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Cataloge3. Cataloge3. Chapter sol S2. At The Right Time Chapter 1: Prologue, a grey's anatomy fanfic. AN: Hello everyone. I'm back with another chapter story, though I'm pretty apprehensive about this. I'm posting the first two chapters for you to read and review, and to tell me if it's worth continuing.

I was just toying with the idea of writing it because it's one of my favorite plots, but yeah. It's for you to decide. Sooo. Let me know if it's any good. :) Thanks for taking the time to read it. :) -I own nothing Derek dragged his body groggily out of bed at 4 in the morning, cursing the hospital for paging him so rudely after a 72-hour shift the previous day. There weren't a lot of things he was sure of in life, Meredith being one of them. "Calm down, man. He shook his head in response. "It's only been 5 hours. "I want to call the police," he continued, his heart beating loudly with worry.

And then as if on cue, the landline rang and startled both Mark and Derek out of their thoughts. "Addison! The voice on the other end of the line was strict, professional even. "I'll come now. Prince Charming - imaginarycircus - Hawaii Five-0 (2010. Danny came back from the grocery store to find Grace sitting on the floor surrounded by My Little Ponies who were all facing the Television and watching "Snow White. " "Did Uncle Steven just park you in front of the TV, Monkey? " Danny ignored the frozen food he'd felt so urgently needed to get into the freezer just a moment ago. He was going to strangle Steve. The TV is not a babysitter. He'd said it a million times. "He said I could watch for a few minutes," Grace said happily, without breaking eye contact with the TV. Snow White was in her coffin, having eaten the poisoned apple, so Grace had been watching for more than a few minutes.

He was just putting the eggs and milk in the refrigerator when he heard Steve come thundering down the stairs. "Where am I? Then it clicked. "Steven, we've talked about ordering stuff off of the Internet, but it was very sweet of you to do this for her. " "Be you knight or knave? " "Babe, you're taking this a little too seriously. " "Uncle Steven! " "OK, fine. The Writing on the Wall - Tkeyla - Hawaii Five-0 (2010. Most of us can read the writing on the wall; we just assume it's addressed to someone else. ~Ivern Ball Danny was standing by the trunk of the Camaro tightening the Velcro on his TAC vest when Steve came lopping over to get his.

Danny already had it out, waiting for Steve who smiled his thanks. They were about to enter an office building where a suspected drug cartel had their headquarters, the tip from a reliable source telling them the head of the local cartel was there. Danny leaned against the side of the Camaro as he watched Steve put on his vest, shaking his head when he was done. “You don’t have it tight enough, babe,” Danny said, undoing the Velcro under Steve’s right arm and repositioning it so Steve’s vest fit much more snugly around his body. Danny looked up at Steve’s sharp intake of breath, his expression questioning. “I must have pulled a muscle yesterday when we were tackling those suspects,” Steve said with a shrug. “Did you get it looked at? “Fine. “I don’t so I’m in. ~o~ HANG ON, THIS IS GONNA BE A TRICKY ONE - A Stranger Is Watching.

So here's the thing. I signed up to do the Spring Fling Fest and when I picked my prompt I thought it would be simple. I, however, was wrong because instead of writting a simple one shot that ranged about a thousand words or so I was ambushed by a rapid pack of plot bunnies who decided it would better if I merged the prompt with a previous idea I had. I had no idea how complex it would turn out. Suddenly, instead of two or three chapters this fic was 40+ pages long and close to 20,000 words.

Those damn bunnies, they mean business. This fic took so much out of me I don't know if I'll ever sign up for another prompt fest again. And to the person who requested the prompt I really hope you like. Title: A Stranger Is WatchingAuthor: cancer22Summary: Danny finds out he has a stalker. Ellie_pierson who not only was an excellent beta but gave me the encouragement I needed to finish. Part One It was a day like any other when Danny Williams walked into HQ Monday morning. “What?” Danny smiled back. ...and on the wings of lust I heard the angels sing - Extreme Measures Part 1&2 - Hawaii Five-0.

[The Good Wife] Alicia and Will - Set Fire To The Rain. The Good Wife | Alicia and Will | Gravity. Finding Your Heart's Safe Place - Smudgegirl - Hawaii Five-0 (2010. Steve hugged Catherine with a heavy heart, he forgave her, he really did, but the very fact that she had lied to him by omission, and her keeping this secret had made him realize an important truth. She was not the one. She was not the one he was in love with. His mind kept going back to Danny, Danny would never have kept this from him, Danny loved him. He had been ignoring the underlying thing that had been developing with Danny for quite a while, it was safe with Catherine, she was what people expected from him, she was who people expected him to be with.

