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Intimate Gymnastics

Intimfitness is online gymnastics training site. At Intimfitness, you can purchase electronics exercises goods and DVD of kegel exercises, vagina tighten and remedial gymnastics. We can send worldwide transport campaigns such as DHL, DPD or by mail Russia.

Sex skills.mp4. Tatyana Kozhevnikova’s Gymnastics Training Center. Tatyana Kozhevnikova’s Unique Gymnastics Training Center for Intimate Muscles. Unique Vagina Tighten Exercise Helps Rejuvenate Sex Life. The loosening of body muscles is a natural process with passing of time, and there are also special physical events like pregnancy and childbirth that further augments the process at an early stage of life.

Unique Vagina Tighten Exercise Helps Rejuvenate Sex Life

It is only a proper exercise regime that can help you to overcome the soft muscles and ligaments to regain the heightened original elasticity. While there are several gyms in the market, not all have trainers with aprofessional degree in human physiology as well as gymnastic training to help people achieve their desired objectives. Special Sessions of Kegel Exercises for Women. The body of a woman is unique to her, and it is sure to undergo more hormonal as well as muscular changes than a male body.

Special Sessions of Kegel Exercises for Women

As a woman, you are proud to be able to bear a child and give birth to a new life. This is among the most joyful and fulfilling of the different experiences that life can give you. At the same time, you need to remember that your body is about to undergo an enormous change both during the period of expectancy as well as post-partum. While it is now commonly known that you need to prepare your body for the childbirth, it is equally important to take care of it later. Kegel Exercises For Women. 01.30.07 Tatyana Kozhevnikova presented her new book about intimate gymnastics.

Kegel Exercises For Women

Novosibirsk resident Tatyana Kozhevnikova has been recognized to be the only woman who can lift 14 kg with her intimate muscles (Guinness Record 2003). She released a book “Intimate gymnastics. Health program». This is 80- page brochure in edition of thousand copies about intimate muscles training. When I made my way to the presentation I thought there would be a lot of men, because the demonstration of these unusual skills was announced. Newsmen were probably frightened of such unexpected coverage opportunity (or maybe newswomen didn’t let their male colleagues to get there). Background information: intimate muscles training has been known for about 100 years. Vagina Tighten Kegel Exercise provide by Tatyana Kozhevnikova. A Quick Easy Guide to Doing Kegel Exercises. You must have heard of Kegel exercises, but how to do them is the big deal?

A Quick Easy Guide to Doing Kegel Exercises

You know, Kegel is also called pelvic shortened as PC. Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles around PC – the muscles that contract as you get to climax. This means the better shape of the muscles is, the hotter sex will be. A few hours of exercises in a week will reap you huge benefits. Gymnastic Rings Training: How to Develop Celebrity like Body in a Week. You love to have a figure like a celebrity, but do not elevate her over you.

Gymnastic Rings Training: How to Develop Celebrity like Body in a Week

There is a beautiful and famous precept, “Do not idolize anybody”. Eh rather mimicking the style of others, let your own ooze out. Kegels Exercise for Women Helps Combating Gynaechological Problems. You may have heard of several exercise programs that are targeted at toning body muscles.

Kegels Exercise for Women Helps Combating Gynaechological Problems

Remedial gymnastics for increased muscular power. Kegel Exercises to Tighten Vigina. The technique is directed on strengthening and tightening the muscles of stomach, hips, buttocks, vagina; the development of pelvis and urogenital diaphragm; intestine stimulation and improvement of pelvic organs blood circulation.

Kegel Exercises to Tighten Vigina

Training of these muscles guarantee a more comfortable development of pregnancy, "smother" delivery and help women recover in the lying-in period. The system is aimed at improving the sexual life of a woman at different stages of their life. Specially designed programs aim at developing, perfecting and invigorating of a woman's body.A woman with well trained intimate muscles always looks young and sexually attractive.

The program allows avoiding: menstrual disorders;premenstrual tension;uterus and ovarium inflammatory diseases;adhesive processes;retroversion of uterus;pelvic organs descent;urinary incontinence; You need a wooden egg, or a jade egg (exercise machine) for the trainings. Breathing rules: Kegel Exercises for Women Help in Heightening Sensuality. By John D.

Kegel Exercises for Women Help in Heightening Sensuality

NA Whether you are born as a woman or a man, what is yours is your body that houses your mind and spirit. The possibilities that your body has is infinite as long as it is properly trained and toned to perform it’s functions. Learn Kegel exercises to tighten vigina. Kegel Muscles Men Strengthens Core and Enhances Libido. A well-toned body is not only free of diseases but is also a lot more sensitive and sensual.

Kegel Muscles Men Strengthens Core and Enhances Libido

This holds true for both women as well as men. The unique trainer Tatyana Kozhenvnikova, who has specialization in remedial gymnastics and also studied body physiology, has designed one of a type program for men and women alike. These programs are totally different from stereotyped gym regimes and make use of a combination methodslike muscles tightening, yoga, meditation, and more spiritual techniques. Better muscle tone The program that she has designed for men targets primarily the pelvic region that is crucial juncture of nerves, organs and blood supply.With time, men if they do not exercise startlosing the tone of both the outer muscles as well as the inner muscles.

Discover How Kegel Exercises are Beneficial for Women. Discover How Kegel Exercises are Beneficial for Women Fitness & Activity. Kegel Exercises for Women. Remedial Gymnastics. The program is aimed at training and rehabilitation of the inward parts of the body particularly gut, nephros, suprarenal capsules, urinogenital and genital spheres.

Remedial Gymnastics

With the stimulation and strengthening of gut walls the problems of drum belly, colitis, piles and other gastrointestinal problems are decided. When improving the strength of vessels the arterial tension is rehabilitated. Gymnastics helps to tuck the muscles of abs, gut, and buttocks in a short period of time. The program can be used by children, teenagers, men and women. Effective Kegel Exercises for Women. Improve Your Quality of Life With Good Health & Satisfied Sexal Life Through Intimate Gymnastic Exercise. If you are one of those who remain very conscious about their health, and always keep trying new ways to keep themselves healthy and fit, or if you are one of those who are very concerned about the looseness of their sexual organs or vagina, and dream to lead a sexually satisfied life, then the intimate gymnastic is the exercise, which can help you get rid of all such complexities.

The exercise brings men and women to an understanding of the culture of caring and intimate relationships for the intimate sphere. This unique method is an amazing combination of great schools and the best West-East systems. Whether you are 16 or 65, the intimate gymnastic helps in strengthening your muscles systems and rising of the sensuality in the intimate sphere of both the partners. However, in order to achieve such a well-toned body with satisfactory sexual life, you must be strong-willed and determined. Like this: Like Loading... Live Quality Life with Full Sexual Satisfaction Through Intimate Gymnastics. Yoga, Cardio, gymming, muscle training and toning are some the exercises that both men and women, all around the world, do to keep themselves fit and healthy. Still, there is something that they miss, and want to achieve in their lives. This is the reason why; they keep visiting different health-fitness centers, but don't pay heed to the unique muscle-strengthening exercise, which not only strengthen the muscle system, but also increase the sensuality in the intimate sphere of both men and women.

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