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Projects Executed By INOX India Pvt. Ltd. Inox India Pvt Ltd as well as CVA have successfully executed projects Globally with its in house Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, Construction, Testing and commissioning capabilities and resources INOXCVA offers project specific solutions for Cryogenic storage.

Projects Executed By INOX India Pvt. Ltd.

Vaporization and Distribution Systems on EPC and EPCC basis for Scientific Research Applications, LNG, Petrochemicals, Steel, Oil & Gas and Fertilizer industries. Solutions provided are enriched by the expertise acquired and resources developed over years in executing the Projects. The Company is empowered by a team of Skilled Project Managers, Engineers, Planners and Financial experts. The collective experience and knowledge of the team ensures compliance to minute details of specifications and requirements. Cryogenic tanks, vessels, containers & transport tanks of various types - INOX India Pvt. Ltd. Inoxindia. Health, Safety and Environment at INOX India Pvt. Ltd. Our company is certified under BS OHSAS 18001:2007, by Bureau Veritas valid till February 16, 2013.

Health, Safety and Environment at INOX India Pvt. Ltd.

We recognize Occupational Health, Safety and Environment as integral part of our business performance and we are committed to achieving continual and effective improvement through the objectives and targets whilst complying with occupational Health, Safety and Environment legislation and other requirements. We have proactive management system that enables us to deliver high standard of work at all times.

As an Engineering company, we pay attention to safety in the design of our products as well manufacturing processes followed by us. Ensuring the health and safety of our employees and protecting the environment – are core values of INOX India. We uphold these values in the same way that we ensure the quality of our work - by implementing rigorous controls through every phase of our works. Highest priority is accorded to maintain safety standards. Projects Executed By INOX India Pvt. Ltd. Projects Executed By INOX India Pvt. Ltd.

Quality Assurance From INOX India Pvt. Ltd. News & Event INOX Group feels honored & privileged in becoming a part of India's Olympic dream!

Quality Assurance From INOX India Pvt. Ltd.

We are looking forward to the Indian contingent scaling new heights... INOX India to supply Cryogenic Flexible Cryolines to ITER. ... INOXCVA Storage tanks adding value to Air Liquide Brasil Operations to support medical fraternity tirelessly fighting the covid19... INOXCVA 13000 liters storage tank & vaporizer unit getting dispatched for installation at Hospital in Pune.... INOXCVA congratulates Messer gases Brazil in the endeavour to support medical fraternity tirelessly fighting the covid19. INOXCVA's partnership with Shell_India was put up at Reuters Building, Times Square, Manhattan, NY! 2020 Starts with a Showstopper...!... India Office Contact Details - INOXCVA. News & Event INOX Group feels honored & privileged in becoming a part of India's Olympic dream!

India Office Contact Details - INOXCVA

We are looking forward to the Indian contingent scaling new heights... Engineering Expertise Of INOX India Pvt. Ltd. News & Event INOX Group feels honored & privileged in becoming a part of India's Olympic dream!

Engineering Expertise Of INOX India Pvt. Ltd.

We are looking forward to the Indian contingent scaling new heights... Manufacturing Plants of INOX India Pvt. Ltd. INOX India has comprehensive manufacturing facilities, catering to the customers' diverse cryogenic needs.

Manufacturing Plants of INOX India Pvt. Ltd.

Its manufacturing plants in Kalol (near Vadodara) and Kandla (near Gandhidham) have some of the best technologies and equipment in India and provide for a very challenging and satisfying work environment. These manufacturing plants keep abreast with the latest technology to meet the growing market expectations. INOX India has a strong Product Development set-up with world class facilities and stringent quality control measures at various stages of production to ensure world class quality. INOX India established this state-of-the-art production facility in 1992 at Kalol, near Vadodara, in Gujarat. This is one of the most integrated manufacturing facilities plant in the Indian Cryogenic Industry.

Spread over 30,000 m2, and 19,000 m2 workshop area, this plant is manned by more than 280 engineers, technicians and support staff. Inoxindia Profile and Activity. Media Hub. Addressing Health, Safety & Environment Concerns at Inox India. Every year, 4th of March is observed as National Safety Day in India to create more awareness about Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in all spheres of life, especially industrial workplaces.

Addressing Health, Safety & Environment Concerns at Inox India

The motive of National Safety Day is to minimize the occurrences of mishaps and accidents resulting due to lack of awareness. It promotes individual developmental activities required for self-compliance and SHE management systems at workplaces. High Performing Cryogenic Liquid Vaporizer & Water-bath Vaporizer. Since inception in 1992, Inox India has established a global footprint and offers comprehensive solutions in cryogenic storage tanks, ambient air vaporizers and distribution engineering.

