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Inox Artisans

Founded in Memphis, Tennessee, Inox Artisans offers a unique selection of flatware sets, serving pieces, kitchenware, cheese accessories, and more. We stock only the best quality items made from top-notch materials, thoroughly finished by talented craftsmen. Each purchase from us provides sustainable job opportunities for artisans specializing in ancient handcrafting procedures. Our offerings are 100% handmade and make for great gifts. With us, customers also enjoy free shipping on orders above $50 and cash rewards on every purchase.

Get Stainless Steel Hammered Flatware Sets. Get Amazing Flatware Sets with Satin Finish. Handmade Dinnerware for an Inviting Dinner Tablet. Contemporary Dinnerware - Find the Perfect Addition. Top Things to Consider Before Buying Flatware Sets. An ideal restaurant requires perfect decor, layout, theme, concept, and most importantly the cutlery.

Top Things to Consider Before Buying Flatware Sets

Silverware is as important as the planned uniforms, Tasty dishes, and commercial equipment to run the food business effectively. Without proper cutlery sets, your entire business could get distorted. It’s been said that “your cutlery must be as high as the dishes you serve”. Buy it Right - Do’s and Don’ts During the initial days, most food business owners don't pay much attention to what flatware they use. 1 - Don’t Buy Limited Edition Kitchenware Limited edition tag sounds tempting, right? Suppose you bought a limited edition cheese knife sets and a spoon set. Nobody wants to see two types of sets on the table; therefore, you have no choice but to replace the entire set. 2 - Different Cuisine Requires Different Cutlery When you are running a restaurant, you have to pay extra attention to what’s on the plate.

For instance, if you serve seafood then you need a special type of knives. Beautiful Flatware Set Designs to Please Various Tastes. Finely-Crafted Cheese Knife Sets Perfect for Entertaining. Serve Moscow Mules the Right Way with Inox’s Copper Mugs. INOX Artisan’s handcrafted mugs are hand-hammered from 100% pure, heavy-gauge copper.

Serve Moscow Mules the Right Way with Inox’s Copper Mugs

Perfect for any barware collection, these Moscow Mule copper mugs can also be used to serve a variety of cocktails and drinks on any occasion. We have these copper mugs in two different shapes - the classic cylindrical shape as well as a rounder shape for a more modern take on the iconic version. True Moscow Mule lovers know how essential the copper mugs are in the complete sipping experience. Although originated more than seventy years ago, these mugs are the most important element of preparing a great Moscow Mule even today. This is because copper mugs have been known to improve the flavors of all the ingredients involved in the making of this amazing drink - vodka, ginger beer or ale, and lime. These sleek, elegant, and dependable mugs will add a real charm to your home bar and kitchenware with their stylish and tasteful outer finish. Features: Amazing Center Pieces Kitchenware Enthusiasts will Love! Cake Serving Set - A Necessity of Cake Lovers.

If you’ve ever observed the manner in which cake is served at events, you probably couldn’t help but notice (and perhaps, envy) how cleanly and precisely each piece is cut.

Cake Serving Set - A Necessity of Cake Lovers

Come to think of it, cakes are cut on almost every occasion. This makes it all the more important to know how to serve cakes, don’t you think? We think it does, and so does owning a great cake serving set when you need to do the honors. So, in this blog, we’ll list some of the most common occasions that call for a perfect slice of heaven, and why those peculiarly shaped utensils are the key to doing it right. Cake Serving Set: A Trend or a Necessity While we talk about the knife and server, let’s not forget the unsung hero of dessert serving - the cake stands. Here are just a few events where a cake serving set can make life easier - Birthdays! Birthdays are celebrated universally with equal enthusiasm, and a majority of them have one major element in common - the birthday cake. Anniversaries. Rules for Placing Contemporary Dinnerware on the Table. What makes a host, great?

Rules for Placing Contemporary Dinnerware on the Table

No matter how good the food is, but if the presentation is not right, it leaves a terrible impression. Silverware such as knives, forks, plates, glasses, coffee spoons must be well-placed to leave a positive effect on the guests. Setting and management are important because if you place all the things in the right places you can keep the table tidy even after the party is over. If you don’t know how to set a table for your guest, don’t worry, this blog will help you in being an amazing host. With no other further adieu, let’s begin - Know Your Tools - Types and Uses.

Buy Exclusive Range of Contemporary Dinnerware. Buy Stylish and Unique Flatware Sets Online. Center Pieces Kitchenware for Kitchen Decor. Buy Coffee Spoons at Affordable Prices. Things to Consider before Buying a Flatware Set. Things to Consider before Buying a Flatware Set. Copper Flatware & Marble Boards to Complete Your Kitchen. Moscow Mules? Enjoy Them in Our Pure Copper Mugs! Intricate Kitchen Set Patterns and Gorgeous Cheese Knife Sets!