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Five Kinds of Trucks for Commercial Purposes

19 october 2018

Five Kinds of Trucks for Commercial Purposes

There are many kinds of commercial trucks that can be used for commercial purposes. Each truck is often further subdivided into different types. Listed below are five of them: 


1.   Semi-trailer truck 

You can easily distinguish this type of truck from other trucks because of the structure. It has a tractor and a trailer where the tractor does not carry load, rather, it carries the weight of the front of the trailer. These trucks can be designed to easily carry vehicles because majority of these trucks are equipped with ramps. 


2.   Box truck 

The box truck is the go-to truck for all types of businesses, whether small, mid-size, or large businesses. It's a great truck for deliveries, moving furniture and appliances, and it’s also customizable to suit specific types of businesses. 


3.   Tow truck 

There are different types of tow trucks, namely: wheel-lift, hook and chain, flatbed, and integrated tow trucks. Tow trucks are able to haul vehicles that are not properly parked, or those that have broken down.  


4.   Heavy-duty truck 

A heavy-duty truck is capable of carrying and transporting heavy equipment. How a heavy-duty truck looks like needs no explanation, because this type of truck is perhaps the most common, we see on the road. This truck can be modified to accommodate a variety of cargo. 


5.   Flatbed truck 

Cargo and equipment can easily be loaded into the flatbed truck because of the flat bed, and the absence of roofs and sides. The load tied and secured by hooks. This type of truck is still in use, especially in agriculture and construction. 


A common factor among these trucks is the function to carry load and transport them from place to place. Narrowing down your search for the right commercial truck for you will require that you know the nature of your business and what your goals and expansion plans are. A commercial truck is the next step to leveling up any enterprise and with that, it’s great if you can also get a truck insurance quoteto accompany your commercial truck investment. Visit for the most competitive prices