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Appcelerator Titanium Facebook Like Menu. Appersonlabs/MASlidingMenu.

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Slide menu like Facebook. Slide menu like Path. iOS Slider Menu Widget for Titanium Alloy. A fairly recent design pattern has emerged on iOS in the form of a slider menu, used by apps including Facebook, Gmail, Path and YouTube. I decided to re-create this pattern using Appcelerator ‘s new Alloy framework . Alloy is an MVC framework designed to streamline app development and can be extended with reusable widgets. You can get alloy here . Tap button to open and close. Drag finger horizontally on left edge to open and close. Create a Sliding Menu for iOS. This tutorial will teach you how to build a sliding menu similar to the one featured in the Facebook application using Titanium Mobile.

Create a Sliding Menu for iOS

Step 1: Getting Started The sliding menu consists of a full-sized window (the main window) on top of a smaller one that contains a table view (the menu). To create the sliding effect, we'll have to trigger an animation that will track and follow a touch event horizontally. However, let's save that for later. For now, we'll start by setting up the windows.