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Solwin Infotech is a leading website design company from India. We are expert in custom web designing and web application development services. We give you best outsourcing solutions. Contact us for more details.

Premium WordPress Wedding Theme. Free WordPress Themes, Premium WP Themes, WP Templates. Shiney - Responsive Magento 2 Theme. WordPress Plugins, Free Premium WordPress Plugins, WP Plugin. User Activity Log Pro - WordPress Plugin. Premium WordPress Blogging Theme. Best Magento 2 Extension & Modules. Responsive Slider - Avartan. Free Premium Magento 2 Templates.

MusicTune Music WordPress Theme. Top 5 Reasons to Choose Premium WordPress Themes. If you have spent a lot of time browsing the WordPress free themes directory, you should know that there are several free WordPress themes available for your website.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Premium WordPress Themes

There are thousands of free WordPress themes available and the directory grows by another 20-30 themes every month. As there are so many free themes available, you would be wondering why someone would pay for premium WordPress themes. Well, there are several reasons why you should opt for a premium WordPress theme. What is meant by a premium WordPress theme? In simple words, a premium WordPress theme costs money. Let’s look at the major reasons why one should select a premium theme: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Are you using free or Premium WordPress themes? Just like many other things in life, you get what you pay for. RealEstaty - Real Estate WordPess Theme. Appix - Mobile App WordPress Theme. Advanced Sorting – Best Magento 2 Extension. Biznetic - Best Premium Business WordPress Theme. Hair Style+ App for Android and iPhone. Description Hair style+ is basically the app with huge collection of latest hairstyles to stay connected with the latest fashion trend around the world.

Hair Style+ App for Android and iPhone

Hairstyle+ includes the finely curated collection of classic hairstyles for ladies including "Afro", "Asymmetric cut", "Braid", "Bun", "French braid" and more. WC Checkout Fields Editor – Premium WordPress Plugin. Blog Designer - Best WordPress Plugin for Blog Page Design.

JewelUX - Premium WordPress Theme. Kosmic - Multipurpose Responsive Magento 2 Theme. Layered Nav Attribute Option Image – Free Magento Extension. Track Your Order – Magento Extension - Free Download. Out of Stock Alert Notification – Premium Magento Extension. Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page. Placement and Content 7.

Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page

Keep It Above the Fold The space a visitor sees without having to scroll is where the most important parts of the webpage should be. Place the call-to-action button above the fold and in a location where the viewer's eye will scan to. Never have the button or form in a place where it has to be searched for. 8. Optimize a landing page for conversion over time. 9. Implementing motivational speeches, videos of user testimonials, and product images into a home page can have a positive impact on viewers, as well as give shoppers an extra push to look further into a product. Bellroy uses great imagery and videos on many of their pages. Republishing Google Translate Integration Extension with Magento 2. Want to get more hits on your store?

Republishing Google Translate Integration Extension with Magento 2

Want to translate your store into different languages? Use Google Translate to translate any website into different languages. Magento handles language translation by creating a multiple store each of different language. On the front side, it provide the option to change the store. Creating multiple store increases the work of Magento administrator, as they have to enter the content of each store for categories, products, static blocks and CMS pages. Advanced News – Premium Magento 2 Extension – Buy Online. Google Custom Search Integration – Magento 2 Extension. How to Apply Magento Security Patches – The Basic Guide. With all these security patches Magento has been releasing lately, we thought it would be a good time to write a post that explain how you can quickly and easily apply Magento security patches.

How to Apply Magento Security Patches – The Basic Guide

Magento releases patches when it finds any vulnerability in the system to make system more secure, Magento has recently launched the patches, It is very much recommended to install the patch as soon as possible because your Magento store can be vulnerable till then and hacker can hack your data information. Magento Support provides some patches for Magento CE and EE on This section discusses how to get those patches. Blog Designer Free WordPress Plugin You Must Have. Uncovering Brand New Magento 2 Extension - Product Zoom Pro. As per Magento 2 road map, the official version is going to be launched very soon.

Uncovering Brand New Magento 2 Extension - Product Zoom Pro

Today, it’s our pleasure to announce new Magento 2 extension “Product Zoom Pro” which allows customer to view product very precisely by zooming it on website and it will helpful to website visitor to make quick decision about buying product and ofcourse online store owner will get more business. Product Zoom Pro is best suited to provide a store item zooming functionality with various zooming methods in Magento. “Product Zoom Pro extension will help store owner to present every detail of the texture, color and pattern of products with better visibility.” Using this extension, customers can instantly view details of product without clicking on images and wait for the popup. This extension will provide three types of zooming effect like basic(window) zoom, inner zoom and lens zoom. Glimpse of three stunning zoom effects.

