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Internet Service Provider by internet service. Skylight brochure 2016 by internetserviceafrica. How the Cloud’s Transparency Can Benefit your Business. Launch of the World's Biggest Cloud. What are the various kinds of website hosting services? Are you willing to launch your own website or blog?

What are the various kinds of website hosting services?

When you plan to take up website hosting services, you need to check out the various options. You have to know what web hosting service is suitable for your website. There are mainly four kinds of hosting services, namely, free hosting, shared hosting, reseller and dedicated hosting services. You can use free hosting service free of cost and there is no need to pay even a single penny for hosting. When you design a website for fun, it is better to choose the host which offers free hosting. When you take up shared hosting service, your website will be put to a server where there are already lots of websites. Dedicated hosting service can be availed when you want the server not to be shared.

Like this: Like Loading... Internet Solutions's Profile. Internet Solutions. Staying secured with cloud computing security services. Cloud computing is gaining tremendous popularity and appears to be a very promising concept to the entire IT industry.

Staying secured with cloud computing security services

The IT industry is growing too at a rapid pace and it is cloud computing which is helping companies to access infrastructural resources and business applications. In fact, it is the superb way to boost the infrastructural resources. The cost will be negligible and recession-hit companies can take great advantage of the cloud computing. Since it is gaining popularity, companies need to learn the major distinction between security services offered by different cloud security companies. How your IT operations run totally rely on the cloud security service you choose. Is public cloud security ideal for you? Public cloud security is mostly suitable for small sized businesses and those that have smaller IT budgets. ICT Companies Africa. Internet Solutions. Our Shared Hosting services and locating systems are economical solutions for businesses looking to establish an inexpensive online presence.

Internet Solutions

The main advantage of shared hosting is derived from sharing the costs of web servers with other clients. We offer four shared hosting packages to enable you to quickly and easily build your e-business or simply establish an online presence through our Shared Hosting cloud solutions. Our fully managed hosting environment gives clients a choice of Microsoft or Linux environments, with a variety of options for databases, ASP, PHP, web-statistics and email boxes. Shared Hosting Benefits: More cost effective than dedicated server hostingStability and guaranteed uptime with comprehensive server management that ensures maximum availabilityServer monitoring and backups includedAll solutions secured with firewall, anti-spam, anti-virus and server security access. Internet Service Providers South Africa. Broadband Internet Providers South Africa. In this age of technology, it is undeniable that without the help of the internet and technology we cannot do anything starting from the personal work to commercial one.

Broadband Internet Providers South Africa

In each and every sphere of life is now influenced by internet in such a way that we cannot think of a day without internet. So getting a top class and affordable internet connection is the need of the hour. In order to get an internet connection one can get in touch with any of the Broadband Internet Providers South Africa, but if anybody wants to stick to the best then he must contact the Since the inception, the company provides the best products which are not only advanced in technology but also very helpful too in making the life of people much easier and advanced. Like this: Like Loading... Internet Solutions. Johannesburg, South Africa, 3 November 2015 – Internet Solutions (IS) has implemented its Elastic Wide Area Network ( e-WAN) infrastructure, based on software-defined network (SDN) architecture principles, which it is now trialing with a number of clients.

Internet Solutions

By extending its network with an SDN based architecture IS will enhance operational efficiencies as well as enable fast and flexible service delivery to clients. “Internet Solutions is building its e-WAN network to accommodate the needs of businesses and consumers alike. The network will be able to adapt instantly to the increasing and seasonal requirements of clients. This means that the network must be perceived to have limitless capacity, be highly elastic and offer real-time service delivery,” said Greg Montjoie, Executive, Connectivity, Internet Solutions. “With the power of SDN felt at both business and technology levels, clients will realise significant benefits by using our e-WAN network.” Cloud Hosting Service Provider. Cloud Hosting Service Provider.

Internet Solutions. Website Hosting In South Africa. Cloud Hosting Services. Article by Saki Missaikos, MD of Internet Solutions.

Cloud Hosting Services

We no longer need to imagine a network that can be programmed in real-time to offer personalised, flexible and on-demand connectivity. This is now a reality thanks to Software Defined Networking (SDN), which, in this past month, Internet Solutions has been able to trial with clients. This is in preparation for a full-scale commercial launch planned for 2016. With an SDN architected wide area network (WAN), we can now adapt our network more easily to the real-time requirements of our clients through software updates. We no longer have to physically configure each piece of hardware to roll out network changes. The ever increasing IT resources traditionally needed to handle processes such as provisioning, configuration and remediation are no longer required as they are all automated. Cloud Security Provider. CloudConnect provides a single point of access to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Dimension Data Cloud Internet Solutions (IS), a pan-African telecoms service provider, has launched CloudConnect, establishing the gold standard of versatile, secure connectivity to major international cloud services.

Cloud Security Provider

The new service provides MPLS VPN connectivity to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Dimension Data Cloud, via new direct interconnections in London and Frankfurt. CloudConnect gives businesses the ability to connect to the international cloud-computing solution that best responds to their business, via a single user-friendly portal with market-leading standards of security, privacy and redundancy. It was created particularly in response to the needs of data- and computation-intensive sectors such as retail, education, banking and financial services. ICT Africa.