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Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog. Don’t Let The Experts Tell You PowerPoint Sucks. Here are some links and resources shared in the presentation I did for the Training Magazine Network on August 18, 2010. PowerPoint Tutorials A bunch of cool PowerPoint tutorials and tips on mind mapping your visual design. Community tutorials: these are added to weekly. This is a good place to go for updates. How to PowerPoint Blog: All sorts of PowerPoint tips & tricks. Look for a boatload of PowerPoint 2010 tutorials.

PowerPoint for E-Learning posts via the Rapid E-Learning Blog. Books Non-Designer’s Design Book: If there is only one book to buy, it’s this one. Screenr Heroes Get all sorts of cool tips and tricks from these people on Screenr. And many more… Check out the more than 200 free tutorials that cover PowerPoint and rapid elearning. Free PowerPoint Templates via The Rapid E-Learning Blog Presentations & Miscellaneous Links Duarte’s 5 Rules for Presentations: PowerPoint file published as a video. Here’s a Simple Way to Save Time When Working with Graphics in PowerPoint. PowerPoint’s Clip Organizer is one of those features in PowerPoint that’s been there for years and gets very little use.

However, it’s also one of the most powerful time-saving features in PowerPoint, especially if you work with a lot of custom graphics. In today’s post, we’ll explore how to use the clip organizer. This comes in handy if you download and customize lots of clip art. Or if you take advantage of all of the free downloads available from the blog and community. What is the Clip Organizer? The clip organizer is one of those funny applications where the name pretty much tells you what it does. You load your media assets into the clip organizer so that it’s easy to search for them when working on your elearning courses. Prior to PowerPoint 2010, the clip organizer was located via link at the bottom of the insert clip art panel.

Here’s a quick tour of how to locate the clip organizer in various versions of PowerPoint. Create Custom Clip Art & Add to the Clip Organizer Tips: Tidbits: Create Video Captions using the STAMP Add-in in PowerPoint 2010 | PowerPoint Tutorials | effective presentation. Speaking PowerPoint | Visual communication skills for consultants, business managers and executives. PowerPoint 2007 - Formation - Microsoft Office. Screencasts by slhice. Screencasts by LindaLor. The Microsoft Office Blog. How to Make Icons Using PowerPoint 2010 and “Combine Shapes” – Video Walkthroughs.