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ライブカメラ いまの北海道. ※冬季期間は凍結防止の為カメラの方向を変える場合があります。

ライブカメラ いまの北海道

予めご了承下さい。 稚内 礼文. Weather Forecast & Reports - Long Range & Local. 3 day rainforecast. METEO PREVISIONI. Scandinavia (SCAND) Wetter : Wetterzentrale. Weather Forecast Rome, Italy. Meteo 2000 - Previsioni del tempo in italia, immagini satellite MeteoSat. EuroWEATHER - Weather report, weather forecasts and meteorological conditions in Italy, Europe and Mediterranean. Météo en Belgique. À 15 heures 15 : Le ciel est généralement couvert avec par endroits encore des brumes. Prochaines heures On gardera un temps très nuageux à couvert avec par endroits des brumes.

Prévisions pour ce soir, la nuit prochaine et demain dimanche. Kenya Meteorological Department. Snow Forecasts, Snow Reports & Snow Conditions. Switzerland - Weather. NOAA's National Weather Service - USA. Wetter und Klima - Deutscher Wetterdienst. Russia - РОСГИДРОМЕТ. Ethiopia - National Meteorology Agency. Benvenuto in Ovindoli Magnola Impianti. The Arctic Oscillation and Arctic Weather Patterns. The map of sea level pressure for October 1 to 30, 2010, shows a high-pressure system cenetered over the Beaufort and Chukchi sea and Greenland, and low pressure over the Kara and Barents seas.

The Arctic Oscillation and Arctic Weather Patterns

This pattern tends to bring warm air from lower latitudes into the Arctic. —Credit: National Snow and Ice Data Center courtesy NOAA/ESRL PSD The unique geography of the Arctic leads to unique weather patterns that reappear in the region year after year. Some weather patterns, such as cyclones or anticyclones, occur in the Arctic as well as other regions. Other weather patterns, like the Arctic Oscillation, are specific to the Arctic. Cyclones and Anticyclones Cyclones, or low-pressure systems, are circular weather patterns that rotate in a counter clockwise direction.

Left: Cyclone, Right: Anticyclone —Credit: M. Anticyclones are the opposite of cyclones, high-pressure systems that rotate in a clockwise direction. Polar Lows Cyclone over the Arctic Ocean. Semipermanent Highs and Lows. Annular Modes - Introduction. Meteo-Net: Situazione meteo in tempo reale, articoli, cronache, statistiche. India Meteorological Department.

World Weather Information Service - Participating WMO Members. China. World Weather Information Service. New Zealand Weather Forecasts. Agencia Estatal de Meteorología - España. Italy - Servizio Meteorologico Aeronautica Militare. Climate Prediction - North Atlantic Oscillation.

E-wall US models forecasts. National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) Ryan Maue PhD Meteorology. Post by Dr.

Ryan Maue PhD Meteorology

Ryan N. Maue Dr. Judith Curry is quoted in a classic Seth Borenstein AP screed connecting disparate extreme weather events into a tidy AGW-narrative: “Sometimes it seems as if we have weather amnesia.” …Judith Curry of Georgia Tech disagreed, saying that while humans are changing the climate, these extremes have happened before, pointing to the 1950s… she is correct but just who/what is she disagreeing with?

The AP article sets up the typical “arguing amongst experts” debate where the non-expert journalist assembles the narrative. The AP article begins: “Nature is pummelling the United States this year with extremes. Of course we know that natural disasters occur globally, and are often modulated by the El Niño Southern Oscillation (e.g. Dr. I’m sure Masters is tired of the website hits and advertising revenue, but this statement is not scientific but anecdotal. The AP article continues: “What’s happening, say experts, is mostly random chance or bad luck.

Who says what? Dr. Dr. Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis. On September 11, Arctic sea ice reached its likely minimum extent for 2015.

Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis

The minimum ice extent was the fourth lowest in the satellite record, and reinforces the long-term downward trend in Arctic ice extent. Sea ice extent will now begin its seasonal increase through autumn and winter. In the Antarctic, sea ice extent is average, a substantial contrast with recent years when Antarctic winter extents reached record high levels. Please note that this is a preliminary announcement. Changing winds or late-season melt could still reduce the Arctic ice extent, as happened in 2005 and 2010.

