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interface creates conversational & omnichannel AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) which are advantageous for enterprises of all kinds. We enhance the business customer relationship and boost the potentiality of conversion with our intelligent virtual assistants (IVA).

2019, the power of technology and AI in business. Artificial intelligence.

2019, the power of technology and AI in business.

Speed & progress. We’re all pretty up to speed with the progress that AI has made in the last four decades. Whether it’s in regard to the state, personal, and professional i.e. in business. A conversation on AI with Elon Musk and Alibaba's Jack Ma. At a recent tech conference in Shanghai, Alibaba co-founder, Jack Ma, and Tesla CEO, Elon musk talk to us about the world of AI and how they fit into our lives.

A conversation on AI with Elon Musk and Alibaba's Jack Ma

Now, at first- this duo seemed a bit unconventional to put together on a big stage, Jack with his boyish outlook towards an ecosystem that functions with machines and humans together, along with Elon, whom some call our modern da Davinci. Then again, unconventional pairings make for better conversations and happier marriages, or so I’m told. Communication through Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) Communication is key they say, or at least I was told so when I was younger.

Communication through Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI)

However, the older I got, the more proof I saw to this age-old saying. How the power of true AI is set to change everything we know. We’re all always trying to make a huge impact in regard to the things we do.

How the power of true AI is set to change everything we know.

Over the course of time, we uncover the skills we possess, work on them and use these skills to spearhead the change we wish to see in the world. Greatness is often surrounded by the guise of mediocrity, it’s this constant battle between greatness - that’s looking to prosper or will it forever be dimmed out under the blaring lings of normalcy. The power of artificial intelligence. How AI will affect us. The simplest descriptor states: Collecting data about the world and using that data to make predictions whether in short or long term, and the same applies to both machines and people.

The power of artificial intelligence. How AI will affect us.

Staying ahead and on top of things seems to be the magic formula our team at interface runs on. We often share experiences from our past, or how we’re possibly looking at tackling the rest of the week ahead of us. It’s collective knowledge sharing, where gathered information from a number of people equates to the best-desired result when everyone's goal is similar in nature. The outcome affects our sales, brand value, visibility and in turn also affect us personally. It’s what most successful companies are built and run on. This coupled with the fact that we’re constantly in touch with a highly dynamic environment, where the landscapes of industries our environment comes in touch with changes, rapidly.

Artificial intelligence spearheads rapid change Change is perhaps the only constant. Machine learning. AI-powered Banking. Fintech & financial platforms of the future. Transforming the banking industry.

AI-powered Banking. Fintech & financial platforms of the future.

Traditional to non-traditional banks. We’ve seen how applications like Amazon and WeChat have changed the landscape when it comes to banking on the daily and reaching out to a different generation of banking customers. What the banking industry and many experts have realized over time is that the future of banking platforms are not going to be your traditional banks. Tech companies & banks are creating personalized banking experiences. When was the last time we had a thoroughly good banking experience?

Tech companies & banks are creating personalized banking experiences.

Now, I don’t mean stoked over the moon, take that roller coaster over and over again kind of experience, but an experience that wasn’t so suited and tailored to specificity. We’re talking about an experience that’s almost hard to replicate, but not impossible. An experience that’s comforting, creative, enjoyable and most importantly; memorable. Why you need an AI-powered Digital Assistant - AI in Business. Since we are not robots, we can't always perform well.

Why you need an AI-powered Digital Assistant - AI in Business

-Son Heung-min Let’s get a few things straight. We’ve got a couple of people at the workplace that dislike not knowing, or worse – knowing something and not knowing it’s wrong; more importantly – you’re also wrong in the process. “Pet peeves” our friendly SEO specialist, George whispers under his breath. Digital assistants are leading the way in the e-commerce industry. People aren’t interested in you, or in me either; god forbid.

Digital assistants are leading the way in the e-commerce industry

People are however interested in themselves, and how everyday changes within their environment go onto impact their lives. We’ve all got a couple of DA's (digital assistants) within our homes, and while it’s really cool to have all this tech thrown into our homes, what’s truly fascinating is how we’ve moved towards a digital space that’s a lot more accommodating and friendly for that 4th industrial revolution to prosper. Previously we talked about how we've got this need to summarize people; well it get's better because we've sent our friendly SEO specialist out into the wild and hes back with new to tell us that. people want summarized and compiled services and solutions available. on call. What does this mean?

Think of it as going shopping at a mom and pop store, as opposed to shopping at a Target or TESCO. AI and Human thinking is closely intertwined. There’s been a few great articles and blogs on the current state of AI in regard to our timeline and where we stand with its variable uses.

AI and Human thinking is closely intertwined

Most have been informative, a couple of them did go over my head (and I’ve got a pretty decent grasp on AI & ML concepts), while almost all outlined that same recurring theme, i.e. ‘the many uses of AI and how it can totally boost your business’, how it’s that ‘lifesaver you need’, the missing piece to your business puzzle, I'm certain I came across one article where some expert was calling it the ‘piece de resistance’. You get the point, and truth be told, these themes have gotten stale and mundane over time. Pocket. Interface Powered Assistant Increases Customer Acquisition by 5x.

"interface's state-of-the-art federated learning makes Max intelligent from day one and continues to learn through millions of similar workflows; both within TDECU and across other enterprises. Such collective intelligence empowers enterprises to build and provide the best customer experiences, quickly," said Bruce Kim, Founder + CTO of interface. According to Gartner, by 2021, more than 50% of the enterprises are expected to invest more annually on Digital Assistants as compared to traditional mobile application development. Srinivas Njay, Founder & CEO of interface, said, "Digital Assistants are the new enterprise interface.

Today's enterprise digital channels like websites, mobile apps and offline channels such as call centers, retail outlets are all complex, they're time-consuming and expensive. The New Enterprise Interface. Interface Powered Digital Assistant Increases Customer Acquisition by 5x for a Texas-Based Credit Union. Artificial intelligence promotes conversational commerce in e-commerce.

Selling products and services is easier said than done. With changes in customer demands, preferences and when your business has a looming presence in various geographical locations; paying attention to every detail and customer can get a little daunting, the mountain grows higher and before you know it, you’re looking at an almost impossible goal to scale in order to stay afloat while you outsell the competition, not to mention the daily disruptions in markets thanks to rapid advances in technology.

Did we also mention that off of this is only amplified when you’re an e-commerce business? The dawn of e-commerce businesses has made our lives a lot easier, we no longer need to use draconian and tested methods when it comes to shopping for our favorite gadgets, toys, and clothes. Brick and mortar stores are a thing of the past, the rise of digitization has completely transformed consumer shopping experiences and how retail works. A roadmap to living in a highly artificial intelligent age - AI in 50s.

As recent as developments seem in the world of AI, the long and winding road of artificial intelligence formally began as far back as the mid-1950s at a nice little place called The Dartmouth Conference - this was back in 56’ to be specific. Most historians and those associated with the scene widely considered this as the birthplace of AI. The project was to last eight weeks and was essentially seen as a brainstorming session, with over a dozen mathematicians and scientists attending. Marvin Minsky, Nathaniel Rochester, and Claude Shannon proposed the workshop as a summer program with other scientists.

Names like thinking machines, automata theory, cybernetics, and complex information processing just didn’t seem to make the cut, and rightfully so. Can you imagine some of the most recognized names in the tech world using words like cybernetics? 10 AI-Based Frameworks and Libraries to Enhance Your Software. How AI and Machine Learning (ML) is helping SME’s Achieve their Goals. I was having a discussion at the workplace with my colleague, George - on the uses of AI within different industries. George is a tech guy, he’s got those quintessential thick-rimmed deep black-colored glasses that go with his casual tee and denim blues, he even went ahead and got himself a pair of white techie sneakers to finish off the look.

You get the point, George belongs in tech. I work marketing, I’m a writer. I have been one for a while now. My dressing isn’t as avant as Georges’ neither do I have the black frames to complete my look. Coming back to our discussion, which I’m pretty sure morphed into a debate before either of us knew. Before we deep dive into the whole XS Vs. Succeeding with AI Integrated into Businesses. How AI in business is revolutionizing everyday business. We’ve all made our way into 2019 and we’re witnessing Artificial intelligence (AI) steadily continue its way from what was once ‘conceived in labs’ and closed off walls, making its way into the real world, into our homes and more importantly - into the world of business. It’s no longer just a requirement for companies that are leading on that Fortune 500 list. Barring all those leading companies within their massive funding and dedicated R&D departments; smaller companies across various industries are looking at the power of AI; be it within their platforms, everyday business, integration within CRM or even with day-to-day marketing and selling.

The Awesome Power of AI in Enterprise We know today that banks use the power of AI to analyze big data, helping them build better customer relationships, increase customer delight and chart out a future road map that’s the best course for the company, and best of all, this is all done in mere seconds! We say we want a revolution! 1. 2. 3. 2. 3. 4. AI in Software testing drives digital transformation.

Reasons Why People Succeed With An AI-Based E-commerce Platform. Artificial intelligence is the hottest topic we’ve got doing the rounds as of the last two years. From small business owners to FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix & Google) even, everyone seems almost convinced to jump onto that AI bandwagon when it comes to running a successful business. Maybe this has something to do with how buyers perceive AI, but this is also coupled with the fact that AI at the end of the day, produces unfathomable results, to put it bluntly – it’s results that are otherwise never perceived when running a business.

The top startups that are reinventing the use of AI. How AI in banking taking over and what to do about it. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future of the banking industry. AI has disrupted various industries and banking is one of those in which the maximum potential is found. Intelligent Virtual Assistant platform.