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The mental health benefits of expressive writing. September 26, 2019 Mental Health Writing helps us learn, process and in some cases, it can be highly therapeutic as it benefits our physical and psychological health.

The mental health benefits of expressive writing

Expressive writing can be extremely helpful for those in recovery from a mental health disorder, addiction, or co-occurring conditions as it enables a person to be able to express their thoughts creatively and freely. Further, it allows a person to process their thoughts and experiences. Expressive writing has been in use as a therapeutic medium for at least the past 20 years.

How does it work? This initial idea of expressive writing was developed by Dr. He created a basic writing paradigm that asked participants to write for 15 minutes each day for four consecutive days. The main idea was to focus on writing about feelings rather than events, memories, objects, or people. How does it help? Expressive writing can cause initial short-term negative reactions. Other social and behavioral improvements include: Mental health treatment center, Mental health help. September 17, 2019 Addiction Mental Health Substance Abuse How many times have we heard the phrase “think positively?”

Mental health treatment center, Mental health help

The power of positive thinking is endorsed by motivational speakers, religious leaders, teachers, as well as our parents. If we think positively, good things will eventually happen to us. This belief was further examined by Gabrielle Oettingen, a professor of psychology at New York University and the University of Hamburg. Based on the principles of mental contrasting, Oettingen focused on how we think about the future and how that impacts cognition, emotion, and behavior. From what she highlighted in her book, if we think positively, we are hoping for the best and no particular action is required. Detox treatment center, detox treatment rehabs. Detox treatment center, alcohol detox and rehab programs.

September 13, 2019 Addiction Alcohol According to the 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), nearly 140.6 million people aged 12 years and above were current users of alcohol.

Detox treatment center, alcohol detox and rehab programs

Chronic abusers of alcohol are at an increased risk of developing cirrhosis, a life-threatening condition in which liver function is impaired. The symptoms of cirrhosis are caused by a buildup of scar tissue in the damaged liver. As the liver receives continuous injuries, it attempts to heal itself, but the large number of scars hinders its ability to heal or function. Detox treatment centers, detox treatment rehabs. September 12, 2019 Addiction Substance Abuse The number of people dealing with substance use disorder (SUD) in the U.S. is staggering.

Detox treatment centers, detox treatment rehabs

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), in 2017, 19.7 million American individuals aged 12 years or older struggled with an SUD. Therefore, it is pertinent that people dealing with addiction receive timely and appropriate treatment. Mental health treatment center, Mental health services. September 10, 2019 Mental Health If you have found yourself operating at a million miles an hour every day for your job and feel stressed, you aren’t alone.

Mental health treatment center, Mental health services

Much of today’s American workforce is dealing with work-related stress caused by a number of factors which lead to a multitude of problems. The American Institute of Stress has found that 40 percent of workers reported their jobs to be very or extremely stressful while 25 percent said they felt they were often or very often burned out or stressed out by their work. Evolving past stigmas and providing more care options. September 06, 2019 Mental Health An estimated 46.6 million Americans, about one in every five adults, suffer from a diagnosable mental illness in any given year.

Evolving past stigmas and providing more care options

People suffering from mental health disorders have long endured the stigma which has sadly been attached to it. However, attitudes are slowly changing thanks to the surge in social media campaigns and increased awareness about the same. News and information are at everyone’s fingertips, educating people and changing mentalities. Detox treatment centers, Substance abuse treatment rehabs, Addiction treatment program. September 05, 2019 Addiction Substance Abuse Business professionals dealing with a substance use disorder (SUD) are more common than one might think.

Detox treatment centers, Substance abuse treatment rehabs, Addiction treatment program

However, very few of them allow it to come to the fore. Career-focused professionals typically have the intelligence and critical thinking skills to hide their addiction from family members and co-workers. Mindfulness therapy works to successfully rewire brain during addiction recovery. September 04, 2019 Addiction After habitual substance abuse, studies have shown that the brain actually rewires itself to accommodate the addiction, relying less on normal “rewards” in life and more on the drug.

