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I am Layton Judd Owner of Interactive Interiors. Interactive Interiors is well-established to create a world where products can sense, communicate, and process data in real-time. We create products and solutions that are educational, engaging and visually inspiring.

Interactive Video Projections by Interactive Interior. Multi touch screen tables by Interactive Interior. Turn your home into a smart home by choosing interactive home designs available today in the market.

Multi touch screen tables by Interactive Interior

Your home will get a look that you have always dreamt of. You can make every living area get the look it deserves by installing excellent turnkey interactive solutions like multi touch tables, interactive bar surfaces and coffee tables. Your home will speak more about your taste, lifestyle and your personality. Multi touch screen tablesInteractive Coffee tablesBar designer interactive tables. Enjoy the Dream World experience with 3D Mapping Software. Stepping into the virtual world might seem as a daunting task, but now, many software have been designed as a successful step to fill this void.

Enjoy the Dream World experience with 3D Mapping Software

Multi-touch software is used to display customised graphics and designs on any surfaces of different shapes and turns the images, videos and documents into an interactive and engaging experience. It facilitates creation of highly animated and expressive graphics, cost effectively, by its cutting-edge technology. This software has, victoriously, deepened the presence of video mapping technology in galleries, museums, boardrooms, and even in gaming.

Such audio visuals give a deep insight to easily comprehend the idea that is being communicated without telling things verbally. In other words, multi touch software is used to infuse life into lifeless objects so that they interact by processing data in real time and accommodate many users simultaneously. Interactive 3D projection Mapping Software. Multi Touch Video Wall Brisbane. Best Uses of 3D Mapping Video Projection. You may be new to video projection mapping, but it is no more new for many.

Best Uses of 3D Mapping Video Projection

A lot of individuals, technology experts and businesses are using this engaging technology in a number of ways. Individuals use it for fun and excitement, but businesses use it to attract, engage visitors and make them interested in their products and services. It is the means of the moment. With the help of software; you can project your videos to a differently oriented surface.

Not only videos, you can also project other things such as your images, and colors on these surfaces. Projection mapping is used in various fields, including event planning, retail, sports, hospitals, telecommunications and media. 3D Projection Mapping Australia. 3D Video Projection: Australia’s New Favourite Aesthetic Turn any surface into a video display with 3D projection mapping software from Interactive Interiors.

3D Projection Mapping Australia

Using common projection technology in a new and innovative way, 3D video projection is ushering in a whole new era of light-based design. Where standard projectors project light on to a flat surface, 3D video projection goes a step further. The technology involves the projection of 2D and 3D video images on to buildings, facades, or any other suitable surface – with the goal of influencing the viewer’s perception of these items. 3D projection mapping bends light, creating distortion and affecting our perception of linearity, depth, perspective and space, resulting in an endless array of striking optical illusions.

Be The Creator of A Dreamlike World with 3D Mapping Software. Take the events to a whole new level with 3D projection mapping software. Welcome to kiwiboxWe're happy that you are part of our community.

Take the events to a whole new level with 3D projection mapping software

Please take a few minutes discover how kiwibox works.You want to explore kiwibox on your own? No problem. You can easily restart the tour at any time by using the sidebar if you change your mind. LogoA click on the kiwibox Logo brings you back to the startpage. Besides a menue with a lot of useful links opens if you mouse over.NotificationsYou may find all of your news, friendship requests and messages up right in the navigation bar.SettingsJust mouse over a post and the gearwheel will appear. SupermodulThe supermodul summarizes various contents. Experience the virtual world with highly customized graphics with Modern IT Software. 3 D Projection Mapping Software is an exciting new projection technique to turn almost any surface into a dynamic display of interconnected graphics to convey an idea without using verbal communication.

Experience the virtual world with highly customized graphics with Modern IT Software

This software wraps and masks any image into an illusionary display of three dimensions. It helps to create cutting-edge mapping projects that combines tracking and projection technology with musical performance. Such projections are created by spatially mapping the objects to facilitate a medium to say something that cannot be uttered. Understanding The Uses of 3D Mapping Software. It is really important to understand the concept behind 3D projection mapping software and data visualization to enjoy the rich and engaging experience that it facilitates.

Understanding The Uses of 3D Mapping Software

The mapping softwares are very much helpful in converting the data or information into pictures so that the information is passed on without any verbal communication, yet in a much comprehensive manner. Not just this, but it also helps to display the images of objects of any size even on uneven surfaces. Experience the virtual world with 3D Mapping Software. Custom Interactive Solutions. Enjoy An Illusionary Experience With Modern IT Softwares. Express Creativity With Artistic Graphics! Let's know more about its uses:Digital Classroom TeachingThe 3D projection mapping software facilitates smooth teaching and easy comprehension of concepts to the students as it shifts the textual data to the realistic concepts.

Express Creativity With Artistic Graphics!

Its interactive features make it more user-friendly and handy for students as well as the teachers. GamingThe 3D projection mapping software in gaming offers people the feeling of playing in a three-dimensional environment rather than playing in a 2D screen. It processes the real-time data with right pace and light-sound synchronisation that adds to its bilateral and user friendly traits. Multi Touch ProductsThe multi touch interactive tables, floors, ceilings, etc. have entered into the market that is used as a part of decoration in the hospitality sector. They have the ability to add any number of users and can process real time data simultaneously.

Be the Creator of A Dreamlike World with 3D Mapping Software! What Makes Us the Best in 3D Projection Mapping Australia? While designing graphics for large canvases, the 3D projection technology is used to display objects on the surfaces of any size and shape.

What Makes Us the Best in 3D Projection Mapping Australia?

This is possible only with confluence of lights and sounds to captivate the audiences in the illusive and spellbinding graphics. Such artistic graphic designing requires mapping software to map any object to surfaces of many shapes and designs, that is, adding an extra dimension to the static objects. Get The Wow Factor In Graphic Displays! 3D Projection Mapping is also known as video mapping that is used to display objects onto a surface of any shape or size. 3D projection software is used to spatially map the 2D and 3D objects on the virtual program to look even more real.

Get The Wow Factor In Graphic Displays!

Such softwares are used to add an extra dimension of optical illusion and notions to the static objects. These attractive graphics can sense, communicate and process real time data. Such attractive art projections use rhythmic sound tracks to look even more attractive. Enjoy The Latest Technology of 3D Projection Mapping. Interactive Software Development Can Enhance Your Business. Interactive software development brings the future right to your doorstep. It is a technology that can do wonders for business in a way that is almost like science fiction but very much practical and affordable today. It enables businesses to get in touch with their customers, increase customer engagement, and enhance business outcomes in a meaningful way.

By doing this, business success is assured because with customer satisfaction comes increased profits. Interactive Surface Bar Technologies Will Soon Hit Every Chill Zone In Major Cities. The interactive technologies are touching our lives like anything from our home to the places we go to chill out. Bars, discos and restaurants are going to be draped in the interactive technologies as a new trend of interactive bar surface is here and it will surely add a bit of zing to the fun on a weekend in an ambient environment. One such installation is the De Interactive bar/table from Vision2Watch which is a multi-touch surface that reacts to any object touching it. The possibilities for display elements are endless but some of them include circling airplanes as the customer puts the glass down on the interactive surface or the fact that the customer can draw anything on the surface using his/her hands. Another similar interactive multi-touch application is the Lbar which is a multi-touch table with interactive projection surface that can be easily installed in bar tops to mesmerize the customers.

Did you like this? Time to Replace Ordinary Tables with Interactive Tables at Restaurants. Interactive tables for bars and restaurants offer customers a new way of communication and state-of-the-art ordering system. Many restaurants and bars have already begun to implement touchscreen tables at restaurants, but these ingenious items are still a far cry for others who haven't changed much in the past century.

However, despite there only being few restaurants in the World that utilize this technology, there is much more to be talked about this amazing technology. Powerful and tireless sales machine that increases average check to a great extent Interactive tables allow guests to order more and more food as these tables have waiter-independent ordering system, with smart suggestions and sharp graphics. Recent research states that this innovative technology alone has increased average check to a large extent in contrast to those restaurants who haven't implemented this system yet.

Smart Interactive Interior Designs. Interactive Interiors - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - Design. 3D Projection Mapping Australia. How Does 3D Projection Mapping Technique Works? Software technologies these days are playing pivotal role in doing jigsaw with projected images. One such innovative technique whereby projected images are blended and wrapped with the help of specialized software technologies is 3D projection mapping. Afterwards, the projection mapping technique cloaks the projected images on predestined objects like buildings or natural landscape to enhance the virtual reality of the superimposed object.

Interactive Interiors. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Startup. Interactive Interiors at Link Centre. Advertising with 3 D Video Projections Mapping. In the technologically advanced new age and in the recent years 3 D projection mapping has taken a firm place in the world of advertisement and presentation. 3D projection is one of the enhanced and futuristic technologies that has emerged as one the trendiest and attention-grabbing form of advertising. The 3d video projection mapping can be used for numerous events and advertising purpose, for instance, product launch, live concerts, gaming, theater, decoration and many other places one can imagine. Superb Interactive Interior designs to create a world where products can sense, communicate, and process data in real-time.

Amazing Interactive Interior Designs with Unique Creativity. Latest Photos Introduction. Smart Interactive Design Ideas For Smart People. Choose one of the most modern bar designs to make your restaurant more jazzy, modern and fashionable. It would create a thrilling ambiance all around and lift the moods of your guests. High-Performance Multi-Touch Display Line at InfoComm 2012. Video Projection Mapping for More Engagement and Excitement. How To Use Interactive Video Projection Mapping For Taking Your Events To The Next level ? What are Interactive Display Ideas for Your Retail Store? Gone are the days when retailers used to stick to traditional ways of advertising products and services.

The retailers today are more careful in choosing promotional or advertising techniques that drive more traffic, sales and revenue. And, what is giving them the freedom to do this is the availability of cutting edge technology. What are The Different Uses Of a Video Wall Display at a Trade Show? - Interactive Interiors Home Design Australia. Install Interactive Tables To Make Lovely Environment Of Your Bar - Blogs - A social network of writers and bloggers. Spruce up your bar with Interactive tables. They are the best way to attract lots of people every day. When people come into a regular bar, what they do is go up to the counter and place orders. On a busy day, they have to literally shout out their d.

Futuristic Touch Screen Devices - Interactive Interiors. A touchscreen Smart-phone or tablet is something we all are quiet well versed with. Multi Touch Screen Coffee Tables: A New Addition To Geeky Homes. Multi Touch Tables – For Redefining Your Home and Office. Video Projection Mapping Illuminates Every High Profile Event. Interactive Floor Projection And How We Are Benefiting? Interactive Interiors: Multi Touch Screen Solutions. Businesses Welcome Interactive Floor Projection System in Australia. High Performance Multi Touch Video Wall Systems. Interactive Mirrors and 3D Projection: New Way of Life. Interactive Interiors Australia: Interactive Touch Screen Menu Waitering – What You Should Know? Touch Screen, Multitouch Tables Are Way Of The Future. The Modernization in Interactive Technology. Touch screen technology transforming the human lifestyle.

Interactive Interiors- Projection mapping open gates for new age interaction.