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18 Seductive Writing Tips That'll Leave Your Readers Begging for More. Note from Jon: This is a guest post by Henneke from Enchanting Marketing. Her fabulous new book Blog to Win Business – How to Enchant Readers and Woo Customers is out today. It will make you smile, kick your ass, and massively improve your blog. Download your copy exclusively from Amazon. I highly recommend it. You’re working hard. Bloody hard. You share your best tips. But that’s not all. You promote your posts on Facebook and Twitter. But somehow you feel your efforts aren’t paying off. You want more shares, more comments, more enthusiasm for your blog. But you’re simply not getting the response you deserve. It’s soooo frustrating. Because you can’t work any harder. Isn’t there a smarter way? Yep, there is a way. Readers don’t want to be informed; they want to be seduced.

That’s right. You need to make your content so irresistible that your readers crave your next post. How? They won’t want more of your writing; they’ll beg for it. Ready? 1. He listens to you. How? 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Webmaster Tools. How To Do Keyword Research - The Beginners Guide to SEO. It all begins with words typed into a search box. Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Ranking for the right keywords can make or break your website. By researching your market's keyword demand, you can not only learn which terms and phrases to target with SEO, but also learn more about your customers as a whole.

It's not always about getting visitors to your site, but about getting the right kind of visitors. The usefulness of this intelligence cannot be overstated; with keyword research you can predict shifts in demand, respond to changing market conditions, and produce the products, services, and content that web searchers are actively seeking. In the history of marketing, there has never been such a low barrier to entry in understanding the motivations of consumers in virtually any niche.

How to Judge the Value of a Keyword How much is a keyword worth to your website? Keyword Research Resources.

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Search operators - Search Help. You can use symbols or words in your search to make your search results more precise. Google Search usually ignores punctuation that isn’t part of a search operator. Don’t put spaces between the symbol or word and your search term. A search for will work, but site: won’t. Refine image searches Overall Advanced Search Go to Advanced Image Search. Search for an exact image size Right after the word you're looking for, add the text imagesize:widthxheight. Example: imagesize:500x400 Common search techniques Search social media Put @ in front of a word to search social media. Search for a price Put $ in front of a number.

Search hashtags Put # in front of a word. Exclude words from your search Put - in front of a word you want to leave out. Search for an exact match Put a word or phrase inside quotes. Search within a range of numbers Put .. between two numbers. Combine searches Put "OR" between each search query. Search for a specific site Search for related sites. One Blog and Many Topics, or Many Blogs with One Topic? Best Practices to Put Keywords in a Blog Post - SEO Lunch.

Every product is a how to product. Master This Copywriting Formula to Dominate Any Social Media Platform. Ubersuggest, Google AdWords Keyword Tool & Google Search for help writing new content and SEO keyword research. Introduction Hi and welcome to my latest hub. Today, we are going to look at using three tools, Ubersuggest, Google AdWords Keyword Tool and Google Search to create suggestions that you can use to write new content for your website, blog or Hub if you are like me and write on HubPages.

In addition, we will identify keywords and long tail keywords using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool that will help to generate good traffic to your new content. In order to best monetise your on-line writing you should aim to: Create unique and brilliant websites, hubs or blogs that people want to readThey should both delight and inform your readers and also give them something they cannot find elsewhereYou should also look to create a niche, something you are passionate about and something that you love to write about.

The ideas that you get from Ubersuggest, Google AdWords and Google Search can help you write more content to: Using Ubersuggest to create content ideas for your next blog, website or Hub. Keyword Tools – Try Our Keyword Tools Free! The WordStream suite of Keyword Tools is an integrated and actionable set of keyword tools designed to help search marketers with keyword search, keyword suggestion, keyword grouping, PPC keyword research, keyword analysis, long-tail keyword research, and negative keyword discovery, going beyond the capabilities that a typical free keyword tool can offer. Each key word tool in WordStream's suite gives marketers the power to manage their paid and organic search efforts with a more productivity, relevancy, cost-efficiency and confidence.

Combining the functions and capabilities of the best keyword tools in the market, our keyword tools outclass your basic seo keyword tools. WordStream offers the most comprehensive free online keyword generator and suggestion tools to optimize your SEO and PPC campaigns. Read on to learn why our key word tools are the best keyword tools on the market. Free Keyword Tool by WordStream We also offer a Keyword Tool API. Free Keyword Niche Finder SEO Keyword Tools. List Article Template: How To Write A Great List Article in 10 Easy Steps. From a reader’s perspective, list articles are very attractive–there is something about a good list that just draws readers in.

A list is basically like providing a built in road map for your readers to navigate your article (and it’s true that we usually skim content that we read on the web, isn’t it?). A list makes it easier for a reader to grab the basic facts and to take away a few points of value, so if you haven’t tried this article writing technique, I encourage you to give it a go! But how do you write a great list article? It’s actually not that hard, but it may have more elements to keep in mind than you imagined.

When you’re writing a list to use in article marketing, here are some key steps to follow: 1) Choose your topic. As always, the topic of your article should be related to the topic of your website, but what should the specific topic of your list article be? Since you’re providing a list of items you can choose a broader topic. Decide beforehand– 20 Amazing Honey Bee Facts! Instant Grammar Check - Plagiarism Checker - Online Proofreader. How to Get Blog Ideas – A very effective way to conquer blogger’s block!