I. This zoom type contains window/basic zoom options like II. III. Launching Brand New Mobile App – Pincode India – Solwin Infotech. Being born and grown in India, you had surely came across the word “zip code” or “pincode”.

Launching Brand New Mobile App – Pincode India – Solwin Infotech

You might remember that in your earlier childhood when you were staying at hostel and sending a postcard to your parents you started looking for the pincode of your town, Right? After being younger, While placing an order online on any of the e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal you have surely been asked for your zip code to check if the availability of the delivery services in your area or not, and you start looking for the zip code and spend a quality amount of time looking for zip code.

Now a thought might came to your mind that “I already wasting huge amount of time on social media while chatting with friends or looking at TV Programmes, then what does this 3-4 minutes of searching for the zip code matters to me?” Then while looking for the pincode online you might missed that offer, or product might went out of stock. Leading New Heights with Magento 2.0 Extension – Featured Product. In the last 5 years, Magento has become the leading solution with more than 4 million downloads worldwide, and with new key features of Magento 2.0, it will play a key role in the growth of e-commerce market.

Leading New Heights with Magento 2.0 Extension – Featured Product

The countdown has well and truly begun, we’re now one step away from the big update on eCommecre platform. And today, I want to introduce you about Featured Products extension. Featured Products is the hottest first FREE Magento 2.0 extension that was built by Solwin Infotech. This extension will help eCommerce store owner to showcase special products on store with an eye-catching and attractive way. Displaying featured products on your eCommerce store is one of the ways to increase sales of any special products. Presenting Brand New Magento Extension – 'Size Chart' If you are selling products online like shoes, clothes, etc.

Presenting Brand New Magento Extension – 'Size Chart'

They may use different measurement systems, and it’s a good idea to have a size chart table. The Size Chart extension allows your customers to feel more confident in determining the size of the products. This Magento extension also allows store admin to provide a size-chart of the product so customers can get to know the exact size of the product and select accordingly.

This extension provides two display options like either display as a popup or inside product page. Store admin can add images as well as custom content using WYSIWYG editor. Product Zoom Pro - Magento 2 Extension - Solwin Infotech. Advanced Product Zoom Pro is best suited to provide product zoom functionality over product detail page for product images.

Product Zoom Pro - Magento 2 Extension - Solwin Infotech

Customers can instantly view details of product without clicking on images and wait for the popup. Using JavaScript, the zoomed image shows on mouseover when the user hovers on the small image. Very easy to configure it will fit your website design without problem and it works in all major browsers, including the iPad and iPhone. Attribute Tooltip & Image – Magento Extension - Solwin Infotech. Introducing Expense Manager Ultimate - Free iOS App by Solwin Infotech. If you’re looking for an effective budget managing iOS application, then stop your search now. Expense Manager Ultimate is a stable, simple, instinctive, and completely a feature-rich Expense Manager application which is crafted just for your convenience. We, the well-known IT firm, Solwin Infotech have recently launched the new product for all iOS Devices, named Expense Manager Ultimate. You just need your fingertips to manage your incomes and expenses. Avartan Slider – WordPress Plugin – Solwin Infotech.

Startup Tool Tags - Coding. User Activity Log – WordPress Plugin - Solwin Infotech. 7 Significant Principles Must Be Followed by Web Designer. Your website should appear classy and impressive at the very first look of the audiences. Then only they would like to continue visiting your website often. An excellent web designer should always be on toes and be updated with new trendy design ideas that can attract more number of clients and customers. If your website seems dull and uninteresting, then there’s a tendency of regular visitors leaving the site after some time or never turning up to your website. Thus, your website should be perfectly designed that should be a combination of ingenuity and high quality functioning. An experienced web designer or a fresher should be aware of the vital principles of web designing in order to generate a creative web design for your website. 1# Apply Imaginative Designs: When you’re selecting designs for your website, they have to be extremely engaging and appealing, so that the audience can be glued by those designs.

9 Most Popular Free Responsive WordPress Slider Plugins. 3 Websites To Get Started With Learning C++ Programming Language. Learning to program can be difficult for many, even with relatively easy programming languages. While Java is easier to get started with (where we have numerous articles here at MakeUseOf for Java as well as Internet scripting languages and deciding which one to learn), C++ may not be. However, those with some programming experience will find learning C++ less difficult than beginners, although there are plenty of good websites to teach yourself with. Why Learn C++? Why would you care to learn C++? It is a very powerful programming language which basically has a “trust the programmer” motto.

