Facebook Twitter - Your ultimate V-Ray material resource. Free Tiling Texture Materials. Genetica Texture Packs Home > Products > Texture Packs > Overview Genetica Texture Packs are high quality collections of royalty-free seamless textures.

Free Tiling Texture Materials

Textures are provided in a procedural format that can be fully edited in the powerful material studio Genetica, or rendered and converted into standard images using the free Genetica Viewer. Subscribe for More Free Textures Download To download entire texture packs all at once, click here. Browse To browse for individual textures, select one of the following categories. New in pack 7: Frame Sets! Check back often. Customize The textures found here can be edited with an impressive array of tools. Free Textures from TextureKing. [CG Textures] - Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop!

Texture Warehouse. Ben Cloward's Texture Archive. Image * After - currently 28062 free textures and images available. MetaSL Material Library. The MetaSL Material Library website has been archived.

MetaSL Material Library

The MetaSL materials on the site are currently available for direct download here. These materials are officially supported and can be used together with mental ray in Autodesk 3dsMax 2010 and 2011. We have archived the website because MetaSL will no longer be further developed at NVIDIA, but we continue to fully support the language for Autodesk in conjunction with 3dsMax. The engineering resources have been transitioned to the development of MDL, the Material Definition Language. MDL relies on Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Functions (BSDF), Emissive Distribution Functions (EDF), Volume Distribution Functions (VDF) and is used in our Iray rendering solution. More information.