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I am Ritu Das a creative and versatile writer with an enthusiasm to create unique and interesting content for a wide variety of projects including blogs, web content, essays, and memoir content. My goal is to introduce my viewers with the latest changes that take place every day around the world and also to keep them updated. Check out my blogs to fill yourself with the updated information from around the corners of this planet.

5 Best LIC Policy 2020 in India! - Your Guide to Insurance. Source Life Insurance Corporation, or LIC, is a state-owned insurance company formed in 1956.

5 Best LIC Policy 2020 in India! - Your Guide to Insurance

Its purpose is to strengthen people in the direction of life insurance. According to the difference in the economic condition of the people of India, LIC brings the scheme according to the needs of the people. Here in this article below, I am going to list down the 5 best LIC policy 2020 in India. NOTE:LIC has 2048 computerized branches and 113 divisional offices. Source Life insurance is an important part of our life which makes the life of our family easy and safe even after we die.

New Endowment Plan: Source LIC New Endowment Plan is a plan that provides customers with a combination of Security and Savings i.e. The age of admission in this scheme is up to 8-50 years and the type of payment is monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual. There are also two types of alternative benefits Disability Benefit RidersLIC Accidental Death LIC e-Term Plan: Source LIC Jeevan Anand Plan: Source. ACKO General Insurance: Get Brief Idea About The Insurance - Your Guide to Insurance.

Source Acko General Insurance is basically an insurance corporation, which provides every deal on online platform.

ACKO General Insurance: Get Brief Idea About The Insurance - Your Guide to Insurance

These online platform offerings make this Insurance our new age insurance corporation. This Insurance company comes with a killer price and a zero-hassle experience. Acko General Insurance is an autonomous general insurer in India. This Insurance companymake their whole operations work through the online digital platform. NOTE:Highly skilled professional designed all plans based on the data collected and the customer desires. Source Features of the Acko General Insurance: Just like other insurance companies in India, Acko General Insurance Company too offers various facilities to its consumer and also come with a plenty of advanced features.

Killer Price: The Acko General Insurance Company does not have any physical platform for it consumer… all they have on the online platform. Completely Convenient This insurance company seems to hate paperwork just like us. Stress-Free Claims. Royal Sundaram Health Insurance: Know All About It Here - Your Guide to Insurance. Source Royal Sundaram Health Insurance offers extensive health plans that come to light with massive benefits for its policyholder and their family and dependent.

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance: Know All About It Here - Your Guide to Insurance

Health insurance policies from this insurance company are affordable and flexible with several sums insured alternatives to meet your specific needs. It offers a wide variety of health insurance policies starting from elementary health insurance coverage to some special health insurance policies that deliver maternity cover and growing sum insured mechanically each year, no matter if you even make any claim. Customers can as well get cash advantage plans that will cover the non- hospitalization costs like transportation cost during the hospitalization, etc. Source Key Features & Benefits Of Royal Sundaram Health Insurance: Just like other insurance companies Royal Sundaram Health Insurance has some of the unique key features and benefits.

Recommended Articles:- Senior Citizen Concessions & Facilities in India - Your Guide to Insurance. Source Senior citizens in India get many concessions & facilities, which helps them to reduce their burden.

Senior Citizen Concessions & Facilities in India - Your Guide to Insurance

The state and the central government provide these senior citizen concession & facilities so that the welfare of senior citizens works well. We all have grandparents and parents in our house, so it is important for every person to be aware of it for their benefit and senior citizen concession. Everyone should know what senior citizen concession and what facilities are being provided by the government for senior citizens.

Source Who Are Considered As Senior Citizens? Persons above 60 years of age are included in the list of senior citizens. Source What Are Senior Citizen Concessions & Facilities In India? There is a stage in the age when we need support. In many schemes and government facilities, they are given special attention or relaxation. Source Senior Citizen Concession on Income Tax Source Senior Citizen Concession on Train Travel Recommended Articles :-