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Outer Game

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PUA Lingo. Ultimate Opener CollectionBristol Lair. I really can’t believe I’m posting this… I put this list together back in March when I was first starting out and had it in my head I needed a shit load of PUA openers.

Ultimate Opener CollectionBristol Lair

I found myself going back to this list in the last few weeks since my wings keep stealing my openers (they don’t get it yet that its not the opener itself but the way I deliver it) and I wanted mix things up with something new (or old). Basically theres like well over fifty openers here. Chief's Guide to Outer Game. Quote: Bear in mind that you don't have to prepare a script ahead of time.

Chief's Guide to Outer Game

Just know what you're looking for in a woman and trust yourself to generate the appropriate fluff talk when the time comes. If you freeze up while you're actually talking to her, just relax and tell her that you're a little shy and not really used to doing this sort of thing.

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Mystery. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Bar and magic tricks.