Global Maps. Climate Research Unit. Weather - Canada. Weather Online UK - current weather and weather forecast worldwide. Linea Meteo. Explanations. MSLP patterns Isobars join points of equal atmospheric pressure.


On one side of the isobar pressure is smaller than the isobar value, on the other side greater. A common metaphor is a topographic map with it's lines denoting height: mountains are equal to areas of high pressure, dales equal to lows. Similarly, we can talk about ridges and troughs (or valleys). Wind follows roughly the direction of the isobars so that if you walk along an isobar and the wind is blowing onto the back of your neck, the lower pressure is at your left hand side (in the Northern Hemisphere .. reverse the rule for the Southern Hemisphere) *. Furthermore, there are several local effects (e.g. the sea breeze) which affect wind and make this general rule not valid in such cases. The closer the isobars are to each other, the higher the wind speed. Between tropical and arctic areas, at so called mid-latitudes, the isobars tend to form closed circles round the lowest pressure.

Australia - Bureau of Meteorology. Associazione MeteoNetwork ONLUS. ASPRS - American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. SnowCover. Precipitation Forecast in Context Map Tool. Are the next 3 months likely to be unusually wet or dry?

Precipitation Forecast in Context Map Tool

This map shows the likelihood that total 3-month precipitation will be unusually high or low. What do I do next? If you see a colour over your region, possible responses include: Contact your local/regional meterological department and monitor their forecasts during the next 3 months.Consider who may be most affected by heavy or low rainfall.Review your contingency plans and update as necessary. See the "More Information" tab for details on the forecast, and see the Climate Centre website for humanitarian guidance information and previous forecasts. Europe, Satellite Weather Europe, Weather Forecast, Rainfall, Clouds, Sun in Europe. The Webcam of SWITCH - Zurich, Switzerland. METEO ROMA . NET - le previsioni meteorologiche sulla Capitale. Météo-France.

Met Office-United Kingdom. Argentina - Servicio Meteorológico Nacional. Il portale meteo dei Castelli Romani/Colli Albani. Meteoalarm - severe weather warnings for Europe - Mainpage. Weather. Ireann - The Irish Meteorological Service Online. Meteoappennino. Centro Meteo Toscana. Cartes du modèle numérique GFS pour l'Europe. MeteoCappuccini. RedOrbit – Science, Space, Technology, Health News and Information. Le premier site météo pour l'Ile-de-France. Meteo in Diretta. Diagrammes ENS GFS nouvelle génération. Webcams. European rainfall radar. Sole - macchie solari e attività solare oggi. Immagini SOHO- MDI ( M ichelson D oppler I mager). A sinistra - Macchie solari : hanno una temperatura ≈ 5.000 K .

Il contrasto con le regioni circostanti, più luminose grazie ad una temperatura di 6.000 K , le rende visibili come macchie scure. Immagine grande. A destra: Foto alle lunghezze d'onda visibili (da 400 nm violetto a 700 nm rosso) sulla riga Ni I a 6.767,8 Å ngström (676,78 nm ). Immagine grande. Cartes des stations météo en temps réel en France et en Europe. University Climate Lab. Across Northern Hemisphere lands.

University Climate Lab

For more daily charts, including the click the map. Snow Extent CDR Update Rutgers University Global Snow Lab maps, figures and tabular data are currently in the process of being updated to Northern Hemisphere SCE CDR v01r01. This is the latest version, now available at NCDC. Carte sinottiche. Spaghetti Ensembles by GFS. Weekly Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies. Full Screen Weather.

How to Forecast Weather. Ever wondered how to forecast the weather without actually using instruments? Check the Clouds: Clouds can tell us a lot about the weather. For example, they can tell us if it’s going to be warmer on a particular night by simply being there. That’s because they prevent heat radiation from escaping. They can also tell you whether there will be rain and whether there will be bad weather in general (when you see clouds moving in opposite directions of each other). Check the Humidity: If you’re one of those people whose hair gets all curly when it gets really humid out, you know exactly what this is about. Check the Animals: Birds only fly in the sky when they expect fair weather ahead.

Look at the Rainbow (but only in the west) and look for a Red Sky: If you see one in the west, it means a major storm front is coming. Check the Air: