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Meet the New Meat: PredicTED by OZY. An editorial collaboration that celebrates the biggest ideas in our world.

Meet the New Meat: PredicTED by OZY

Join us every week for new stories and mind-bending video. In.pinterest. In.pinterest. In.pinterest. 10 brain games to play with your dog. Everyone loves a good game of fetch with their dog.

10 brain games to play with your dog

It's perfect for getting exercise and having fun. Marina Abramović Is Present — and Connected. At 23, Marina Abramović lay on a table and invited the public to do what they wanted to her.

Marina Abramović Is Present — and Connected

Various objects and implements sat at the ready: flowers, a feather boa, a knife, a pistol. The first attendees were shy. But soon enough, someone cut off her clothes. Another pushed the thorn of a rose into her flesh. The gun was aimed at her head. Some 40 years later came a different kind of experiment. Compact incubator lets you cultivate your own mealworms for food (Video) Most people get a visceral "ewww" reaction when it comes to the idea of eating bugs, but in a world where animal agriculture is one major contributing factor to greenhouse gas emissions, a surprising number of people are now considering insect protein as an alternative.

Compact incubator lets you cultivate your own mealworms for food (Video)

There are many varieties of edible bugs, and companies are starting to specialize in new-fangled items like cricket flour and more. But while many of these products have to be ordered online, there's a need for a way to let consumers grow their own insect-based food at home. How to Pick a Lock (Basics) I show how pin-tumbler locks work and how they can be opened using lock picks.

How to Pick a Lock (Basics)

This is a fairly basic view about lock picking but I wanted to make it comprehensive to give people a good idea of the concepts. As well as a foundation for beginners in lock picking to get a better view of how a lock works and how it can be exploited. The pin-tumbler is a very common lock mechanism that uses pins of varying lengths to prevent the lock from opening without the correct key.

Most locks around the home or office are simple pin-and-tumbler locks and can be relatively easy to open using a pick and a tension wrench. Gmail. 9 Surprising Uses for Baking Soda. Everyday Solar Cooking - Renewable Energy. Summer’s arrived and the heat is inescapable.

Everyday Solar Cooking - Renewable Energy

You don’t want to turn on the stove to make dinner, which will heat up the house even more. If you’re like me and don’t have air conditioning — or if you’re energy conscious and keep the AC low — cooking indoors can be unbearable. Instead, why not use the source of all this heat to your advantage? Solar radiation is the most prolific source of energy on our planet. About 84 billion kilowatt-hours of light reach Earth every day — more than four times our global energy consumption.

The functioning principles of a solar oven are simple: concentrate, convert, contain. Turmeric’s Healing Powers. Curcumin (the chemical ingredient responsible for the turmeric root’s orange pigment) and turmerones (its oils) are believed to slow the progress of Alzheimer’s disease; prevent the spread of certain types of cancer (prostate, breast, colon); promote wound healing; alleviate arthritis and inflammation; and enhance liver detoxification.

Turmeric’s Healing Powers

And those are just the leading benefits. To support his company’s trust in the safety and effectiveness of turmeric, Newmark cites numerous global studies. “The most important confirmation is the science of epidemiology—the ultimate human clinical trial that studies a specific population’s health patterns and risk factors,” he says.

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Think no-dig gardening is nonsense? Please watch this. I am a committed Lazivore, and have been known to share (decidedly inexpert!)

Think no-dig gardening is nonsense? Please watch this

Tips on how to avoid work in the garden. Natural Cooling Methods: How to Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning - Renewable Energy. Fifty years ago, about nine out of 10 U.S. residents spent summertime in homes without air conditioning.

Natural Cooling Methods: How to Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning - Renewable Energy

Suggest turning off the AC in summer these days, however, and you’ll frequently encounter wide-eyed disbelief. Our society has come to regard refrigerant-based air conditioning as an indispensable technology, and has forgotten about plenty of other cheaper, simpler ways to beat the heat. Come Out of the Cold The central problem with our dependence on air conditioning is its voracious energy appetite. At current usage rates, air conditioning U.S. homes, businesses, schools and vehicles releases fossil carbon and fluorocarbon refrigerants that have a total annual global-warming impact equivalent to a half-billion tons of carbon dioxide. How to make ice cream for dogs. Man’s best friend can participate in the deliciousness of National Ice Cream Month — as long as that frozen treat is of the dog-friendly variety.

How to make ice cream for dogs

Milk-based products can cause digestion problems for some dogs, so instead of sharing your ice cream cone, veterinarians recommend purchasing frozen desserts made especially for canines or whipping some up yourself. You can find premade doggie ice cream in the frozen section of certain grocery and pet stores, or you can get your canine companion some soft serve as a treat when boarding at some PetSmart locations.

However, you can also mix some up in your own kitchen with this easy DIY doggie ice cream recipe. Simply mix together 1 cup plain yogurt, 1/4 cup water and the pup-friendly ingredient(s) of your choice from the list below to make a variety of custom ice cream flavors: 1 cup peanut butter1 banana1 cup blueberries1 teaspoon honey1/4 cup carob chips Photo: Richard W. Solar Grill Stores Latent Heat for 25-Hour Cook Time at 450F. Image credit: Derek Ham/Barbeque Lovers We've seen a DIY solar cooker built from old CDs, and we've seen plenty of commercially available solar ovens too.

We've even seen one solar-powered grill. But we haven't seen many solar cooking options that can store heat for longer cooking times or hotter temperatures. Until now.Derek Ham writes over at Barbeque Lovers about a solar-powered grill project he has been working on that uses latent heat storage to both extend cooking times, create hotter temperatures, and reduce the problem of intermittent sun. Based on technology developed by MIT professor David Wilson, the concept is expected to generate cooking temperatures of 450F, and offer up to 25 hours of cooking time.

Food Trends for 2015: Vegetable-Forward Cuisine, Mexican Food, and More. Four-Day Carrots (Part 1) Thriving Bottle Garden Hasn't Been Watered in Over 40 Years. YouTube. Tiny Farms AngelList Slideshow. Is Cancer Prevention for Dogs Possible? Articles: Sample Homemade Raw Diets for Dogs. How to Make Water Kefir. Gmail. This plant's excruciating sting can drive humans mad, or even kill (Video)

While there are plants that we enjoy as superfood, use as building materials, or plant to attract beneficial pollinators, there are some plants we would do well to stay away from. Saving The Sweetest Watermelon The South Has Ever Known. Recipes Using Sourdough. Rodalenews. Getting Started With Dog Training - Ten Essential Steps. Organic Gardening Blog - MOTHER EARTH NEWS - Growing Organic Food, Vegetable Gardening, Organic Pest and Weed Control. Kyle Morrison's May 14, 2015 Newsletter. Birth Pangs Of The Coming Great Depression. Eating at night in Bangkok's Chinatown. In a city known for its night time indulgences, great late night street eats are a must. Happy Land Market. DrLuc. Free eBooks: Fermented and Cultured Foods. NUEST HOMEO-HERBALS (Homeopathy: Door Delivery) - ORDER NOW. IT's EASY !     98% Happy Customers ! Click Here for Details.

Here Are 100 "Breeders" Exposed To Be The Worst Puppy Mills In The United States. Rodalenews. 99 Interesting Facts About The World To Blow Your Mind. Fried chicken taste test takes us to Willie Mae's Scotch House with Al 'Carnival Time' Johnson. Gallery of Succulent Plants - illustrated on The Succulent Plant Page. Peecycling. Zero-waste blogger launches 3-ingredient laundry detergent. 5_Great_Unexpected_Uses_for_Baking_Soda. The Urban Homesteader. Loy La Long Hotel Bangkok. The Cleaning Ingredient Sickening Your Household. Ruth Stouts System. How to Light a Fire with Your Pee! Back to the Basics!: Growing Tarragon from Seed.

The Joy of Clay Pot Cooking. Bugis and Kampong Glam travel guide.

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Photograph. Recipes. 7 ways to use expired spices.