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Intransure Technologies provides services like iOS Application Development, Swift Mobile Application Development and Custom Mobile Application Development for companies. We are expert in Website Development and Big Data Consulting.

Project Management and Support. Software Development Services. Enterprises are operating in a dynamic business environment, and efficiency in business is paramount for an enterprise to remain competitive and ahead of the curve.

Software Development Services

Applications well aligned with business strategies drive success and help you respond to changing demands. We work closely with your business functions, understand the pain points, identify possible areas of improvement, and provide holistic solutions. We guide and support you in the process to build new business applications and integrate them into your existing infrastructure. As the technology advances and the programming landscape changes to accommodate the world’s growing technological needs, Intransure has master experts who are capable in custom web application improvement customized particularly to meet your needs. We provide our clients with reliable web development services. Big Data Managed Services.

Every day, we create several quintillion bytes of data, vast amounts of which lie there idle.

Big Data Managed Services

New devices and tools, sensors and technology grow these numbers more and more. Of how much of this data do you actually make use? How much knowledge remains inaccessible to you? Our mission is to figure out the vast potential of your data and create meaningful information for your company. We offer you high quality analysis and let you get the insights you need to make the best decisions for your company’s future.

Industrial Photography, Industrial Photographer, Machinery Photography. CMS Development, E-Commerce Website Development Services Company. Content Management System (CMS) is one kind of web application manager.

CMS Development, E-Commerce Website Development Services Company

Through CMS one can manage the website content thoroughly. An authorized user can insert new content, modify it, and delete it anytime in CMS system. Moreover one can manage images from local server or CDN servers, SEO activities, modify layouts in some single clicks only. The main super advantage of CMS is, after complete and impeccable development of CMS, any non-technical user can flawlessly manage unlimited content in the whole website, without knowing or changing a single line of code.

Now, Here is the fact, Intransure Technologies Team has expertise in development of such kind of custom CMS development. Intransure in the E-Commerce Space – Going with the mantra “Go Global, Go Digital” for all businesses alike, Intransure offers assortments of dynamic solutions to put your business on a roadmap to success. Web Application Designing and Development Services Company.

AngularJS is developer-friendly, quick, and robust.

Web Application Designing and Development Services Company

This is why we choose Angular JS. It implements MVC by asking you to split your app into MVC components, then just let Angular do the rest. Looking for a JavaScript framework to organize web applications, than AngularJS is the most preferred platform. It is possible to declare dynamic views in web applications with Angular JS. Web applications using AngularJS are easy to test and maintain.

With the growing demand of interactive designs on mobile and websites, business wants scalable applications with sophisticated features using AngularJS. Angular manages your components for you and also serves as the pipeline that connects them. AngularJS lets you extend HTML for your application. Intransure offers the following AngularJS Services. UI UX Design and Development Services. As our tag line suggests Invent Transform Assure, we do exactly the same in the reign of UI/UX Development.

UI UX Design and Development Services

We have an expert UI/UX team which has done a remarkable job over the past few years. UI/UX Development is itself a broad walkway to go through in a SDLC and our team has made this walkway to shorten its length by the extensive experience they held. We have an expert group of UI/UX-Designers, UX-Researchers, Front-End Developers (UI/UX-Developer) who do what it needs to produce a high-quality visual designs’ from concept to execution, including those for desktop, web, and mobile devices at a variety of resolutions and inject beauty and life into a product. Coding the visual interactions that the UI/UX-Designer comes up with is always helmed by our enormously expert Front-End/UI/UX Developers.

A site creates value when people find it and use it. Tableau Consulting and Reporting Services, Tableau Data Visualization. Effective and swift business decisions are made by analyzing the right data.

Tableau Consulting and Reporting Services, Tableau Data Visualization

Big Data Analytics, Big Data Reporting Services. In the current evolving markets, a greater responsibility lies on the key decision makers of the organizations in taking the decisions best suited for their businesses and to gain the competitive advantage.

Big Data Analytics, Big Data Reporting Services

High quality analysis can transform data to meaningful insights and drive most competitive landscape. This eventually help most of the business communities to prepare and predict for the future. We bring together the synergies in alignment with industry experience to boost fast, measurable and fact based decisions that you can monitor in the best possible way within the expected timelines. Custom iOS Mobile Application Development Services Company. Swift is an ingenious new language for iOS and OS X development.

Custom iOS Mobile Application Development Services Company

Apple has declared Swift as "Objective-C without C". It is designed to work with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch Frameworks. It is much more concise and enjoyable as a scripting language. Swift feels familiar to experts and friendly to newbies. With the introduction of Swift, Apple speeds up the app development process. We have done projects which made use of the attractive features Swift offer such as multiple return types, closures, generics, type inference, namespaces and a Playground for "live-coding".