High Performing Cryogenic Liquid Vaporizer & Water-bath Vaporizer

INOX India has grown to become a market leader in the highly challenging field of vacuum insulated cryogenic equipment in India and across the world. Inox India also specializes in the manufacturing of large cryogenic storage tanks and ambient air vaporizers. We have an enviable track-record and boast great experience and experience in liquid storage tanks. Over the years, we have catered to global giants for their gas or cryogenic storage equipment. Inox India offers an extensive portfolio in cryogenic liquid vaporizers, which are a high-performing special low-temperature stainless steel heat exchangers.

Water bath vaporisers have a stream heating mechanism and it heats the water in the tunnel. Like this: Like Loading... Safety For Liquid Nitrogen Tanks – A Case Study. Two recent life-threatening incidents involving the Liquid Nitrogen container occurred.

Safety For Liquid Nitrogen Tanks – A Case Study

In the first incident, professionals attempted a wrench to open the valve. The forcibly carried out move sheared the valve seat. As a result, the entire valve got dislodged from the container thereby causing violet and harmful release of Liquid Nitrogen. In yet another incident, a professional tried to remove the valve from a container by force. How to Avoid Boil-off Gas in Cryogenic Vessels? Cryogenics is the science concerning low temperature.

How to Avoid Boil-off Gas in Cryogenic Vessels?

A commercially viable solution to store liquid gas is the Cryogenic tank. But, as time progressed, the problem with the storage of gases as liquids at Cryogenic temperature was recognized too. It is known as boil-off gas (BOG). When heat from various sources transfers into the tank, it ultimately causes the liquid to boil and evaporate; consequently, the pressure rises. The boil-off is inherent because of the ambient heat input. There are various conditions responsible for boil-off within Cryogenic tanks such as heat absorbed from ambient air bylines, heat absorbed from ambient air by a refrigerated storage tank, a rapid variation of barometric pressure, heat produced by the pumps’ operation, etc.

As industry people know, Cryogenic gases are stored in the tanks at temperatures which are below the boiling point. Minimizing Risks involved in Handling Cryogenic Tanks. There are potential hazards when it comes to handling cryogenic tanks. They are prone to explosions when there is a rapid rise in pressure within cryogenically stored liquefied gas. Cryogenic liquids need to be stored in specially designed liquid storage tanks which are built to specifications. People can also face frostbite or burns if cryogenic liquids come into contact with the skin. In case of any spills, cryogenic liquids can cause major damage to equipment, floors, pipes, lab benches, and other infrastructure. What is a vaporizer? How does it work? – Must Read! Vaporizers are responsible for vaporizing liquefied natural gas and other working fluids.

It functions in a similar way like industrial boilers. Vaporizers are used for fluids such as ethane, ethylene, and nitrogen. It also allows heat from a liquid or a gas to pass to a second fluid. The two fluids do not come into direct contact with each other. Vaporizers generally work to heat or cool buildings or help engines and machines to work more efficiently. Dewar or Auto-Fill for Cryogenic Storage? Which works the best?

Cryogenic liquids are usually stored and transported in tanks which are mostly large in size. Even a small amount of heat inlet could return the products to a gaseous state. The Cryogenic vessel is designed in such a way that the transfer of heat into the tank is minimized. For cryogenic storage, most of the laboratories face a choice between cryogenic dewars and Auto-fill system. It is only after exploring their benefits and drawbacks that one can make the right selection. Understanding Ambient Air Vaporizer Made Easier Now. Ambient air vaporizer is used to vaporize Nitrogen, Oxygen, LNG and other cryogenic liquids at extremely low temperature. The frost formation occurs because of a huge temperature difference between ambient air and cryogenic fluid.

Uncomplicated heat exchanges are used to vaporize liquefied gas by making use of heat absorbed from ambient air. Due to the simplification with which the process is carried out, these vaporizers don’t need external power; they use ambient air as the source of energy. Ambient vaporizers are used in a wide range of application throughout the industry. They are vertically oriented heat exchanges. Notably, vaporizer’s vertical orientation creates natural downdraft because of warmer air which is lighter than the cold dense air.

Wide gap natural convection vaporizer is designed to be operated for several days without defrost. Like this: Like Loading... Oil and Gas Storage Tank Applications and Design Features. Oil and gas storage tanks are containers used for the storage of oil, gas and petrochemical products which are employed for industrial uses. Notably, industrial storage tanks have been made available in different shapes and sizes. Gas or liquid storage tanks can be horizontal, vertical and underground; besides, they are made from steel, plastic, concrete, stone, to name a few. These storage tanks are categorized into different types based on the material, application, shape, structure and capacity. The industry-specific standards which outline requirements for the design, erection, fabrication and inspection of oil and gas storage tanks must be followed to manufacture a tank while minimizing the risk of probable damage to the environment and structural failure.

