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Pain Management When Living With Arthritis. Arthritis is a major cause of disability in the United States.

Pain Management When Living With Arthritis

It is a life-long condition that causes chronic pain, stiffness, swelling, limb deformities, and an impaired range of motion. Although there is no treatment for arthritis, you can still reduce the severity of your symptoms. As a provider of personal care in New York we help several patients manage their arthritis. Here some known pain management methods for arthritis: Cold and heat treatment These can be used in combination to help reduce swelling and pain. Quality Medical and Non-Medical Home Care Services. We often get scared about what lies ahead in our aging journey.

Quality Medical and Non-Medical Home Care Services

We know that choosing to age at home will give us some difficulty in the future. We are here to assure you that there is no need to worry. IHCS, a trusted Home Health Care in Rego Park, New York, can help you achieve your goals to age at home and cater to your medical and non-medical home care needs. The help of our professionals and licensed caregivers made it possible for us to deliver the best possible services to seniors in the community. We work hard as a team to design the best care for each of our senior patients.

Things to Know for Healthy Lungs. Health is wealth is a popular saying you should not ignore.

Things to Know for Healthy Lungs

If you take it seriously, you save yourself from spending too much hospital bills. Seniors age 65 and above need around-the-clock care like what a home health care in Rego Park, New York can provide. This is to keep their health in optimal condition. One more important organ that elderly adults should focus on is their lungs. When they breathe with less oxygen, health complications start to kick in. Diaphragmatic breathing Simple breathing techniques considering the capacity of the diaphragm can improve lung health. What You Need to Know About Respiratory Therapy. Being self-conscious about your health makes your lungs strong.

What You Need to Know About Respiratory Therapy

If you ever have medical conditions about your lungs, you contact respiratory therapists. Advantages of Hiring Personal Care Aides. Taking your elderly family members to a facility that can assist them is good.

Advantages of Hiring Personal Care Aides

Therapeutic Care for Active Seniors. Are you or your senior loved one in a post-operative situation, dealing with an injury, or experiencing an age-related illness?

Therapeutic Care for Active Seniors

If you are still active enough but have been restrained by your health condition, you can find reliable therapeutic services from a provider of home health care in Rego Park, New York. Geriatric rehabilitation Therapy services developed for seniors are technically called geriatric rehabilitation. This program can be done in any healthcare setting with the goal of reviving the strength, mobility, speech, and breathing of senior loved ones. Nursing Care: Managing the Risks of COVID-19.

Seniors, especially the ones with prior and current health conditions, are at risk of getting COVID-19.

Nursing Care: Managing the Risks of COVID-19

Thus, availing of skilled nursing care from a reliable provider of home health care in Rego Park, New York, is crucial during this health crisis. Age mattersThe older a person is, the higher the risk of getting a chronic illness. Meaning, seniors aged 60 to 69 are safer than the ones aging 70 and above. Home care services providing skilled care manage the situation with safety monitoring and health supervision for your elderly loved one staying at home.Underlying health conditionsAside from age, individuals with prior medical conditions are also at risk. Hence, they are advised to be more cooperative with their healthcare providers. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at IHCS. Senior Health During Isolation. COVID-19 is causing our lives to turn upside-down.

Senior Health During Isolation

The disease is causing many Americans to get sick, and this has brought our health and home care services on the brink of collapse. Authorities have struggled to keep up with the virus, and there seems to be no end in sight. To prevent the deluge of people in the ICUs, state governments all over the country are issuing stay-at-home orders. Governors are following the recommendations of the CDC to keep the Healthcare infrastructure from collapsing.

For many people, staying at home is simple enough. The elderly are one of the groups of people that are affected by these stay-at-home orders. There are a few ways to help the elderly cope with the challenges that have come with the pandemic. Why Your Health Plan Should Include Personal Care. Due to the current global health condition caused by the pandemic, providers of home health care in Rego Park, New York are making sure that they can address the various needs of clients.

Why Your Health Plan Should Include Personal Care

Home health is basically known for skilled care services. However, professional nurses and doctors also seek help from caregivers for non-medical services. When you create a care plan for your loved one, you have to make sure that you also include personal care services to cater to the required non-skilled works while your family member is dealing with an illness or physical difficulties.

Assistance with ADL Disabilities, injuries, or age-related frailties might affect the abilities of seniors to move and finish their daily tasks. Agencies providing personal care in New York meet the demand of our elderly community for assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs).