronger and more durable than rubber. It can be stretched repeatedly and still recover to very near its original length and shape, making it perfect for active wear material. Generally, it can be stretched more than 500% without breaking and is lightweight, soft, smooth, supple. Stolid Spandex and It's Features. Spandex has become integral part of modern day clothing among young population all over the world.

Indian demographics having a low median age has been embracing spandex with open arms and Indian industry has been registering annual growth of over 9% since past 10 years. This trend is expected to continue with new living and working norms, induced by COVID-19. Why is the heat-set of knit fabric important? Why do we relax nit fabric before the heat setting?

Why Heat Set is important? Stretch Chrome Fabric and Role of Spandex in It. “Stretch Chrome Fabric”, this may be the new term which you have come across today but this fabric is used in fashion and automotive industry from a fairly long period of time. Spandex the best stretch fabric for shape wear. SPANDEX the best shapewear ever Shapewear makes you look and feel confident instantly without doing too much. Top 10 Style tips to look stylish yet professional while working from home. The ever increasing cases of this rampant pandemic has pushed back the work from office days for now. Working from home is the new normal which, let’s be real, we have welcomed with open arms. Comparison of Spandex with Rubber. Spandex used in Leotards. Your Clothes should be Friends to your skin, they should have balance of fit and at the same time it should provide the person Freedom.

Top Ten Reasons your Clothes Should Include Spandex – Inviya Fibre. Active Intimate Wear & its Unpredictable Evolution. Intimate wear is a category of secondary garments which are worn underneath our usual garments by both men and women. Their main purpose is to provide support, body comfort and protect the garments from bodily fluids. But the change in societal awareness and exposure has led to the evolution of intimate wear beyond its usual set role. What is a Cotton Spandex knit? Knitting is the interlacement of loops which are done through mostly circular knitting machine. Cotton, Polyester, Nylon & other blended yarns are used for the interlacement activity for making the knitted fabric. 6 facts about Air covered Yarn you need to know – Inviya Fibre.

The fashion industry is ever-growing, and new changes are made every day in the trends. The most noticeable changes are, however, at the bottom level; i.e., the yarn. Spandex: The answer to reusable affordable masks to fight COVID-19 – Inviya Fibre. Are stretchable jeans good for summer since they contain spandex? Let's Fight it Together!!! Types Of Stretch Denim Fabrics Based On Female Body Types. Spandex- the Best Fabric for Activewear - INVIYA® The New Freedom Fiber. Read the Comparison of Spandex with Rubber. Learn how INVIYA Spandex yarn make Your Active Intimate Wear Comfortable? Inviya , The Best Manufacturing of Cotton Spandex Stretch Denim Fabric.

ENSURE QUALITY SPANDEX YARN PRODUCTION - INVIYA. Know Why Spandex Yarn Makes the Clothing Flexible & Comfortable ! 9 Fantastic Ways to Tie a Scarf Knot & Look Gorgeous. Fashion Trends 2020 Runway – Inviya Fibre. Usage of Spandex Stretch Cotton Fabric for Making Trousers - Inviya. Best Inviya Spandex Fiber for Swim-Wear. Know more that How Compression wear Fabric make your Outfit more Comfortable. Superior Quality Cotton Hosiery Yarn Manufacturers for Socks & Leggings.

Get the Best Quality Spandex Activewear Fabric Suppliers - INVIYA. Quality Stretch Denim Fabric Used By INVIYA for more Comfort. Usage of Polyester Spandex Fabric & Elastane Fibre for Perfect Shape of Garments - Inviya. Core Spun Yarn Manufacturers India. Trends you need to watch out for This Spring! – Inviya Fibre. Holiday Dressing Guide for Winter – Inviya Fibre. INVIYA® being showcased at GARKNIT.

Use of Spandex in Bandage. Fashion 101: Our favorite Spandex Dresses – Inviya. Active Intimate Wear & its Unpredictable Evolution in Lifestyle. Use of Spandex in Bandage. Glimpse of Inviya at Yarnex Tirupur 2019. 5 Contemporary Saree Styles to Adorn this Year – Inviya Fibre. Comparison of Spandex with Rubber - All You Need to Know. Himachal Pradesh Environment Leadership Award 2018-19 INVIYA. Stretch Chrome Fabric and Role of Spandex in It. 9 Top Ways to Tie a Scarf and Revamp Your Outfit - INVIYA. How will INVIYA help you?

I was Born Free, My Clothes Chained Me. Your Guide to Perfect Spandex Swimwear Suits- Inviya Fibre. Package winding conditions in Air Covered Yarn. Evolution of Suiting From Rigid Garment to Flexible Using Spandex Fiber. Role of Spandex in Diapers. Spandex - Journey from An Alternative to An Essential. Know More About Knitted Fabrics Defects.


Yarnex - Tirupur - 2018. Types Of Circular Knitting Machines You Must Know. Role of Spandex in Compression Wear. Spandex. Spandex Dry Spinning Method. Role of Spandex in Triathlon Suits. Different Segments Where Spandex Has Ventured Into. The Newest Category of Garments Made from Core Spun Yarn is "Compression Wear" Spandex Fiber.