"I'm so sorry, I should have told you," Cath said, still in his arms, jolting him back to reality. Steve stepped back and sighed, "Yeah you should have, but it's too late now. Catherine looked up at him in shock, "I keep one secret and you're dumping me? " "One secret? "You're not in love with me?

Steve looked a little lost, like he was not sure what to do next, it wasn't like he'd had to end many relationships before. "Danny,... " Florrick, Agos and Associates Chapter 1, a good wife fanfic. A/N: The last time I started a fanfiction with the words "I have no idea where this will go" I ended up with a still ongoing 40something chapters story. So you are warned. I have no idea where this will go. The idea crossed my mind and I had to follow it. Updates might be slow since I'm still working on Unexpectedly, I'll try to keep the chapters short so you don't have to wait too much. What else? Oh, yes… enjoy! "We really made it…" Alicia considered, as she looked around with a pleased smile at the yet slightly unfamiliar surroundings. 'Florrick, Agos and Associates' Rocking on her leather chair at her desk in her corner office, she still couldn't believe how things had turned so ugly at Lockhart & Gardner in the space of a few short weeks.

The view from the eighth floor of an old building on South LaSalle Street was nowhere close to the one she got used to over the last four years, but it was her view, thus special. "It wasn't that bad," Cary noticed with an amused face. Alicia smiled. More Time Chapter 1, a good wife fanfic. Whatever We Were Chapter 1, a good wife fanfic. I want to thank my beta Mike. Please review to let me know what you think. It was a warm September night. Perfect for a pool party with a hundred law juniors eager to know each other. Not all of them were enjoying themselves in the cool waters. Some were having fun at the bar, drowning themselves in booze. A particular brunette was doing neither, as she held only her first beer in her hand while watching some guys doing cannon balls. She and Mary were talking about their expectations for law school and what they thought about their classmates, until a big splash of cold water rained down on them from head to toe.

"Asshole! " "I'm so sorry. He seemed genuinely sorry, so Alicia let him off the hook. "I have not! " "Hey, why aren't you two swimming? " "We don't have our swimsuits. " "That's a shame. "If it makes you feel better… sure. " "Will Gardner. " "Don't take this personally. " "Absolutely not. "Sure. I am in my own mind. - The Sound of the Ocean is Dead (A) || Danny/Steve || NC-17. Huntress' Rants - Hawaii Five-0 Fic: Glass Houses, 1/8. You and Me - Finn - Hawaii Five-0 (2010. Prologue It kind of started with a song. A really, really annoying song that refused to leave his mind, with lyrics that popped up now and then to tease him. But then again, it also started with the damn fish. Thinking about it later on, Steve decided that it definitely had started with both.

Part I It was after he had made him touch the fish in the restaurant’s kitchen, that he noticed people avoiding Danny afterwards. He knew it had to be because of the strong fish smell his partner was giving off, but by now Steve wasn't able to smell it himself anymore. But while they were grabbing some beer in the shop to head to Steve's afterwards, where Danny swore the first thing he would do was shower, lyrics to a song Mary had sent him a few days ago suddenly popped into his head. I wish you smelled a little funny Not just funny really bad We could roam the streets forever Just like cats but we’d never stray It wasn't exactly that he had a thing for Danny. Seriously, it wasn't. Part II "STEVE! Part III. Proposal - Mewwy - Hawaii Five-0 (2010. The moments of silence at dawn are Steve's favorite part of the day; those first golden rays reaching out and caressing Danny's sleeping form.

These moments are where Steve is able to see the softness of Danny's features smoothed by sleep. It is the lack of motion Steve loves the best. It signals calm in the tornado that is Danny Williams. "You know, I find that creepy," a sleep soaked voice says. A smile spreads across Steve's lips as he leans down and kisses a tan shoulder. "Okay, off to the ocean with you. " They had the day off today and this wasn't a Gracie weekend.

After a solid hour in the water, Steve emerged refreshed, even if he was a little bit tired. Danny hadn't moved from his position. This brought a chuckle and a hand wave from the sleepy man. "It is a mission. " The smaller man smiles into the pillow. As they lay there sated, Danny grins. "Mmm, I think you broke me. " "Hmm, I can handle a nap. " In a warm tone, Steve said, "Not if we stay naked. " "Been there, seen that. "Oh? Home | Archive of Our Own. LiveJournal: Discover global communities of friends who share your unique passions and interests.