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Создание сервис-воркера: разбор примера. Шума вокруг service worker API предостаточно, эта технология уже реализована в популярных браузерах. Есть книги, записи в блогах, образцы кода и инструменты. Но я хотела изучить новую концепцию тщательно, поэтому идеалом было с головой окунуться в новое и начать работу с нуля. Все полученные таким образом шишки и синяки, встреченные глюки и баги дали свои результаты: теперь я разбираюсь в сервис-воркерах намного лучше и могу помочь вам избежать некоторых головных болей, с которыми я столкнулась, осваивая новый API. Сервис-воркеры делают много разных вещей и есть тысячи способов использовать их возможности. Я решила создать простой сервис-воркер для своего несложного статического сайта, на базовом уровне реализовав возможности устаревшего Application Cache API, в частности, для возможности: функционирования сайта офлайн увеличения производительности путем уменьшения сетевых запросов для определенных ресурсов Так что же такое сервис-воркер?

Базовая концепция сервис-воркера Вот его содержимое: DOM Features You Didn’t Know Existed (Video & Slides) If you subscribe to my newsletter then you’re probably aware that in the past couple of years I’ve done a lot of research and writing on DOM-related stuff. I don’t consider myself a JavaScript expert; pretty far from it, actually. But I like the DOM. I think it’s easy to use, and it’s in greater shape today than it was five or so years ago when jQuery was pretty much the only choice for cross-browser DOM manipulation. As a result of all this recent work (some of which I collected together in a JavaScript/DOM e-book), I was able to put together a presentation that I had the privilege of delivering at two different conferences: CSS Dev Conf 2015 in Long Beach, California in October, and FITC Toronto 2016 on April 18.

The presentation at CSS Dev Conf wasn’t recorded, but the FITC version was (without the Octopus, though!). So below you’ll find the video of my talk, the slides, and links to all the resources and features that I discuss in the presentation. Introductory Section About Me. A Baseline for Front-End [JS] Developers: 2015.

It’s been almost three years since I wrote A Baseline for Front-End Developers, probably my most popular post ever. Three years later, I still get Twitter mentions from people who are discovering it for the first time. In some ways, my words have aged well: there is, shockingly, nothing from that 2012 post that has me hanging my head in shame. Still, though: three years is a long time, and a whole lot has changed. In 2012 I encouraged people to learn browser dev tools and get on the module bandwagon; CSS pre-processors and client-side templating were still worthy of mention as new-ish things that people might not be sold on; and JSHint was a welcome relief from the #getoffmylawn admonitions – accurate though they may have been – of JSLint.

It’s 2015. Two, my world has become entirely JavaScript-centric: knowledge of the ins and outs of CSS has become less and less relevant to my day-to-day work, except where performance is concerned. JavaScript Do you need to be an ES6/ES2015 expert? Git.


Lesson. CSS Hat – Turn Photoshop Layer Styles to CSS3. Instantly. Freelance. БЭМ. Git. JS. Sporso. CSS. Mime Mail. Mailhandler. Privatemsg. Privatemsg allows your site's visitors to send private messages to each other. Perfect for community oriented sites, such as forums and social networking sites. Many additional features are available as separate modules. Current features send and receive private messages on a site (between multiple recipients)threaded conversations (make it easier to keep track of messages and replies)search private messagestagging and filtering (helps organise conversations)user blockinge-mail notifications of new messages Which version of Privatemsg should I use? Comparison of feature differences between Privatemsg branches Stable branches: 7.x-1.x and 6.x-1.x If you are interested in a stable and tested version of Privatemsg, use the latest stable 1.x release.

Development branches: 7.x-2.x and 6.x-2.x New features are being added constantly to these branches, so use these if you want to test and help with development. Want to get involved? Donate. Google Maps API V3. BETA WARNING: This software is currently in beta, please do not use it on a production site. Integrates the Google Maps API V3 with Drupal, making it incredibly easy to add a map to your site. The module provides the following features: If anyone has a suitable alternative for the "red-nose" point marker that I'm currently using, then please can you add it to an issue for this project. I hope to enable selection of different markers soon. Fields Polygon: A field that allows a user to associate a polygon with an entity. Field formatters Entity view: Combines all map fields in an entity onto one map.Field view: Displays the data entered for a single field on a single map.Text view: Displays the data entered into a field as text.

Views The module will integrate with the views module, providing a method of integrating many entities onto a single map. Dependencies The module is currently only dependent on Drupal core modules. The module is dependent though on the geoPHP library. Разработка модулей для Drupal 7 | Отправка email. Здравствуйте! Пишу модуль добавления заказа, после того как пользователь её заполнит нужно отправить email на определенный адрес. Если честно не совсем понимаю как это все работает. Хочу попросить разъяснения. Этот модуль тестируется на сайте, который размещен на сервере с выделеным ip, но не имеет доменного имени, я захожу на него через исправленый файл hosts по адресу в конфигурации сайта указан email:

Отправку реализую так: function order_form_submit($form, &$form_state) { drupal_mail('order', 'my_notify', '', language_default(), array('somevar' => 'somevalue')); return $form; } function order_mail($key, &$message, $params) { if ($key == 'my_notify') { $message['subject'] = 'Тема'; $message['body'][] = 'Текст письма'; } } ну и соответственно ничего не происходит, как отладить не знаю.