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Mind Maps, Innovation & Creativity Trainer & Certification in Delhi/NCR. Mind Mapping Training Course. Mind Mapping Training Course. Online Project Management Trainings. Innovation Trainer in Delhi/NCR. Inlighten Consultancy. Online Project Management Trainings. Project Planning Expert In India. Manage Projects Effectively Using Mind Maps. Mind map is a powerful graphic technique which involves structuring the information in such a way that it resembles the working pattern of the brain very closely.

Manage Projects Effectively Using Mind Maps

Mind map harnesses the full range of cortical skills in a unique powerful manner and thus reaches into the infinite expanses of your brain. It enhances the brain’s cognitive functions by engaging it in a more efficient way. Mind maps are used in a wide variety of areas which includes brainstorming, studying and memorization, note taking, gaining insight on complex subjects and planning day, month or even life. It is widely used in organizations for researching and consolidating information from various sources and presenting the information and also stroking your creativity. In the organizations, mind mapping can be used in the following areas: PresentationsTrainingsDecisionsPlanningArticlesVisionMarketingSalesStrategyManaging ProjectsBrainstorming For further information, you can refer the given video.

Get The Best Mind Mapping Services With Inlighten Consultancy » Time to move from FB to TB. Inlighten Consultancy provides a large number of e-learning and classroom programs serving to individual, educational institutes and organizational needs.

Get The Best Mind Mapping Services With Inlighten Consultancy » Time to move from FB to TB

Their speciality is the use of Mind Maps which is a simple tool to enhance creativity, for a number of their classroom programs. The Infographic titled as “Consultancy & Workshops on Mind Maps and Project Management” talks about the services and training programs offered by Inlighten Consultancy. Mind Mapping for Project Management is one such service provided by them. It was founded by Maneesh Dutt, who has a rich industry experience of 20 years and has conducted 11,000+ Man-hrs workshops on Project Management & Mind Maps.

Mind Mapping Training Course. Inlighten Consultancy. E-learning for my employees?? Why not! If you have still not tried any online program for your employees till now, I would sincerely request you to experiment once.

E-learning for my employees?? Why not!

Yes, there are some course which demand a class room sessions but not all; and therein lies an opportunity for organisations to explore. So what are the advantages of an online course? Some of them are obvious and others not so… + 1 : Save Company costs: Companies with employees located all over the globe need to spend a substantial cost on boarding, lodging & travelling expense to get them to a single location.

Just multiply this average cost with the number of participants to a training program to get a feel of the immediate cost saving. . + 2: Save Employee work hours: Let’s face it, every employee who attends a classroom session is in fact losing work hours. . + 4 “I don’t like attending classroom sessions”: Do you realise this is a very common sentiment from many employees across organisations? +7 Finally, why not gift “e-learning” to your employees? 2nd Edition of My Book “Mind Maps for Effective Project Management” It was around this time last year that my Book, “Mind Maps for Effective Project Management”, was released and I am happy to share that the second edition of the Book is now out!!

2nd Edition of My Book “Mind Maps for Effective Project Management”

My intent behind the book has been to get the Project Management community interested in the simple but powerful concept of Mind Mapping and discovering opportunities for applying it along the complete lifecycle of a Project. So if you are looking for… ..better clarity in your project vision..stronger communications…enhanced presentation skills…greater team commitment…robust problem solving…harnessing team’s collective intelligence..and much more ….then this Book will help you deliver Projects more successfully by plugging these inherent weaknesses ever so common in the Projects.

A year has gone by and I am indeed glad to share that in this period the Book has evoked serious interest and already featured in: The encouraging response received from readers gave me the confidence to work on the second edition. Just Launched: Our E-learning course “Innovation Kick-start” Mind Maps for Effective Project Management. Articles by Clayton Clive Blogger From last few years mind mapping has become an effective communication tool for the companies and helpful in brainstorming and collaboration sessions.

Mind Maps for Effective Project Management

With the use of mind mapping not just the project manager but also team members stay aligned to core goals. How Mind Map can be Helpful in Different Work Areas? Mind mapping is a simple and unique thinking tool which accelerates the learning and creativity in infinite situations.

How Mind Map can be Helpful in Different Work Areas?

This high impact program helps individual to use the natural operating system of their brain, enhancing your creativity by leaps & bounds. Innovation Training Programs for Organizations by Inlighten Consultancy. Learn how to manage the risks in projects. MIND MAPPING OPPORTUNITIES DURING PROJECT EXECUTION? The execution phase of the project is a bridge between the start from nebulous thoughts to a tangible end i.e. the desired product or service.


As we proceed deeper into execution the cloud of ideas start taking shape and the increased clarity of the end goal acts as a wonderful motivational fuel. In this phase the activities are intense and hence the rate of consumption of resources is the maximum in comparison to the other phases of the project. The keywords for this phase, in addition to execution, are monitoring, reporting, control and risk management.

