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Intelegencia which is headquartered in Atlanta provides various services in technology including with BPO services. Main areas of work include testing & QA services, process engineering, application development, Big Data Analytics & more.

Enterprise Digital Transformation Solutions & Strategy Consulting. Although customers have always had the ability to vote with their wallets, they now have more choices and less patience.

Enterprise Digital Transformation Solutions & Strategy Consulting

Empowered by their digital devices, customers expect the brands they engage with to offer immediacy, personalization and convenience. This reality is driving a variety of technology trends that are shaping today’s customer experiences. Omnichannel - Customers shifting between channels quickly become frustrated by fragmented experiences caused by a lack of channel integration. Achieving a true omnichannel customer experience that overcomes the challenges of information silos has become a driving goal for many retailers. Advanced Data Analytics - With the expectation for personalized experiences comes the need for greater customer insights. Progressive Web Applications - Blending the best of the native and web worlds, progressive web applications (PWA) are helping retailers increase mobile traffic and improve their customer experience. Cloud Deployment: The best AWS DevOps Tools. Navneet Kumar September 25, 2020 If you tried to imagine how things would be today without mobile phones, applications, and the cloud, it would be quite tricky.

Cloud Deployment: The best AWS DevOps Tools

The convenience that we enjoy – instant messaging, easy access to files, storage back up, and many others – is made possible by cloud computing. From the developer's point of view, cloud-based services are incredibly powerful yet extremely challenging to build and maintain. Digital Marketing Hacks for eCommerce Brands.

Jerick Baluyot June 25, 2020 Once upon a time, the internet was only a tool for searching for information and connecting with loved ones.

Digital Marketing Hacks for eCommerce Brands

Today, it’s hard to imagine it again as just that and nothing more – especially when almost every daily task involves scrolling through our phones or checking our laptops. The internet is now the go-to for every person – whether it’s for leisure, education, or even shopping. Almost every brand is hopping online to claim their position in the e-market. Inventory Management Tips For Small Business. Louel Siena July 3, 2020.

Inventory Management Tips For Small Business

ServiceNow ticketing tool tutorial. Abhinav Nishant September 2, 2020 An IT systems in place is a must for every brand, whether digital or traditional.

ServiceNow ticketing tool tutorial

Employees can enjoy automated systems and easy access to data with a reliable infrastructure in place. Yet, as helpful as the benefits are, no IT system is perfect. Continuous Integration: Improving collaboration and developing better applications. How the Virtual Assistant Landscape Looks Like in 2020. Glenda Tirona June 22, 2020 After a massive boom in 2017, Virtual Assistants (VA) have seen incredible growth in career demand and popularity.

How the Virtual Assistant Landscape Looks Like in 2020

Thanks to the proven skills and effectiveness of professionals in the market, off-site services continue to dominate the eCommerce industry. Many companies today believe that the strength of virtual assistant services lies in their ability to cater needs while offering benefits that office-based employees don’t. Amid the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, remote employees are becoming the better option for companies to reach maximum productivity at minimum cost. Intelegencia Analytics in Alpharetta, GA 30022. Online Shopping is the new trend now because it offers convenience.

Intelegencia Analytics in Alpharetta, GA 30022

If there’s anything you want to buy without travelling or visiting a store, you can visit the online marketplace. With a simple search and click, you’ll find websites that offer the items you need in a wide variety of options. You’ll even see additional product details that you wouldn’t normally find in a physical store such item specifications and customer reviews.

How Amazon Product Listing Optimization Work: Ultimate Guide. The Major Security Testing Types and Tools. Saimukund Mathur December 12, 2019 This is where security testing comes into the picture.

The Major Security Testing Types and Tools

It is a process of detecting security risks and vulnerabilities in the software systems early on so that developers can fix them before they're in front of your users. To ensure security through all the different layers of an application From the security standpoint, there are different layers of an application. There's the infrastructure of the application. Then there's the network layer. What is cloud computing and what is type of them?

What is a CMS? CMS Tips and best software in 2020. Creating Better Customer Experiences with Digital Experience Platforms. Blockchain for Dummies - Google Slides. A Guide to Blockchain Application Development. Digital Customer Experience Consultant. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Custom Enterprise Software Development Services. Mobile App Development Intelegencia's mobile teams have been designing, developing, and maintaining mobile application since our inception, i.e., over 11 years in making.

Custom Enterprise Software Development Services

We continue to learn and evolve as mobile technologies do, because our clients place their trust on our expertise to ensure that we come up with cutting-edge and robust mobile solutions. Data Analytics Consulting Services & Solution. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are buzzwords floating around these days in almost every technical and business event, tradeshow, board meeting, and coffee discussion.

Data Analytics Consulting Services & Solution

But rightfully so, as ML/AI has started to play a very critical role when it comes to better customer engagement, increased speed to answer, competitive edge and even cost reduction. Product Design and Development Agency. Digital Experience Platforms: DXP Strategy for Advanced Experiences. Deepak Sharma June 29, 2020 Digital transformation is a term that’s been floating above the business industry for quite some time. We hear press releases about companies investing heavily on fully automating their tasks or consumer services. However, digital transformation doesn’t only mean creating convenient solutions. At the forefront, becoming a digital-first company means providing the best experience for customers through digital experience platforms. Blockchain for Dummies: Tapping the eCommerce Industry. Avishek Ojha July 6, 2020 Countless technology trends have surfaced throughout the years. But if there’s one innovation that kept enthusiasts on their feet, it’s Blockchain. Blockchain has evolved since its introduction to our social consciousness ten years ago.

It started off forming the foundation of the cryptocurrency-based economy. Today, it’s a real game-changer poised to revolutionize various parts of the global economy. Intelegencia Ps's answer to What are Big Data solutions? Back Office Support Services Take Your Business to a New Level. Back office operations definitely affect the front office operations. Need of Back office support services in covid-19 situation by intelegencia. Exceptional Data Entry Practices For Efficient and Accurate Data Entry. Choosing The Right Data Entry Outsourcing Service. 3 Major Signs You Need The Help of a Virtual Assistant. Big Data Management: Utilizing Data to Your Advantage. What is Big Data? Intelegencia — How Automation Testing Services Can Help Your... Switch from TFS to Azure DevOps and minimize the risks to your organization. Key Services Offered by Cloud Providers That Help Build an Application.

Intelegencia company which is headquartered in atlanta... - intelegencia. Starting a Business? Outsource These Key Areas To a BPO Service. Digital transformation to stay ahead of Your competitors. Cloud Application Services, Cloud Infrastructure and Services. Virtual Office Support Services. GET TO KNOW BACK OFFICE SERVICES. Big Data Management Solutions, Data Mining for Business Intelligence. Quality engineering & assurance. Intelegencia — What Back Office Support Services do Intelegencia...