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Projecte gossos p4. Animales - Un proyecto entre todos. Joan Miró. "People and Dog in Sun" by Joan Miro - Jennifer Thomas. Dog Barking at the Moon. From a seemingly quotidian subject—a dog barking at the moon—Miró crafted a painting that is fanciful, nostalgic, and replete with metaphysical yearning.

Dog Barking at the Moon

As is true of many of the works he painted when he was living intermittently in France and in his native Spain, this work registers memories of the Catalonian landscape, which remained the emotional center of his painting and the source of his imagery for much of his life. Created shortly after Miró first included words in his art in what he called "painting-poems," its genesis lies in a sketch by the artist showing the moon rejecting a dog's plaintive yelps, saying in Catalan, "You know, I don't give a damn.

" The import of these words, crossed out in the drawing and then excluded from the painting, nonetheless lingers in the vacant space between the few pictorial elements that compose this stark yet whimsical image of frustrated longing. Joan Miró. Figure, Dog, Birds (Personnage, Chien, Oiseaux). 1946. Artist.

Joan Miró. Figure, Dog, Birds (Personnage, Chien, Oiseaux). 1946

Búsqueda avanzada. El perro Serigrafía por Pablo Picasso en No está disponible Lo sentimos, el artículo que estás buscando ya no está disponible.

El perro Serigrafía por Pablo Picasso en

Te sugerimos este otro artículo. Don't see what you like? Customize Your Frame. 16 of the Most Iconic Dogs in Art You Need to Remember. Many of you will recognize these classic works of art, but their inspiration goes beyond an artist’s love of dogs.

16 of the Most Iconic Dogs in Art You Need to Remember

Each of these visionaries owned and loved at least one pup, and they seemed to have a unique understanding of their purpose and personalities. You’ll find that the dogs’ personal identity often lent itself in some way to the masterpieces they brought to life. Makes you want to grab a paintbrush and your pup, no? Here’s a roundup of our favorite doggy-ruvin’ artists and the art that made us love their mutts. 1. Since 1995, contemporary artist David Hockney has painted hundreds of portraits of his Dachshunds Stanley and Boodgie as they nap and play.

Paintings and drawings of Stanley and Boodgie were published in a book in 1998 called David Hockney’s Dog Days. Pin Source: Buzzfeed 2. While it was recreated several times, Puppy has found a permanent home sitting outside of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. Pin Source: Lost In Traddución 3. Pin Source: Penelope 4. Pin 5. Mujer y perro frente a la luna. Interior Holand�s. Joan Miró. PERSONAJES Y PERRO ANTE EL SOL. Los Riveros: MIRÓ: FIGUR VOR ROTER SONNE / FIGURA DELANTE DE UN SOL ROJO. Hemos estado trabajando sobre una obra de JOAN MIRÓ "FIGUR VOR ROTER SONNE", una pintura muy atractiva para los niños, de FORMAS y COLORES sencillos.


Mujer, pájaro, perro. Musings of an Artist's Wife: Flowers (Eyes, Swirls, and Hearts) Anyone who knows George Rodrigue describes him as ‘manly.’

Musings of an Artist's Wife: Flowers (Eyes, Swirls, and Hearts)

He has a deep voice and a large John Wayne-type rib cage; he wears alligator boots and drives a truck; he never misses a football game, and it pains him to attend the ballet or symphony; his favorite movies are The Searchers and High Noon, and his favorite meals are chili dogs and chocolate doughnuts. In short, it would be easy to mistake him for ‘macho,’ for someone devoid of a feminine side. And yet, he paints flowers, hundreds of them, appearing in probably at least one out of every twenty paintings over the past fifteen years. George first painted flowers in his Cajun works. These include Evangeline on the Azalea Trail, Jolie Blonde picking roses, or decorative elements in festival posters and portraits, such as his painting of former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards.

However, he wasn’t as fond of painting flowers in those days as he is today. At first George mimicked the dog’s eyes, implying flowers or stars in his designs. Musings of an Artist's Wife: Flowers (Eyes, Swirls, and Hearts) Paintings: 2010-2013 - George Rodrigue Studios. Alice, You’re in Wonderland Living in the Spotlight Mardi Gras 2014.

Paintings: 2010-2013 - George Rodrigue Studios

Ester Pérez - Projecte "Els... En Panxeta mou la cua.... Ayer os presentaba a uno de los dos personajes que aparecían en la foto que os vuelvo a reproducir.

En Panxeta mou la cua....

Uno es el hámster, que se ve pequeño en su jaula. De momento sobrevive a mis hijas, por lo visto sin nuevos sucesos que pongan en peligro su vida. El otro personaje es el Panxeta, un perro de peluche que de lunes a viernes vive en la guardería de Irene y que el fin de semana se lo pasa en la casa de uno de los niños de la clase. Durante el fin de semana, Panxeta participa de las actividades de la familia. El lunes vuelve de nuevo a la escuela junto con una libreta donde queda reflejada la estancia con la familia y se acompaña de testimonios gráficos.

El fin de semana pasado le tocó el Panxeta a Irene. El domingo por la noche, como dos colegiales haciendo los deberes a última hora, mi marido y yo nos encontrábamos escribiendo las aventuras del Panxeta e imprimiendo las fotos que acreditaban nuestras palabras. Al día siguiente llevamos el material que nos pedían.