Learn web design & graphic design. A book of design for programmers & developers. – Design for Hackers. Quick Link For Admin – Magento Extension - Solwin Infotech. This Magento extension helps to manage Quick Link in back-end user. It will manage per admin user. This extension will provide you direct access to any page from admin. Admin can enable or disable this extension at any time from back-end. Admin can enable Quick Link dropdown inside admin header. Admin user can add any page to Quick Link in one click. Launched WordPress Wedding Theme – TwoGether. When it comes to wedding, everyone gets filled with thrill, joy, excitement, cheer, emotions, energy and especially the duos who always think of adding more values to make this precious moment memorable.

Creating a wedding website is an exciting part of planning your precious day, and it is also an excited moment for the guests who enjoy as well as shower their best wishes on your occasion. When love is in the air for the couple, wedding is the next step towards togetherness. Today we, the techies at Solwin Infotech are launching “TwoGether” the best elegant WordPress wedding theme at your service. Our aim is to capture various moments in wedding theme comprising both modern and classic wedding designs. You’ll be attracted to see outstanding images, layouts, and design patterns that will surely touch your hearts so much that you’ll opt for our stylish wedding theme.

User Blocker – Wordpress Plugin - Solwin Infotech. Magento Extension - Attribute Tooltip & Image. Launch of New Android and iPhone Mobile Apps. 2015 has been a fabulous year for Solwin Infotech because of its ongoing launches of our various products. Today I am very happy to announce the recently launched Android and iOS Apps. Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect – Wordpress Plugin - Solwin Infotech. 125+ Best premium & free jquery slider carousel plugins.

Advertisement — Continue reading below UPDATE: 15 October 2015 For designers jquery is a key tool and its UI slider plugin makes selected plugins into slider. The demand for jquery slides are continuously growing. These slides help you to show your bulk contents in a limited space. completion of these slides in your site will makes your site highly customizable. Avartan - Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin. Enhanced Order Success Page – Magento Extension. This Magento extension shows full order information like shipping address, billing address, payment method, Items ordered, total order, etc on order success page. It also allows your customer to print order information. Launched Veriyas Theme - Free WordPress Theme. Our Team – Magento Extension - Solwin Infotech. Our Team Magento extension manages all the basic details of the team members like name, photo, description and email, etc. from the backend panel and display with all team member details in front-end.

Admin can easily set ‘Our Team’ link to Top menu as well as in footer link. Provides option to add a social media profile for every team member. Using this extension you will able to create a section like Management Team, Meet the Team, Brilliant Brains on your website. Google Translate Integration – Magento Extension - Solwin Infotech. Kreta - Upcoming new WordPress Theme. Apart from all the news and comments from our last released Free WordPress Theme – Veriyas, we have had a lot of great feedback. Thanks to every one for giving us valuable feedback on our last product. Solwin Infotech. Magento Extension - Google Custom Search Integration. Veriyas – Responsive WordPress Theme - Solwin Infotech. WordPress/Magento/Joomla/Drupal - Which one is the best to use? Essential Things Your E-Commerce Website Should Have. Website Design India.

Ultimate 2015 Web Design Trends Guide (+Predictions) Web 2.0 Tools. Mobile Application Development, Website Development, Software Development. Web Development India. Why Should You Select WordPress To Create a Business Website? 6 Super Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Website through Google+ Coding Tutorials. When Is It Time To Redesign The Website? Best Free WordPress Plugins You Must Have. What Do You Need To Create A Perfect Website? Why Should One Go For Wordpress Development? 5 Advantages of Mobile Website Over Mobile Apps.

Best Free Magento Extensions. Download Free Wordpress Plugins. 9 Benefit of WordPress CMS Development. Hire Dedicated Wordpress Developer. Best Free Ways to Learn Programming. Hire Magento Developer from India, Magento Web Programmers for Hire. Hire Dedicated Magento Developer. Quick Meme Generator. Programming/Learning and Teaching. Hire PHP Developers India, PHP Programmer for Hire, PHP Web Developer. Land Unit Converter. How cards are taking over Web design. Use of Social Media: More than Just Marketing. Websites for Learning Programming. Web Site Development. Web Design and Development. 7 Most Popular Web Development Trends in 2015. Website Design and Development Blog. Website Programmers for Hire. Learn how to code. Inube Verification. Web Application Development India.

Website Design / Coding. 8 Best Principles of Good Website Design.