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A platform to learn web design, development & marketing via project-based curriculum and 1:1 online mentoring from professional mentors.

InternStreet - Home. Anshuman Agrahari. How to be a Freelancer - Roadmap. Internstreet. “ DIRECTION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SPEED.


We are so busy looking at our speedometers that we often forget the milestone” Step into the corporate world and you’ll be amazed by the turmoil and hullabaloos that come with it. The job rules are often unsaid and unexplained. You make mistakes, learn from them, and if you are lucky, you get an awesome mentor to guide you. But what if your faith isn’t with you? For far too long you have blamed the college, the companies, the government, the society, the fate, and the neighbor's dog as reasons for you still not finding a stream; maybe it's time for a little introspection and see if you yourself have some blame to share. Confused about your true passion? You can find a mentor in the network; ask them to review the work/ dummy projects and give feedbacks. Internstreet. Internstreet. “These are the forms for JEE(mains), VIT, SRMJEE and WBJEE, fill them and submit it by Sunday.


Ahh...and do make sure that you clear them as well.” said Dad giving that ‘i don’t care’ type look at me. Internstreet. “How does Google drive stores my data?


How does a machine act like a human? What is AI? How do I figure out the imitation test and the Turing test? How does deep learning make a mere collection of hardware and software capable of distinguishing a cat from a dog?” That is how the mind of a computer engineer buzzes on. What is ironical is the fact that whether you choose CS or IT as your branch, you end up learning a perfect blend of physics, math and chemistry anyway. In football, you make calculated moves that will strategically help you make a goal, taking into account the friction between the ball and the ground, the desired velocity and thus the force to be applied to the ball in a certain direction.

Similarly, most aspiring engineers develop projects representing the real-world model or the “Universe of Discourse” in their free time in college. InternStreet Blog. It’s really good to know that you want to be a freelance web developer.

InternStreet Blog

You need to follow these steps with determination. First Thing First - Acquire The Necessary Skills This is the most important thing. Most of the beginners skip this part and jump on to next step. Your skills will be one and only way to fetch you freelance jobs. "There are plenty freelance projects related to Wordpress, PHP framework to build websites" Work On Dummy Projects Once you have got the skills, work on some of your personal projects. This SSB Success Story Will Make You Emotional Also A Lesson For Defence Aspirants. There’s never a plan.

This SSB Success Story Will Make You Emotional Also A Lesson For Defence Aspirants

Life is a journey, you visit different places; learning throughout. I won’t bore you with my past, I’ll tell events which happened to me after I got Recommended. 25th November 2016, Selection Center South (Bangalore). All the hard work paid off. I was Recommended for SSC Tech 48 course. Medicals started from 26th, every single report was marked ‘normal, healthy or fit’ It was on 30th, which was supposedly final day of my medical. 5th December, Durgapur, back to home; my family, my extended family of more than 40 members, rejoicing for me.

In a few days, everyone knew. I was keeping track of my hemoglobin weekly, 12.3, 12.5, 12.8, 12.5; it just won’t cross 13! 13th January, Command Hospital Kolkata. How to get a job in a startup. There has been too much of buzz around startups lately.

How to get a job in a startup

Startup jobs attract students. Having flexible work hours, an awesome company culture and learning experience with growth tempt them. By the time they graduate, they think startup jobs are out of their league and end up with typical 9-5 MNC jobs. How is InternStreet helping Engineering Students? India, a nation with 7000 engineering colleges and more than 1.5 million engineering students graduating every year; largest numbers in the world.

How is InternStreet helping Engineering Students?

Still, it’s behind 65 nations in the ranking of Global Innovation Index 2016 (source). Studies show only a fraction of our ‘engineers’ is employable. We did extensive research, interviewing students and hiring managers. We found, that it was majorly due to the lack of required skills and industry exposure among them. Students hate monotonous class lectures, they prefer someone directly explaining concepts to them. An engineer by definition is someone who designs and builds; a profession rooted in innovation and newness. Internstreet. One of the first things children are asked once they start going to school is, “What do you want to become when you grow up?”


I, myself, was asked so many times and I still remember six-year-old me saying I wanted to be a policeman. This was because I always thought traffic police personnel were the most powerful people on the streets. I also wanted to own a shop so that I could take all the things I needed from my own shop and never have to actually buy anything. Such was the logic of a first grader. I had a friend who always said, “Engineer!”

This isn’t to dismiss careers in engineering or the whole class of engineers. Internstreet. Internstreet. Come semester breaks and the beginning of our grand plans.


More often than not, we end up whiling away those months in boredom but, at the same time, also wonder when time flew by. Some of us either are clueless about what to do while some start with much gusto but lose steam over the course of time. We give you a list of ways (other than binge-watching 13 Reasons Why) which can help you to utilize your semester breaks: Internstreet.

As an engineering student in India, you can have a lot of opportunities if you want to earn by learning skills.


Freelance is one of the most sorted out options for students. Working on regular jobs full-time or even part-time isn’t a viable option for an engineering student along with all those assignments, semester exams, internals, attendance criteria etc. So, freelance comes to your rescue, where you can work online remotely and choose to be your own boss.

Freelancing gives you a wonderful learning experience and you may earn some bucks as well, who doesn’t want to have some extra pocket money during college education. First of all, you need to decide the field you want to opt for freelancing. InternStreet Blog. InternStreet - Product Hunt. Internstreet (@internstreet_in) InternStreet - Accueil. Summer Training Courses - UI/UX Design Bootcamp. Summer Training Courses - Front-end Development Bootcamp. Mock Interview With Experts From Top Companies. Learn UX Design with 1-on-1 Mentoring. Learn Android App Development with 1-on-1 Mentoring. Learn HTML, CSS and Javascript - Front end development. Web Design Bootcamp - Learn Web Design Online with mentors. Learn 1-on-1 From Professional Mentors. Digital Marketing Course Bootcamp.

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