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SQL Server Management studio. Configuring Azure VM using ARM templates. Microsoft Azure is an advanced set of cloud computing services that hosts existing applications, streamline the development of new applications,and also enhances on premises applications.

Configuring Azure VM using ARM templates

It provides assistance in the whole process of testing, deploying and managing applications and services. When deployment of infrastructure-as-code to Azure is required, the most effective and simple way of doing it is Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates. It define the objects required as well as types, names, properties in JSON format which can be recognized by ARM API. Azure is managed by API. Originally it was managed using the Azure Service Management API which was replaced AZURE Resource Manager(ARM API). In a nutshell, building both Azure VM with ARM templates comprises of two rough steps: building a JSON template file and executing the New-AzureRmResourceGroupDeployment cmdlet, which then facilitates in reading all of the logic inside this JSON template file to feed the Azure API parameters. Facts You Must Know about Common Data Service. Common Data Service is a platform that allows to securely manage and store data used for business applications.

Facts You Must Know about Common Data Service

Data gets stored in a set of entities. Just as a table stores data in a database, an entity uses a set of records to store data. Though Common Data Service comes with a set of basic entities covering typical scenarios, you can always create entities for your organisation. Why should You Use Common Data Service? Standard and custom entities in Common Data Service offer secure cloud-based storage for your data.

Easily Manageable: Since both the data and the metadata is stored in the cloud, you need not worry of the way they are stored. Secure: Data storage is secure here. Access Dynamics 365 Data: Since this data is stored in the Common Data Service, you can build applications leveraging it. Increase Productivity: The entities are available as add-in for Microsoft Excel. How Common Data Service Benefits the Dynamics 365 Users? Innovative Tech Experts. Positive Leadership refers to the implementation of multiples positive practice, experience, and modeling.

Innovative Tech Experts

A positive leader should be interested in and focused on his or her employees’ betterment and development. Positive leaders need to have positive energy and should provide strategies Leadership is much more than giving orders, making schedules, and managing annual performance reports, but it is a task that requires a lot of dedication and skills. It is not so simple to lead others, it may get a little messy sometimes, but being a leader you are supposed to look after all that.

Azure for Beginners: Things You Need to Know. Microsoft Azureis a single junction or portal that allows to manage or access multiple applications in a single location.

Azure for Beginners: Things You Need to Know

It helps to manage, build and monitor anything from simple applications to the complex ones through a unified console. You can define Microsoft Azure as a collection of cloud services that can help you meet your business goals. Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of services, like analytics, storage, networking and compute, allowing users to choose a service and develop new applications or run the existing ones in cloud.

Compatible with open source technologies, Microsoft Azure has the tools that can support different industries, like finance and e-commerce. UiPath: Make Your Own Bots. How about having a Bot for yourself who is going to complete your repetitive and boring stuff.

UiPath: Make Your Own Bots

Who is capable to work on almost each and every application and you can enjoy your life or do some valuable work. A Bot which can work as your Personal Assistant. A Bot which can read your emails, Mark your task, complete your work on Microsoft Excel, do calculations, save the documents, enter data into Web App/Desktop App and by that time you can take sip of Tea/Coffee or enjoy your time. UiPath makes all this possible. UiPath is a Robotic Process Automation tool which is capable of automating almost all kind of Processes. UIPath is the leader in the RPA Tools as it is used by most of the Organization and helping them to automation their manual processes and generating revenues.

UIPath Editions Various Editions of UiPath given below Community Cloud: – UiPath Community Cloud is for individual to learn UiPath. UIPath Tools UIPath Assistant: – This help to running the processes. Shrink / Reduce SQL Database Size and Reindex the databases. I got into a bit of complex project dynamics when I was handed over a SQL database which was having performance issues and huge database size.

Shrink / Reduce SQL Database Size and Reindex the databases

The mdf file was about 400Gb and ldf (Log file) was about 200GB. Now it was getting difficult to manage the backups, ability to quickly restore in case of need and all other associated problems. The business was keen to find a workable solution as soon as possible. And after a few attempts I was able to get the database size reduced to ~200GB.

Obviously there was no magic and I was able to free up a large ammount of data by deleting/archiving records from an Audit table which gets hit by record inserts for every user action in the application. But interstingly SQL does not free up the space automatically after you delete data/records from the database. There is an AutoShrink option available in SQL. (This option can be used from the Query editor or also using the SQL Server Management Sudio. )