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Western red Cedar (Thuja plicata 'Virescens') - InstantHedge. Fagus Sylvatica. Simple but impactful, this design uses a mix of colors and heights of beech hedges to make a statement while providing ultimate privacy.

Fagus Sylvatica

This dramatic, modern design further highlights the pond by reflecting the beech hedge up toward the sky. Royal Star Magnolia (Magnolia stellata 'Royal Star') Hedges. Emerald Green, Green Giant, Cedar. Hedging Plants for Sale. Unique Container Gardening Ideas. With living spaces getting smaller and smaller while our need to have plants growing around us is getting greater and greater, Designing container gardening has become an extremely important landscaping tool.

Unique Container Gardening Ideas

With Unique Container Gardening Ideas growing things in pots and planters have enabled us to develop green roofs and have lush landscapes even on the smallest urban apartment and townhouse balconies. Privacy in heavily-populated areas is especially important, but it can be hard to achieve with many rules and regulations regarding hardscaping and landscaping on city ground. Best Screening Plants. Best Privacy Hedges. InstantHedge - Accueil. Instanthedge- Quick Growing Privacy Hedge for sale. GetInstantHedge on Strikingly.

INSTANT HEDGE FENCES - Home. Quick Hedging – A garden like never before. Privacy Hedge. InstantHedge - Hedge Inspiration in Contemporary Gardens — InstantHedge. The use of hedges is primarily effective in a contemporary design due to the signature design feature of using fewer plants within the hardscape elements—thus enabling the plants chosen to have a greater visual impact.

InstantHedge - Hedge Inspiration in Contemporary Gardens — InstantHedge

Hedging is an excellent way to create a visually impactful design. Some hedge varietals are able to be installed to form the structural elements characteristic of contemporary design and most hedge shrubs are ideal for columnar or topiary work. With the use of wood, metal, concrete and rock (the primary hardscapes used in contemporary landscape design), green foliage against these materials will deliver significant visual impact.

Many hedge varietals can even thrive in containers, which has the added advantage of simpler installation and general plant care. InstantHedge - Hedge Inspiration in Modern Gardens — InstantHedge. Hedges can be used in modern and formal landscape design to great effect— with the focus on geometric shapes and topiary, clean lines and open spaces, modern designs afford an excellent canvas to showcase foliage and form.

InstantHedge - Hedge Inspiration in Modern Gardens — InstantHedge

With the signature focus on ‘shapes,’ almost all hedge shrub varietals are a great way to demonstrate the clean, geometric lines distinctive of a modern landscape aesthetic. Topiary is used to great effect in modern design, with most hedges easily able to be thoughtfully pruned and clipped into a variety of shapes and sizes—everything from crisp, perfectly angular and geometrically-inspired borders to accents. With the focus on ‘shape’ and geometric symmetry, the use of hedges in modern design is quite traditional—particularly for those primarily interested in showcasing symmetrical foliage design.

Hedges are easily installed in any desired pattern, creating an aesthetic congruence not typically found in other landscape designs. InstantHedge - Hedge Inspiration in Cottage Gardens — InstantHedge. Rural homes and large estates on acreage traditionally utilize a wide variety of hedges — from creating soft, natural barriers between each distinct part of these larger properties to using well-chosen shrubs themselves as part of a productive garden.

InstantHedge - Hedge Inspiration in Cottage Gardens — InstantHedge

These country garden designs are often characterized by garden rooms enclosed with hedges. Green Mountain Boxwood is often used in gardens at country-style estates to provide a formal look and in gardens of larger rural homes to enclose vegetable, herbal, or floral gardens. Through the use of flowering plants and climbing/vining varietals, traditional country gardens tend to be appealingly practical. The uses of herbal and vegetable gardens in these designs are seen to benefit from using hedges to create the signature densely-planted, foliage-based barriers between garden sections. InstantHedge - Hedge Inspiration in Commercial Gardens — InstantHedge. Using hedges in a commercial space makes financial, practical and aesthetic sense—hedges allow a commercial landscape design to create distinct spaces for everything from entryways, outdoor rooms, paths and bike lanes, parking, entertainment spaces, even quiet green parks and water features: essentially, hedges maximize useable space within a property by creating natural, sustainable, green barriers.

InstantHedge - Hedge Inspiration in Commercial Gardens — InstantHedge

Thoughtfully chosen hedges have a myriad of practical uses for commercial spaces:Noise and wind bufferingReducing heat load, leading to lower heating and cooling costsReducing runoffSoil stabilizationCreating a ‘green’ environment Hedge installation is an easy and cost-effective way to add value to the property, as well as creating an aesthetically welcoming space—additionally, many hedge varietals thrive in a variety of climates. Our hedges are easy to maintain with annual pruning and basic care. InstantHedge - Hedge Inspiration in Urban Gardens — InstantHedge. Urban landscape design comes with its own unique challenges—function and versatility in a design plan it typically prioritized, along with a desire for plants and design components to be multi-functional as well as beautiful.

InstantHedge - Hedge Inspiration in Urban Gardens — InstantHedge

Installing hedges is a practical way to increase versatility of an urban space while rising to the challenge of creating attractive design in smaller, more confined green spaces. Small gardens, patios and balconies, even the creation of courtyards and ‘green roofs’ are all enhanced with hedge use. InstantHedge - Explore Hedge Uses in All Garden Styles — InstantHedge. InstantHedge - Cornelian Cherry Hedges for Sale — InstantHedge. Cornus mas Notable for its showy bright yellow flowers in the spring, the Cornelian Cherry makes an attractive hedge, screen or border for a diverse range of outdoor spaces.

InstantHedge - Cornelian Cherry Hedges for Sale — InstantHedge

The tree grows easily in average well-drained soil and is relatively simple to maintain throughout the year. There are a number of immediate benefits to choosing the Cornelian Cherry for your next hedge: Dense tree that can be easily shaped into desired hedge shapeStunning yellow blossoms in the springResistant to pests and diseasesProduces edible fruit in the summer Valued for early spring bloom, the Cornelian Cherry can be grown as a low-branching, multi-stemmed shrub or small garden tree.

InstantHedge - English Laurel Hedges for Sale — InstantHedge. Prunus laurocerasus English Laurel With rich evergreen foliage throughout the year and dense branches, the English laurel is a popular for those wanting a lush, formally pruned privacy screen.

InstantHedge - English Laurel Hedges for Sale — InstantHedge

InstantHedge - Green Giant Arborvitae Hedges for Sale — InstantHedge. Thuja x.

InstantHedge - Green Giant Arborvitae Hedges for Sale — InstantHedge

‘Green Giant’ Green Giant Arborvitae The fast-growing Green Giant Arborvitae thrives in heat and humidity, which makes it an especially popular hedge choice in the regions around the Southern United States. With sturdy evergreen foliage, the tree keeps its color through the winter and looks healthy year-round. There are a number of immediate benefits to choosing the Green Giant Arborvitae for your next hedge: Evergreen throughout the yearTolerates a range of different soil conditionsDense shape works well with casual or regular pruningGrows tall quickly and creates a great privacy screenThe Green Giant is a fast-growing arborvitae hybrid that has been promoted as a disease-free substitute for other varieties of cypress, especially in the humid southeastern United States. In the proper growing environment, the tree can grow exceedingly fast, up to 4 feet per year. InstantHedge - Virescens Western Red Cedar Hedges for Sale — InstantHedge. Thuja plicata ‘Virescens’ Western Red Cedar With a dense habit that stays bright evergreen throughout the year, the Western Red Cedar makes a visually striking hedge in any outdoor space.

It generally thrives in moist environments and regions with cooler summer climates, but does well in a variety of settings. There are a number of immediate benefits to choosing the Western red cedar for your next hedge: Dark glossy green foliage that keeps its form in all seasonsConical shape responds well to hedging.Tall mature height creates a great screenEasy to maintain in different climatesWith a taller and narrower habit than other Thujas, the Western red cedar’s tight up-reaching branches make a uniquely attractive hedge. InstantHedge - Emerald Green Arborvitae Hedges for Sale — InstantHedge. Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd' Emerald Green Arborvitae For dense evergreen hedge that holds its rich colors and sturdy form throughout the seasons, the Emerald green arborvitae is an excellent choice.

A highly adaptable Thuja, it also thrives in the hotter and more humid climates of the U.S. South, making it a consistently popular hedge in that region. There are a number of immediate benefits to choosing the Emerald green arborvitae for your next hedge: Keeps its deep emerald color through the winter Tolerates dry spells once it is established An especially great shrub for taller hedges or screens Ideal for small yards and other tight areas With a narrow pyramidal habit, the Emerald green arborvitae has a great natural shape and also responds well to regular pruning. Taxus x media 'Hicksii' excellent evergreen hedge. Ilex X. Aquipernyi Dragon Lady Holly Hedge. Cornelian Cherry Dogwood is an Attractive Hedge. InstantHedge - Flame Amur Maple Hedges for Sale — InstantHedge.

Acer ginnala 'FLAME' Named in part after its bright fiery red color in autumn, the Flame Amur Maple makes a beautiful and sturdy hedge for a variety of settings. It is a relatively low-maintenance tree that grows especially well in direct sun or sun-dappled locations. There are a number of immediate benefits to choosing the Flame Amur Maple for your next hedge: InstantHedge - Schip Laurel Hedges for Sale — InstantHedge. InstantHedge - Copper and Purple Beech Hedges for Sale — InstantHedge. Fagus sylvatica f. Atropurpurea Purple European Beech This purple-leaved form of the European beech tolerates a wider range of soils than the American Beech (Fagus grandifolia). Purple beech is the common name for a particular strain of seedlings that have deep purple coloration instead of the green typical of the species; seedlings with this unique attribute are considered to be a forma of the European beech known as the Atropurpurea group.

This group includes a variety of purple-leaved European beech trees with many different leaf colors, from pale purple with tints of green to bronze-purple and even a dark purple that is nearly black. The tree is native to the woodlands of southern and central Europe. InstantHedge - Boxwood Hedges for Sale — InstantHedge. InstantHedge - Privacy Hedges for Your Garden.