Mindfulness therapy works to successfully rewire brain during addiction recovery

This is why many substance-addicted individuals tend to value nothing more in life other than the substance that they are dependent on. However, a recent article published in the journal Neuroscience and Bio behavioral Reviews revealed that not only the substance itself, but addictive behaviors can also rewire the brain over time. Just like an addictive substance teaches the mind how to become dependent on it, the experience of the drug itself and the behaviors associated with it also impact habitual cognitive patterns in the brain.

How exercise can improve mental health. September 03, 2019 Mental Health It is well-known that exercise can help improve a person’s health for a number of reasons.

How exercise can improve mental health

But it isn’t just good for the heart; it’s also good for the mind. It has been found that regular exercise and physical activity can help improve a person’s mental health. Benefits of different forms of therapy. August 30, 2019.

Benefits of different forms of therapy

History written in Oklahoma; pharma giant Johnson & Johnson fined $572m for its role in opioid crisis. August 29, 2019 Addiction Substance Abuse In a landmark ruling, Judge Thad Balkman of Cleveland County District Court in Norman, Oklahoma has ordered pharmaceutical giants Johnson & Johnson to pay $572 million for its role in aggravating the opioid crisis in the state. This was the first lawsuit which went on a seven-week trial amongst several others filed against drug manufacturers and distributors for their role in aggravating the opioid crisis. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 218,000 people have lost their lives due to prescription opioids from 1999 to 2017.

The dark cloud behind the silver lining; heroin’s downfall is due to fentanyl’s rising popularity. August 29, 2019 Addiction Substance Abuse Heroin is one of the deadliest opioids in the U.S. during the early 1960s. Cities like Baltimore and Portland reeled under the crime and chaos fueled by the drug. However, it has been observed that despite heroin’s long-standing history in the Eastern Seaboard and in some parts of the Midwest, the presence of the drug is gradually diminishing. Even New York City, the drug distribution capital of the country, has seen a lesser quantity of heroin in 2018-2019 as compared to the previous years. The “real” reason behind heroin’s disappearance. Study shows new physical factors that affect mental health of city dwellers. August 23, 2019 Mental Health All that glitter is not gold. Blinded by the glitz and glamour of city life, one tends to ignore the various physical and mental risks they are exposed to.

According to experts from different governmental organizations, people living in big cities have almost 40 percent higher risk of developing depression and twice the risk of developing schizophrenia than their rural counterparts. Tips to overcome mental health stigma. August 19, 2019. Over 400 genes associated with schizophrenia discovered. August 13, 2019 Mental Health In one of the largest studies carried out so far, comprising of more than 100,00 people, scientists at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have identified nearly 413 genetic associations of schizophrenia.

The researchers located these associations by applying a novel machine learning methodology and found them to be true across 13 regions of the brain. Published in the journal Nature Genetics, the study explored gene expression at the tissue level and facilitated recognition of novel genes linked to schizophrenia. Further, it also helped determine the regions of the brain where abnormal expressions may be developing. Schizophrenia is a debilitating disorder, one of the major reasons for disability worldwide.

Novel transcriptomic imputation technique used. Patients with manic BD add an increased risk for cardiovascular autonomic dysfunction. After 30 long years, deaths due to drug overdose finally dips in the U.S. August 08, 2019. NQF, BCBS release practical guidelines extending MAT for opioid use disorder. August 07, 2019. Are postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression different? July 26, 2019. Marijuana addiction linked to specific gene; study to help in identification and treatment. July 26, 2019. Antidepressants cause withdrawal; Psychiatrists sound warning bells. July 24, 2019. Researchers explore patients’ brain as they try to quit opioids. July 24, 2019.

Exposure to trauma impacts ability to suppress unwanted emotional memories. Can marijuana overdose lead to death? Coroner says yes, experts say no. July 05, 2019. Top 5 mental health issues college students face. September 25, 2019. Life saver turns into life taker – Ohio doctor charged for 25 counts of murder. International Father’s Mental Health Day – The need to celebrate fathers. LGBTQ Pride Month – Traveling with safety and pride as an LGBTQ. Death due to overdose and addiction at an all-time high in the U.S.

