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Cost Monitoring Framework. Shipping IT Solutions. Hotel IT Solutions. Cost Monitoring Framework.pdf download. Corporate Travel Software Solutions. Back Office Outsourcing. ZTPF IBM Support. Global Airline Baggage Landscape. Price is Paramount: 99.9% accuracy in airfare war. It’s a well-known fact that the aviation industry is a highly regulated industry with multiple stakeholders.

Price is Paramount: 99.9% accuracy in airfare war

And by that count, airfare too, is a highly controlled operation. So getting the correct airfare is a critical aspect of any airline’s business operations. Plan a Trip with Professional Touch. In the context of time factor, there are two worthy adages in English language - ‘Stitch in time saves nine' and ‘Right thing at the right place at the right time'.

Plan a Trip with Professional Touch

These are very much relevant while planning a trip purely on holiday, an official business tour or even a business-cum-pleasure travel. Whatever be the occasion, it would be ideal if the assorted intricacies like mode of travel, places to visit and standard hotels for the stay etc. are properly charted out by professional agencies with a proven record. On this score, India is fortunate to have these full-fledged services, right from ticketing to options at a hotel reservation desk from a single source. All these could be availed from one's own home or workplace by the mere click of a button on a smartphone or the mouse of a PC, courtesy a Gurgaon-based transnational agency that happens to be a part of the India's largest travel conglomerates. How Mobility can add to the bottom line for Travel. Mobility: Mobility and personalized experiences are redefining the competitive landscape.

How Mobility can add to the bottom line for Travel

It is no longer a question of whether Mobility solutions are valuable but of how quickly new solutions can be delivered. How would it be if you could lead the invisible things that exist, connect and impact your operations? Re-imagine mobility as a function. After all, Travel’s not dipping its feet into mobile but getting ready to ride the wave. So where does the penny drop in improving customer experience and additional sales? Data: 99:99:99 - 99% of all information, 99% of all people, 99% of all the time. Early this year, the US East coast was engulfed in a severe snowstorm, labelled as one of the biggest of the century.

Data: 99:99:99 - 99% of all information, 99% of all people, 99% of all the time

Services were mobilized, warnings were sent out and cities were on high-alert. Governments and corporates worked to minimize damages, while companies changed strategies to maintain a competitive advantage. Leading Travel Technology & Outsourcing Solutions Provider. Interglobe Technologies (IGT) – ConsultingInterglobe Technologies (IGT) – Consulting. IGT Testing Services for Travel Industry like SOA, Mobility. IGT provides end-to-end testing services including test advisory, functional testing, non-functional testing and new age testing services like SOA testing, mobility testing, application security management and application performance management.

IGT Testing Services for Travel Industry like SOA, Mobility

Application Development & Maintenance Services. To keep pace with the exponential growth of data and technology, it is critical to upgrade the IT systems of airlines, OTAs, TMCs, GDSs and railways among others on a frequent basis.

Application Development & Maintenance Services

It helps minimize risk, enhance operational efficiency and elevate customer enagement. Today, the need-of-the-hour for the industry is to implement future-ready technologies, modernize legacy systems and create seamless data environments. Philippines: The New Hub of Outsourcing. By Avik Dasgupta Manila recently beat Mumbai in the global outsourcing race and became the only non-Indian city in the top 7 of the Tholons International Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations report.

Philippines: The New Hub of Outsourcing

The 2015 edition of the report had 8 cities from Philippines making the top 100 list. IGT Offers Fare Filing Services for Airlines, Hotels, OTAs. IGT offers the largest pool of fare filing experts providing services for airlines, hotels, OTAs and GDS across multiple geographies using various tools like ATPCO, APF3, Datalex, SITA etc.

IGT Offers Fare Filing Services for Airlines, Hotels, OTAs

IGT has experience in fares and rules interpretation along with negotiated fares management which enables it to ensure that fares and rules are correctly distributed across GDSs. IGT provides the following fare filing services: Filing of net and negotiated fares in multiple systemsNegotiated fare maintenanceInterpretation and loading of fares according to rules, routing, policies, add-ons, interlines, baggages, ancillaries etc.Automated MIS reporting for error-free managementMonitoring of agencies for faresData maintenance and rules coding. Customer Loyalty Management Services for Travel Industry. IGT provides a unique, comprehensive and strategically aligned loyalty program management solution that helps in achieving higher revenues as well as driving customer delight.

Customer Loyalty Management Services for Travel Industry

IGT combines IT and BPO service offerings to provide the following services: As a part of loyalty management, extensive data analysis is done to provide actionable business insights leveraging a pre-built repository of dimensions, attributes and metrics. Bonus miles management, upgrades, partner gift vouchers etc. are handled as part of IGT's partner management program. Baggage Helpdesk, Support & Claims Management Services. IGT provides an end-to-end baggage helpdesk solution for pre-travel and post-travel baggage related queries including primary and secondary tracing.

