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Investigation Hotline

Investigation Hotline is a private investigation and detective agency headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

What Does a Civil Investigator Do? Investigation Hotline helps to prevent and thwart the types of activity provided in this informational blog post.

What Does a Civil Investigator Do?

Call Investigation Hotline for a free consultation to preserve your rights and keep you informed. We Serve and Protect the public interest and we provide no-nonsense real world facts. Our reputation depends on it! A civil investigator, also referred to as a domestic investigator, is a private investigator who specializes in their client’s personal matters. The most common types of jobs that a civil investigator will engage in include marital issues, divorce, child custody battles, child support disputes, child abuse cases, domestic abuse cases, caregivers background checks, stalking and other family-related issues.

Marital Issues & Divorce Civil investigators often engage in jobs related to marital issues and divorce, which run rampant in today’s society. Domestic Abuse. How Has Technology Advanced Private Investigator Surveillance? With the evolution of technology, the landscape of a private investigator’s processes, techniques and particularly surveillance have changed drastically.

How Has Technology Advanced Private Investigator Surveillance?

A PI will engage in surveillance for a myriad of cases including anything from a missing persons case to proving infidelity. Technology plays a major role in surveillance, enabling a PI to effectively and efficiently gather and document important information that is pertinent to their client and the case. The following are ways in which technology has advanced the scope and the efficiency of private investigator surveillance: Concealed cameras. Do Dating Apps Enable Cheating? Unfortunately, with the development of social media, cheating has become more common and easier to get away with.

Do Dating Apps Enable Cheating?

Most people have their devices on them at all times, and use it in every aspect of their lives. With our phones always at our fingertips, temptation can be hard to ignore when social media and dating apps are plentiful. There are many dating (or cheating) apps available, with more emerging every day, that allow anyone with an android and iOS device to search for strangers to chat with, flirt with and even to meet up with.

A recent study by HighSpeedInternet has reported that as many as one in four people use dating apps to cheat. Apps such as Tinder and PlentyOfFish in particular have seen millions and millions of patrons, many single, but many in so-called “committed relationships”. 46% of people reported using multiple dating apps simultaneously to cheat on their significant other. Private Investigators in Toronto Scamming the Public. How much does it cost when a investigative company rips you off?

Private Investigators in Toronto Scamming the Public

In the private investigation industry, Investigation Hotline has noticed all sorts of abuse relating to Google Reviews. Missing Persons and Private Investigators. One of a private investigator’s most common type of work is locating missing persons.

Missing Persons and Private Investigators

These cases require a significant amount of time, dedication and resources, and often times a private investigator will not rest until they locate the individual. A PI may be called in to locate next-of-kin, insurance claimants and those avoiding creditors, alimony or child support payments. A missing person may have merely moved down the street from their last known address or they may have moved across the world and changed their name. While some individuals may be harder to find than others, a PI is unlikely to turn down any challenge. What is Ransomware and Why Should You Be Cautious? Although this article goes into detail about what ransomware is and how it can be identified and prevented, it is important to point out that there are numerous benefits to contacting a private investigator for education, prevention, or to assess a potential threat.

What is Ransomware and Why Should You Be Cautious?

What is Insurance Fraud? Many people believe that insurance fraud is committed by hardened criminals who invent elaborate schemes to steal money.

What is Insurance Fraud?

However, insurance fraud is more common than people may think and is often committed by regularly law-abiding citizens. Insurance contracts are in place to protect individuals against risk and to assist in worst-case scenarios. However, some people use it, intentionally or unintentionally, to bring personal wealth. While seemingly minor, these acts can come in the form of a purposely omitted detail or an exaggeration of the truth while filing an insurance claim. Insurance fraud can be defined as an illegal act by either the buyer or seller of an insurance contract. Identifying Emotional Infidelity. Before diving into emotional infidelity and the havoc it can bestow on a relationship, we want to point out that it is always best to try to repair your relationship.

Identifying Emotional Infidelity

Take actions to better yourself and your partner before resorting further recourse that may end your relationship. Emotional infidelity occurs when one partner has feelings for and shares emotions with someone outside of their relationship, and because of this, they become emotionally unavailable and their primary relationship consequently suffers. Because emotional infidelity often does not include physical touch, many do not consider it to be a form of cheating. However, it involves the partner maintaining an intimate relationship outside of their committed relationship, which by definition is considered cheating. Because emotional infidelity is not physical or sexual in nature, it is not as easily recognizable. Are they constantly in communication with someone else?

Personal Data Protection. At Investigation Hotline, we take your security and best interest seriously.

Personal Data Protection

If you have any questions or concerns about this informational blog or any others we may have posted, contact Investigation Hotline Canada Inc today. Data protection has become of utmost importance with recent societal and technological developments (particularly due to the mainstream adoption of the internet). Because personal data has become so accessible due to these developments, stealing this data has become more lucrative and even easier for criminals to do. Criminals stand to gain from your personal information, and the consequences of having this personal information stolen can be devastating emotionally, financially and even physically. Personal data can be defined as any information that can directly or indirectly identify a person, including name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, financial information, photographs, identification numbers, vehicle registrations, IP addresses, etc.

