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Using E-Portfolios in Your Classroom. A Great Tool Students and Teachers Can Use to Create Customized Portfolio Websites. February , is a great tool for teachers and student-teachers allowing them to create a customized portfolio website.

A Great Tool Students and Teachers Can Use to Create Customized Portfolio Websites

Members get their own URL where they can organize all of their materials in one place. Some current features include:Members can request professional endorsementsPassword protection is available for the portfolio website as well as files uploadedMembers can publish documents and pictures Video embedding is supportedMultiple layouts and design options are available Portfoliogen also offers a premium service that includes more features such as : Create UNLIMITED pages Upload up to 100 documents and files PDF, DOC, MP3, XLS, PPT File Uploads Add up to 100 photos Embed UNLIMITED videos Export / Download your portfolioEnhanced design and layout customization Upload header and background images Save and access all templates and layouts Add Unlimited web links UNLIMITED journal posts Resume Creator Here is an example of a portfolio website: 23 Tools For Students To Publish What They Learn. 23 Tools For Students To Publish What They Learn by Nadya Khoja, It’s no surprise that’s no surprise that there are so many tools available for students to publish their ideas to in the year 2015.

23 Tools For Students To Publish What They Learn

There was once a time when publishing thoughts to the web required considerable knowledge of HTML and CSS, however with the surge of online blogging and publication systems, the power of expression has never been easier. Students now have a well of opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas with the added chance of getting global feedback on those insights. Here is a list of some of the best online publication tools that students can post their creative impressions on. 1. 2. Blogger, formerly known as Blogspot is publishing platform owned by Google. 3. WordPress is certainly one of the most popular blogging platforms on the web.

Welcome to bulb. Imágenes vintage gratis / Free vintage images: Flores y frutas vintage en formato png. transparente. Algunas imágenes png más para vuestros collages digitales o para decorar vuestros blogs.

Imágenes vintage gratis / Free vintage images: Flores y frutas vintage en formato png. transparente

Esta vez son flores vintage y algunas frutas, la mayoría eran archivos jpg. recortados por mí. Mi favorita es la cesta del principio, una maravilla, como veis, le he mejorado un poco el contraste para que los colores queden aún más vivos, pues las impresoras (al menos la mía) no suele respetar el brillo de los tonos. Espero que os guste :-) Estaré unos días sin publicar, me reclaman asuntos más urgentes. Como no termine de corregir mi libro mi familia dejará de dirigirme la palabra :-) y al ser un trabajo intelectual debo prestarle toda mi atención, aunque me cueste :-) Aún así, procuraré al menos no dejar de visitaros, si puedo. No me gusta hacer entradas tan largas, pero quería dejaros buen sabor de boca hasta mi vuelta :-) Un beso grande a todas, con todo mi cariño.Here you have some more png images for your digital collages, digital scrapbooking works or to decorate your blogs.

10 Tools to Create Online Student Portfolios. Hannah Dickins The digital revolution encompasses every aspect of our lives – especially learning.

10 Tools to Create Online Student Portfolios

One of the most promising learning opportunities brought by this transformation is the possibility of creating online student portfolios. Instructors can use portfolio options, in conjunction with data backpacks, to teach students how to build a narrative of their growth and achievement – a skill they can use in both their personal and professional development. The best portfolios are those which are compiled by students themselves. Fortunately, there are many tools available for crafting engaging digital student portfolios – here are 10 best picks for fostering this creative exercise in the classroom. 1. This is an excellent tool which was actually built by teachers with online student portfolios in mind. 2.

At a first glance, Edublogs seems to offer a similar blogging platform to WordPress, but it differs in its core character as a tool meant exclusively for students. 3. Googlios. The Best Website Builders to Create a Clean Online Portfolio. If you don’t already have an online portfolio, you should seriously – and I mean very seriously – consider building one.

The Best Website Builders to Create a Clean Online Portfolio

It doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the 10 sites listed below make creating an online portfolio quite easy. Whether you’re 18 or 88, having an online portfolio is a great way to boost your professional image, help you visualize your accomplishments, and attract more attention from your peers and potential employers. Online portfolios can help you creatively display your resume online, or they can simply tell others a little bit about you and what your life is all about. If you want to make an online portfolio that looks clean and professional, check out these 10 website builders that can help you create the perfect online portfolio. Moonfruit Moonfruit is a website builder that lends itself well to personal website and portfolio creation. Pros: Cons: