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Genres musicaux, Abromont, Guide Fayard, Polychoralité dans la Sonata pian' e forte de Gabrieli. Giovanni GABRIELI= Canzon duodecimi toni. Giovanni Gabrieli - Canzon XVI for 12 Parts. Canzon septimi toni (Giovanni Gabrieli, 1597) Giovanni Gabrieli - Sinfoniae Sacrae - instrumented and conducted by V.Kazandjiev - Sofia Soloists. Giovanni Gabrieli Music for Christmas in St Mark of Venice Jean Tubery. Magnificat a 14 (Giovanni Gabrieli, 1615) Gabrieli: Suscipe - Choir of King's College Cambridge. Giovanni Gabrieli - Canzonas and Sonatas from Sacrae Symphoniae. Venetian Sacred Vocal & Instrumental Works by Giovanni Gabrieli.