This is a guest post from Gloson. It is part of The “Bad Ass” SEO Guest Blogging Contest. Most of us have been trapped in blogger’s block before – very determined to write the next high-quality blog post to benefit your beloved readers! Woohoo! So you sit down and your fingers are ready to type! But after several minutes, you are still stuck on a blank page – you haven’t wrote anything at all.

But your problem is now over! Step 1 – Visit other blogs in your niche If your blog is about entrepreneurship, visit other blogs about entrepreneurship, business, marketing, blogging, social media, and those kinds of stuffs. Examples of great blogs on those topics: Chris Brogan, Problogger, Copyblogger, EpicLaunch, Income Diary, and lots more. Step 2 – Look for list posts Some examples of list posts are ‘10 Ways to Become a Successful Blogger’, ‘50 Ways to Become Super Productive’, ‘12 Ways to Maximize Your Influence on Twitter’, and other posts like those. 1. 1.

So, what ideas can we get? And more! . Keyword suggestion tool — Google suggest scraper — Übersuggest. Article Slant Ideas. The Resurgence of Long-Tail Keywords in SEO. Long-tail keywords became accepted as a fantastic way to gain search traffic a few years ago. Rankings were easier to attain, competition was lower, and it was comparatively easier to optimize for pages that targeted such keywords. It's been about six years since long-tail keywords became a hot SEO property. However, that's ancient history to many folks –many people have forgotten about this pot of gold. But not only do long-tail keywords still work, we're in the midst of a strong resurgence of their value. They continue to be a powerful way to leverage search traffic, especially with the growing competition around highly-sought after core (or "head") keywords. Also, long-tail keywords work much better than in the past. However, that's only the case when we have a clear understanding of how to make them work for our SEO purposes.

What's a Long Tail Keyword? Essentially, long-tail keywords are less popular keywords because they have less search volume and less competition to rank for. The Ultimate Guide to Finding A Niche Market - NicheHacks. I created The Ultimate Guide To Finding A Profitable Niche after being inspired by other epic resources in the internet marketing sphere by the likes of Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, Matthew Woodward and Glen at Viper Chill. There wasn't one on the subject of finding a profitable niche so I decided to create one. This is mostly for those who are new to internet marketing but also those who just need some fresh ideas will get use from it. If you're on a tight budget, take a look at what James suggests on starting a website under 32$. My name is Stuart Walker the creator of and The Ultimate Guide To Find A Profitable Niche and I created this for YOU. Each chapter is designed like a mini guide that can be read as a standalone page but you'll get the best results if you read it from start to finish.

You can start reading from the beginning by clicking HERE. Table Of Contents Finding A Profitable Niche (See how to run a niche site without neglecting your family) (P.S. How To Choose A Profitable Keyword For InfoBarrel - A Practical Tutorial. If you've decided to join InfoBarrel and start writing helpful content based articles in the pursuit of starting a passive income stream then congratulations; the first step is often the hardest as it is filled with uncertainty and often nervousness. If you are brand new then you have probably overcome these thoughts and have started a journey that will be very rewarding, although you must know that this path will be long and will not happen overnight.

On InfoBarrel you can make 1000 dollars a month… but it will take a lot of hard work to build up that kind of income and significant dedication to reach those goals. Before we go into the particulars of a practical and simple way to choose keywords for your InfoBarrel articles you should first learn the theoretical side of choosing the right keywords for InfoBarrel. You should first understand the theory of what makes a profitable keyword and why these keywords are worth spending your time on. How Much Profit Potential Is There. Google Method for Writing Articles on HubPages. Free Online Writing Courses - All Things Written. Free Online Courses for Writers As a writer the need to grow and increase your own knowledge is key. Some people get so caught up on research for their book that they neglect the basics – learning to write well.

In truth “English” or “Writing” classes have always been my favorite and I mange to do quite well in them, but outside of school and college I didn’t think much about expanding my knowledge with additional courses. The only time I ever heard about a writing course has been through emails from those “online guru’s” but those are often just super slick marketing campaigns that cost too much and offer very little. Recently I’ve been looking into free writing courses via online websites, personal offers from other writers, and free online college courses.

I found some really great options across various interesting subjects and I wanted a place to keep this information as well as share it so of course I had to create another LONG blog post about it. Directories of Open Online Courses. Jcmayer777 on InfoBarrel. About Me I was the first author to be highlighted in the InfoBarrel Success Stories series. Then, the big money came and I was featured in the first ever follow up success story. I've neared $3,000 per month just on InfoBarrel. InfoBarrel Author for Hire I’m not the best writer online or even on InfoBarrel, but I know the fine details of optimal on-page SEO and LSI. NOTE: Manual rewrites are available and priced at 40% off the original price, per article. ****InfoBarrel members with 10 approved, live articles will get a 10% discount**** Option 1 – Your Keywords in Your Niche If you have a niche site or want to build an online presence in a specific area, I’m more than willing to oblige. 500+ Words: $20 1,000+ Words: $30 Option 2 – My Choice of Niche and Keywords Why in the world would you want to give me free range to write about anything I want to write about?

500+ Words: $30 1,000+ Words: $50 NOTE: I reserve the right to refuse any order for any reason. InfoBarrel 1000 Word Articles The Easy Way.