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Grab a download! It is about a privateer named Conrad, who is rejected by society as a young man because of his actions, and who later fights against mankind, although not against women. The tale is divided into three cantos. January 2014 is the bicentennial of the publication of this work. the free library

the free library


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Wikispecies, free species directory

Wikispecies, free species directory

Explore Wikispecies HELP Section -- Detailed information on creating pages.Taxonomy -- Information on the Linnaean classification of species.Village Pump -- Discuss the project.Done and To Do -- See references to very detailed areas and defined future targetsWikispecies FAQ -- Check replies to common concerns.Image Guidelines -- Our recommendation on where to upload illustrationsWikispecies PR -- Help us by spreading the word of Wikispecies Collaboration with ZooKeys A collaboration between Wikispecies and ZooKeys has been announced. PhytoKeys also joined the collaboration in November 2010.