Myth about Mind Mapping. My Choices Community: How to Get Benefited from the Revolutionary Idea of Mind-Mapping. Mind Mapping is the most revolutionary idea introduced in the new millennium which has used pen and paper as an innovative thinking tool in marketing, business and studies to help people visualize and externalize concepts and to understand the connections between different ideas to bring-out a better solution. My Choices Community: How to Get Benefited from the Revolutionary Idea of Mind-Mapping

The infographic” Consultancy and Workshops on Mind Maps and Project Management” gives a complete overview of the working mechanism of mind mapping and how Mr. Maneesh Dutt (also known as the pioneer in introducing mind-mapping mechanism is Indian subcontinent) has given his 100% to let people be benefited from it. Mr. Maneesh Dutt has always been a bright student from his early days and has a glorious history of studying in few of the most prestigious schools all across the globe. Online Project Management Trainings for Freshers by Inlighten Consultancy. Creativity Training Programs for Organizations in India by Inlighten Consultancy. Mind Mapping Training Workshops Conducted By Maneesh Dutt, Video. Mind Map Training and Workshops, Video. MIND MAPPING CONSULTANCY AND WORKSHOPS BY MANEESH DUTT, INFOGRAPHIC. Mind Mapping is a technique which is used to store the information in the brain in a non-linear manner.


The Information is structured in a manner which is similar in the fashion as processed by our brain. This technique is highly productive to remember and process things easily. All over the world the workshops are conducted to teach this technique to people working in different sections. The given Infographic is designed by Inlighten Consultancy. It is easy to read and understand. There are many benefits that can be associated with the Mind Mapping. Please go through the Infographic and know more in this regard. Why You Need To Know About Mind Mapping Workshops, Infographic. Mind mapping is a technique that can be used for increasing the efficiency of the brain.

Why You Need To Know About Mind Mapping Workshops, Infographic

It means the use of graphs and images to represent the ideas and concept. The given Infographic is designed by Inlighten Consultancy. This Infographic talks about the founder of Inlighten consultancy and his published book which has received high acclamation all over the nation. Maneesh Dutt, A Mind Map Trainer in India & founder of Inlighten Consultancy has conducted around 11000+ man hours workshops on project management and mind maps. He has twenty years of industry experience with his publications being highly recognised in national and international journals. Start Ups & Mind Maps. It is not uncommon these days to come across Start Ups using Mind maps aggressively in multiple scenarios. And, why not? Clarity, Creativity and Speed on a sustained basis are integral for survival for a Start Up. Mind Map your CV ! A click of a button is all that it takes to submit a resume, and harsh though as it may sound, a “delete” click is the most probable outcome at the recipient’s end given the ever increasing number of applicants for any vacancy.

Online sites and services, which help “polish” and “embellish” your CV, have become all pervasive and do not really add up to a real competitive advantage. So it is time to do something disruptive to make your CV stand out from the crowd! How to Use Mind Mapping in Business? Types of Mind Mapping. Mind mapping is an innovative tool that is widely used for generating, thinking, analyzing, organizing, brainstorming, note taking and many other purposes. While there are a number of ways to use mind mapping in a range of application, some common types of mind maps that can be used everywhere include: Reference mind maps: Reference mind maps are highly effective for keeping track of information.

This type of map usually contains information in a well-organized manner. In order to get a complete view, the ideas and facts are broken down into different sections and sub-sections.Presentation mind maps: Presentation maps are widely used for presenting or training purpose. This type of map is used to present a story or a point with a call to action by keeping audience focused on your message. 10 Advantages of Mind Mapping. Over the years, mind mapping has emerged as the most effective technique to systematize ideas and evaluate complex situations by breaking down the things into smaller parts. What is Mind Mapping and How It Can Be Used in Organizations? Mind Maps and Project Management Techniques by Maneesh Dutt.

A mind map is an effective graphic technique that is used to provide an improved and clearer learning and thinking power to enhance human performance. Infographic: Consultancy and Workshops on Mind Maps and Project Management. The infographic titled, “Consultancy and Workshops on Mind Maps and Project Management”, describes the details about the founder “Maneesh Dutt”, the overview of his book, services, organizations where mind mapping can be used, and the outlines of mind map training. Find Mind Map Trainer in India. Project Risk Management Program India. Decision Making Using Mind Maps. An overview of Mind Mapping: Infographic. To excel in the workplace and in personal space what one needs is healthy and functioning mind that can generate new ideas whenever required. The unhealthy and fast lifestyle today has left no scope for one’s peace of mind resulting in robotic thinking.The given Infographic is presented by inlighten consultancy.

The Infographic talks about the technique taught at Mind Map Public Session in India. Mind Mapping: Things to know. Project Planning Expert in India. Mind Mapping Project Management Service. Making a Mind Map. Mind mapping is a great way to brainstorm, make a plan, or turn ideas into the steps needed to make it real. With pen and paper you can make a better mind map because you can get your thoughts out more quickly and the act of drawing the branches out can help recall. Effectiveness of Mind Maps for students. Are you facing issues in learning or writing essays? Learning @ On LINE: The Key Advantages. Learning is the fuel for our Intellectual growth. As individuals each one of us has a preferred mode of imbibing new information.

Find Mind Map Trainer in India. Mind Mapping Training Course. Mind Mapping Affecting All Domains Of Life. An extensive form of note-making, a mind map is a powerful graphic technique used universally to unlock the potential of the brain. It uses word, image, number, logic, rhythm, color and spatial awareness extensively to create life changing solutions.

While doing so you get the freedom to reach the infinite areas of your brain. Mind Mapping: Unleash Your Brain’s Creativity. Many a times in life you face situations were in you brainstorm an idea or have studied a subject in length, only to find yourself loaded with bulk of information but no clear idea of how to fit the bits together. How is Mind Mapping Beneficial for Your Business? Mind-mapping: Helping the brain. Drawing Effective Mind Maps. Project Risk Management Program India. Mind Mapping Project Management Service.