However, tank dimensions or features to be incorporated in the design are specified by manufacturers depending on their unique requirements and applications. Essential Factors for Pressure Vessel Manufacturing. Pressure vessel is designed to store liquids or gases at varying pressures as well as temperatures. Predictive Maintenance And Asset Management- How Are They Related? All About Predictive Maintenance And Recent Trends: Asset management is critical in the oil and gas industry where advanced machinery is quite expensive while depreciation is a major cost.

Equipment reliability and safety therefore becomes significantly important. Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tanks – Safety & Excellence Redefined. Rising Demand Across Industries! What The Future Holds For Oil And Gas Industry! LNG Liquid Storage Tanks: Cooling design for efficient storage. Managing liquid nitrogen: how to handle the hazardous cryogenic?

Liquid nitrogen is a sensitive cryogenic because of its distinct elemental properties. It is colourless, odourless, non-irritating & tasteless. What are different LNG Vaporisers used fo regasification of natural gas? Natural gas is an important industrial substance. It has a variety of uses in manufacturing, scientific laboratories, preservation centers, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Due to its properties, it is used to manufacture chemicals like methnaol, utane, ammonia, and propane. Why is it important to choose the right Oil and Gas Equipment? What makes customized cryogenic vessel the first choice for storing cryogenics? Stainless Steel Liquid Storage Tanks: Are they better for storing cryogenics? Storage of cryogenics in a cryogenic dewar & the risk involved with overfilling.

Effective storage of insect cells in a cryogenic storage container. In search of oil: Oil field equipment for simplifying the drilling process. HANDLING LIQUID NITROGEN: STORING IT SAFELY IN A LIQUID NITROGEN CONTAINER. Handling liquid nitrogen: storing it safely in a liquid nitrogen container. How to maintain health & environment safety while handling liquid nitrogen? Is it feasible to store bulk solids in liquid storage tanks? Finding the perfect ambient air vaporizer for your cryogenic tank. Cryogenic tanks are made to resist heavy pressure & heating temperatures. The tank walls are manufactured in such a way that it can contain the cryogenics without disturbing their elemental properties. For continuous heat exchange & maintaining constant vacuum pressure, ambient air vaporizers are connected to the storage tanks for enhancing their vaporizing capacity. How does a cryogenic vaporizer work?

The vaporizers are made of aluminum cooling fins that absorb the surrounding warm air in the atmosphere. After that, it transfers this heat into the cryogenic tank converting the liquid into a gaseous state. These cryogenic vaporizers are environment-friendly and don’t need any extra equipment to implement with the cryogenic tank. Selecting the perfect ambient air vaporizer While purchasing the vaporizer, the manufacturer must keep in mind the size of the vaporizer & the temperature zone.

Like this: Cleaning the cryogenic storage container: Timing & Process. What to consider while selecting the best cryogenic dewar for your industry. Safely measures to be undertaken while managing cryogenic liquids. Stimulating the flow of natural gas with hydraulic fracking. Hydraulic fracturing or fracking is a technique utilized to drill deep down the rocky surfaces for extracting oil & natural gas. Overcoming the challenges faced in managing Oil & Gas equipment.

Managing & Handling of Cryogenics with liquid storage tanks. Safeguarding the properties of liquid nitrogen in Liquid Nitrogen Dewars. Choosing the perfect cryogenic tank manufacturer for better storage vessels. Bringing LNG back to its Natural State: Regasification through LNG Vaporizers. How to prevent hazards caused by liquid oxygen during transportation? Implementing a Nitrogen Pump to enhance the capabilities of Oilfield Equipment.

Seven secrets to address your loved one's alcohol addiction problem. How can different industries utilize liquid nitrogen tanks safely? Safety Risks while Handling Liquid Oxygen in Cryogenic Tanks & Government’s Norms. A Clarion Call for Safety of De-addiction Patients at Every Rehab Center. How proper equipment can augment oil & gas production? Hazards of Liquid Gas and Monitoring it in Cryogenic Storage Tanks. How To Prevent Storage Tank Incidents. Construction Work Made Easy with Oilfield Equipment. Use of Nitrogen Tanks In Life Science. Construction & Issues with Cryogenic Tanks. Important Types of Micro Bulk Systems- II.