Baggage Helpdesk, Support & Claims Management Services

IGT provides the following baggage helpdesk services: Online Booking, Reservation & Airline Fare Filling Services. Consulting, Design, Deployment & Training on TPF Systems. Sales & Reservation Solutions Services for Travel Industry. With a wide exposure across multiple geographies and a proven expertise in selling, the 'Sales & Reservation Hub' at IGT has demonstrated success in converting an enquiry into a revenue generating call. IGT leverages its deep travel domain expertise and intelligent analytics tools to ensure that each sales & reservation call is delivered as a personalized service to the customers.

Airline Consultancy, IT & BPO Solutions Providers Company. Airline passengers have changed radically over the past few years. Gone are the days of long waits and multiple visits to travel agencies. Today’s traveler is digitally connected, socially savvy and has real-time information access at their fingertips, anywhere and everywhere. Fundamental relationship between a passenger and the airline has changed. Today's ever connected passenger likes taking charge of the flying experience. From self-service check-ins to mobile boarding, from social media bookings to personalized ancillary products, the airline industry needs to continuously innovate and provide engaging customer experience while at the same time managing cost challenges and optimizing operations. As a trusted technology partner of leading global airlines, InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) has experience across the entire airline services value chain. IT, BPO Services & Travel Management Software Company - IGT.

Leading Travel Technology & Outsourcing Solutions Provider. IGT Provides Travel Technologies & ERP Software Solutions. IGT Offers Fare Filing Services for Airlines, Hotels, OTAs. Online Booking, Reservation & Airline Fare Filling Services. Application Development & Maintenance Services Company.

Consulting, Design, Deployment & Training on TPF Systems. IGT Offers IT, Technology & BPO Solutions to Travel Industries. Airport, Airline Mobile Apps & Technology Services Company. IGT’s Mobility CoE leverages on its techno-functional expertise coupled with industry best practices and extensive experience to provide state-of-art airline mobile applications, hotel mobile applications and airport mobile technology solutions. IGT’s Mobility COE provides end-to-end solutions in the mobile segment: IGT’s Mobility CoE helps customers stay tuned with latest innovations including handset features, protocols and display capabilities.

By providing on-demand access to a variety of handsets, IGT ensures faster turnaround time and reduced time to market. Going big on Big data: How the Logistics industry is enhancing its supply chain visibility with real-time analytics. Automation: The panacea to Agile testing challenges? By Vipul Gupta The Agile Enterprise: Adaptive, Innovative, Sustainable And Dynamic! Organizations across the globe are adopting the Agile development methodology for enhanced collaboration and faster delivery. Agile development revenue is growing more than 20% over the past three years while the annual Forrester Forrsights Software Survey had 69% percent of respondents showing interest, planning to implement, or having already implemented Agile for their custom development. Agile is a set of software development principles that lays emphasis on individuals over processes and tools, working software over documentation, collaboration over contracts and responding to change over following the plan.

Through Agile, organizations can collaborate with their customers by delivering live and working software to them. In the Agile approach, developers and testers are seen as two sides of the same production coin, two parallel lines that should always meet and compare notes daily. EMD: Unleashing the True Potential of Airline Ancillary Services! Responsive Web Design: Considerations for Performance Optimization. Z/TPF Migration: Easing the Transition – Part 2. By Madhur Arya. My last blog discussed the challenges faced in z/TPF migrations by companies worldwide and the ways to overcome them. In this concluding part, I will present a detailed z/TPF migration approach and share some best practices for a smooth z/TPF migration. Z/TPF Migration: Easing the Transition – Part 1. With IBM planning to end support for TPF V4.1, there is an urgent need of migrating TPF 4.1 systems to z/TPF systems effectively.

The two part blog will discuss the challenges faced by companies in z/TPF migration and the ways to overcome them. It will also present a detailed z/TPF migration approach and list the important considerations while doing this migration. I will conclude by sharing some best practices for a smooth z/TPF migration. The changing IT landscape TPF has evolved from the Airlines Control Program (ACP), a free package developed in the mid-1960s by IBM in association with major North American and European airlines. InterGlobe Technologies: Unlocking the Customer Value. Why Travel Systems And Apps Need To Be Maintained? IT expenditures in any type of businesses – food, Web technologies or travel – need to be contained. The Interesting Story Of Airline Apps. The turn of the century is defined as an era belonging to mobile development. Travel Technology — Cut IT Costs Through App Maintenance And... The Role Of ERP in Evolving Travel Management System. The role of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has been revolutionary in spiraling up the Travel Technologies implications.

To remain grounded with the competitive rage of the globalised era, it has been the need of the hour for travel erp software companies to manage the travel cost and standardize operations. The advanced perspective over cost control measures has evolved the travel management of companies. A paradigm shift has been observed from viewing travel as a specialized skill, instead procurement and finance disciplines have entered the orbit of the travel organization. In fact this has resulted in the alteration of the structure of travel under procurement or finance head. Pertaining to the modern times, the influence of these two corporate disciplines continues to grow. Airport Technology Solutions. Ways To Pacify Irate Airline Passengers on Phone.