Is My Partner Using Facebook ... to Cheat? During these times of turmoil due to COVID-19, people are quarantined and fighting boredom much more than usual.

Is My Partner Using Facebook ... to Cheat?

As such, many people are looking for excitement and action outside of the home. Social media can be a great platform for those looking to cheat. Facts You May Not Know About Cheating. We are communication experts and encourage couples to talk and work out their differences. In a perfect world, we would not need to investigate infidelity because it would not exist. We would prefer that you do not need our services and that you repair any relationship issues to create the happiest life possible for yourselves. Investigation Hotline understands that we are all struggling through hard times with COVID-19. Tensions and nerves are higher than usual and people are being forced to quarantine inside of their homes. This can create tension and stress within relationships with the ones that you are the closest to. Records Research and Private Investigators. During these unprecedented times where the world is faced with COVID-19, health and safety have been placed at the forefront of our concerns.

As a result, many businesses have had to pause and either temporarily close or adapt to the circumstances. While many people are currently sheltering in place or maintaining social distancing, you may wonder how a private investigator continues to operate in these difficult times. One way a PI continues to work is through vigorous research, particularly records research.

Three core competencies of investigative work are surveillance, interviews and records research, and while not all cases will necessarily involve surveillance or interviews, it will undoubtedly involve some form of research. Protecting Yourself from Phishing Scams During COVID-19. Since the emergence of COVID-19, the world has changed dramatically. While you worry about the safety and health of yourself and your loved ones, you shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of your online activity. Unfortunately, hackers are working from home just like the rest of us, and they are working hard to fool you. Why Do People Cheat? How Does a Private Investigator Find a Person of Interest? A private investigator may be called upon to help a client find a missing person for many reasons, whether it be searching for a lost family member, friend, spouse or even an adoptee or birth parents.

A PI has many tools in his or her proverbial tool belt for finding missing persons and use several different tactics while doing so. While it may look glamorous and easy on television and in blockbuster movies, searching for a missing person requires a lot of heavy lifting through research. As a matter of fact, Investigation Hotline receives lots of missing persons and financial services requests that we must research and investigate thoroughly. To get their search started, a client should disclose every piece of information they have on the person of interest (POI), which could be as simple as a name or as valuable as a past address. Professions Most Likely to Cheat. Being the victim of an unfaithful partner is difficult. It’s emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically and financially damaging. When Should I Hire a Private Investigator? Maybe you’ve seen a private investigator on television or have heard a friend talk about hiring one.

Social Media Scams. Working from Home: Ensuring Security Outside the Office. Here at Investigation Hotline, we are conducting business as usual with a few modifications. However, are you, like millions of others across the globe, currently working from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic? 12 Female Cheating Facts. Investigation Hotline Rapidly Becoming the Most Sought-After Private Investigation Team in Ontario. The company has over 30 years of industry experience and boasts an impressive five-star rating. Investigation Hotline’s Differentiated Approach and Client Fan Base. How Investigation Hotline Positively Impacts Our Community.

Over the past thirty years, Investigation Hotline has made lifetime bonds and friendships with highly satisfied clients all over the world. I’m Fighting for Custody of my Children: Should I Hire a Private Investigator? Child custody cases can be very emotional and difficult for all parties involved. Whatever the reason may be for the relationship ending, situations become much more difficult when children are involved. Many factors come into play in a child custody battle and details become very important. Cheating Signs So Subtle, You Just Might Miss Them. They say that your gut is like your second brain, and if your gut is talking to you, you should listen. Sometimes when you are in a relationship, your gut sends you warning signals that something is off or that something has changed. How Your Business Benefits From Hiring A Professional Private Investigation Agency. Could Your Business Benefit from a PI? Using Tech to Catch a Cheater in the Act. Beware of Smishing! Who’s More Likely to Cheat?

Has COVID-19 Affected Your Mental Health? What is a Pyramid Scheme? 10 Cheating Red Flags You May Be Overlooking. | Am I Being Catfished? How Investigation Hotline is Catching an Equal Number of Men vs. Women Cheating. Investigation Hotline is Grateful for our Incredible Customers and Would Like to Protect the Public This Christmas Season. Factors to Consider When Hiring a Private Investigator. Using Technology to Find a Missing Person.

PINs and Passwords: Your First Line of Defence. Investigation Hotline Outlines What to Do When Your Gut Tells You Your Partner is Having an Affair - AVA360 Entertainment Community. Why You Might Want to Hire a Private Investigator Like Investigation Hotline. Investigation Hotline Discusses What to Do If Your Company’s Trade Secrets Are No Longer Secrets.