Mental Health Awareness Month – Tips to handle FOMO - the fear of missing out. US government needs to step up its fight against fentanyl epidemic. Mental Health Awareness Month: Mental health disorders – no longer a taboo, finds survey. War on opioids: First-ever criminal charges against pharma distribution company. A check of $33,000 sent to a man with addiction by his insurer. The final payment - his life. New Mexico plans to decriminalize marijuana starting July 2019. Social anxiety disorder linked to alcoholism, finds study. Significant ruling against health insurer for denying health care to mental health and addiction patients. Top 5 jobs for people struggling with social anxiety.

Women working for long hours are more susceptible to depression, says study. Tips to beat travel anxiety. Holistic approach may help prevent prescription drug abuse, suggests study. Mental health patients in UK and US face similar lack of treatment options. Excessive drinking could alter DNA triggering alcohol cravings, says new study - Invictus Health Group. Dealing with high-functioning depression - Invictus Health Group. HNC Virtual Solutions offers technology-leveraged solution for opioid abuse - Invictus Health Group. CBD and its budding popularity in the world of marijuana addiction - Invictus Health Group. How does the human body behave when one stops drinking? - Invictus Health Group. Parent prep important for hungover parenting, says report - Invictus Health Group.

Women with cirrhosis are not receiving alcohol abuse treatment, says study - Invictus Health Group. Coping with traumaversary - Invictus Health Group. Opioid overdose death rates likely to rise sharply in coming years - Invictus Health Group. FDA to hold first public hearings on CBD regulation in April - Invictus Health Group. MHPAEA leads to increased spending on outpatient substance abuse treatment - Invictus Health Group. Federal regulations restrict doctors from prescribing addiction medications - Invictus Health Group. Is it nervousness or chronic anxiety? How risk taking behavior impacts mental health. Destigmatizing mental illness: Theo leads the way for depressed sportsmen.

How risk taking behavior impacts mental health. Illinois bill seeks valid IDs for procuring prescription opioids. School teachers receive training to decipher trauma symptoms. Aurora man gets 55 years in prison for killing teen over marijuana. How Risk-Taking Behavior Impacts Mental Health. Mental Disorders Leading Cause of Illness in Children, Says Study. Mental Disorders Leading Cause of Illness in Children, Says Study. Authorities seek more state funding for SUD treatment in NY prisons. Prisons to Drug Courts: Opting for better life. Mental Disorders Leading Cause of Illness in Children, Says Study. Organs from overdose-death donors can prevent organ shortage, says study.

Need of the hour is creating awareness about postpartum anxiety. Crush the Epidemic: Youth becomes change agent after recovery from addiction. Devising key coping strategies when living with spouse with bipolar disorder. Prevent depression before it acquires a chronic form. Flu can increase chance of suffering from anxiety. Opioid epidemic kills more people than firearms, suggests CDC data. Mental Disorders Leading Cause of Illness in Children, Says Study. President Trump’s initiative to stop opioid abuse and reduce drug supply and demand: Scale up access to recovery support services to fight opioid abuse – Part III.

Mental disorders can be risk factors for smartphone addiction. 5 tips to help you zero in on the best drug detox center. Mental Disorders Leading Cause of Illness in Children, Says Study. Long-term depression causes inflammation in key brain regions, shows CAMH study. Exploring treatments for heroin addiction. Emergence of new neurons responsible for relapse of conditioned response to fear. President Donald J. Trump’s initiative to stop opioid abuse and reduce drug supply and demand: Cutoff the supply of illicit drugs by implanting stringent laws – Part II. Every extra glass of wine or pint of beer takes you closer to death, says study. Alcohol can impair interoceptive accuracy in men, finds study. Will HB 456 finally rip the ‘Zion curtain’? Mental Health Disorders Treatment Texas.